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Game Accounts Can Now Be Made!
Yeh but i cant post anything there since i'm not a peon or something...
Where exactly are you posting?
Mabra Dragonbasher- A battle hungry dwarven lady, hirable for personal protection and for larger tasks requiring violence.
Well... don't i need to introduce my player there? :?:
I do not know to what part of the forums you reffer with "There".
Mabra Dragonbasher- A battle hungry dwarven lady, hirable for personal protection and for larger tasks requiring violence.
At introductions...
Okay i feel like a total idiot now, but uhm.. Why does it say i can't make a game account? :O!
Read the FAQs and the Wiki.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Any GM can read my Interdiction? pls
They'll get to it when they get to it. Please don't type like that.
Grakor456 Wrote:Some may have noticed, but the Game Account page now works for anyone Peon or above! Feel free to create your game accounts.

Some cautions:

1. Don't put up character profiles just yet. We'll tell you when we're ready for those.

2. While I believe you can log into the server, Northrend is still likely disconnected due to portals and things still nonfunctional. In addition, don't create Death Knights just yet. While they work, their starting location crashes the server, and we have yet to finalize how we're handling them.

3. If you're still a visitor and your introduction has neither been approved or denied, don't worry! We're still sorting through things and determining just how we want to handle these and what our expectations should be. We'll be going through them more as people start returning, getting better from illness, getting back from RL concerns, that sort of thing.

4. Our custom areas got zapped. No biggie, we can remake them later, but this means no Shatterspear and the other places we had to make training and prepping your character easier. At this point though, I think most of us can agree that any RP is better than no RP, so we'll handle this later.
How can i get Peon Rank is it just posting???
Eugh, people, just thoroughly read the Wiki.

Specifically, the "Connecting" part. It'll explain all these questions AND more.

Move him into the sun—
Gently its touch awoke him once,
At home, whispering of fields half-sown.
Always it woke him, even in France,
Until this morning and this snow.
If anything might rouse him now
The kind old sun will know.

Think how it wakes the seeds,—
Woke, once, the clays of a cold star.
Are limbs, so dear-achieved, are sides,
Full-nerved—still warm—too hard to stir?
Was it for this the clay grew tall?
—O what made fatuous sunbeams toil
To break earth’s sleep at all?
[Image: 62675bf4fd.jpg] [Image: 0e7357dcfe.jpg]
The Peon rank is achieved by having an approved introduction. Several stickies and areas on the Wiki need to be changed back to what it was before, but a GM will move you into the Peon group if your intro is approved.

Anyway, locked. Old topic.
I Am the Sea

Need an easy way to host/link files and images? Check this thread!

Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)

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