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Ganrik Ironbrew (Dwarf Templar)
Player: Morhana

Character Full Name: Ganrik Ironbrew

Character In-Game Name: Ganrik

Nickname(s): The Might of the Stone (By his mentor), Brother Ganrik

Association(s): Ironforge Guard (Former), Church of the Holy Light (Former), Argent Dawn (Former), The Sovereign Order

Race: Dwarf

Class: Templar (Paladin)

Age: 232

Sex: Male

Hair: Long and tied, greying

Eyes: Dark Brown

Weight: 215 lbs

Height: 5'

Usual Garments/Armor: Ganrik wears darkly colored heavy plate armor with a hood. When out of the armor, he wears simple clothing with no significant distinguishing traits.

Other: Has tattooed prayers all across his chest, back, and arms.

Alignment: Neutral Good


Ganrik is generally very straightforward and honest. He despises all forms of evil, and will go to any length necessary to destroy it. He greatly respects all good followers of the Light, but recognizes the failures of some groups, and the inability of others. This view on the Church is a guiding force in him going doing whatever he feels must be done to rid the world of evil. Despite being the son of brewers, Ganrik wasn't hesitant to swear off the temptations of alcohol, drugs, and gambling. He has come to prefer water and bread over other types of food and drink, and sleeping beneath a tree or other convenient landmark to sleeping at an Inn. Ganrik is generally friendly, and will often follow up an introduction saying "...but you may call me as you wish.", never demanding to be referred to one way or another. He is able to keep his calm in tense situations, and will act as a mediator in an argument if necessary.


Many years before now, in the depths of the city of Ironforge, a Dwarf was born. Ganrik Ironbrew was born to brewery owner parents. Around the time of his fifteenth birthday, Ganrik began learning to be a warrior, training under a skilled mentor. His mentor taught him all of the most basic tactics and strategies for fighting with a warhammer. As the years passed, and Ganrik decided his future profession, he began to train further, learning more advanced techniques and skills that all great warriors should know.

Some years later, following the completion of his training, Ganrik enlisted to serve in the Ironforge guard. He was stationed in a small town far from the city, and was only able to see his family rarely. As Ganrik proved his worth to the guard, and ascended through the ranks, he was eventually stationed in the city of Ironforge on a long-term assignment. This was a nice stability compared to the frequent post changes he was used to.

Many monotonous years passed and after his parents passing, Ganrik made the decision to travel. He made his way to the lands of the Eastern Kingdoms, and soon found an abbey in the north filled with generous and charitable priests of the Holy Light. Witnessing their kindness to a complete stranger made something click in Ganrik's mind, and he was soon on his way to following the Church of the Holy Light. After some time passed, he was accepted as a priest of the Light, and left to spread the charity and kindness he had learned across the land.

Around the time the Second War had started, Ganrik made the decision to put his previous physical combat training to use alongside his priestly use of the Light. Ganrik had received a message, calling him back to the abbey he had first learned the ways of the Light at.

"Brother Ganrik, a war has boiled to the surface, and the Alliance of Lordaeron needs all the help they can get. You have been requested, at the recommendation of your brothers here at the Abbey, to enlist with a special gathering of warrior priests. The Knights of the Silver Hand have sought the best and brightest the Light has to offer, to aid in the coming battles. A Knight and his Squire have been sent to the abbey to gather you, should you decide to enlist. We hope to see you soon. Light be with you.

Best regards, Brother Annias"

Ganrik has considered the contents of the letter for nearly a day before he set off to return to the abbey. Upon his arrival, Ganrik was met with many friendly greetings, and a gathering around an armor-clad knight upon his steed. The holy Knight spoke to the priests of the abbey, his tone confident and strong.

"My brothers in the Light, the time has come for the Light to aid the Alliance of Lordaeron! Our foes threaten our innocents, our children, and our homeland! I, for one, do not wish to stand for such offenses!"

A squire beside the Knight offered a banner to the knight, which the Knight then lifted into the air. The banner of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

"The Knights of the Silver Hand stand to drive back the devastation caused by the Orcish Horde! Our foes have taken out lands, sacked our homes in the south, they hold us on many fronts, but we will fight back! We will strike down the Horde, and cast the Light upon them! The Light will judge the Orcish Horde, judge them for the travesties they have caused! My brothers, the Knights of the Silver Hand have received word that some from this Abbey wish to fight alongside the Alliance of Lordaeron, to bring the Horde to justice. I have come to ask you, my brothers, who among you will lend your hand in service to the Light, to fight with your brothers in the Light, to bring tyranny to justice, to aid the Knights of the Silver Hand?"

Ganrik didn't hesitate. He cast down his bag and hurried to the front of the gathering. "Sir Knight, I am Ganrik Ironbrew, but you may call me as you wish. It is a pleasure to meet you, and learn of your intentions. I wish to aid your cause."

The Knight looked pleased, nodding at Ganrik. "Brother Ganrik, I am proud to see you so eagerly offer your hand. Come, stand with me, Brother Ganrik. When we are finished here, I will bring you to begin with your training." And so it was that Ganrik Ironbrew, former guard of Ironforge and surrounding regions, Brother of the Light, enlisted with the Knights of the Silver Hand to fight back against the Orcish Horde.

During the time of relative peace following the war, Ganrik did what he could to spread the message of the Church of the Holy Light. This didn't last many years, however, and Ganrik was required to once again take up the warhammer in the name of the Light. He served on the front lines in the Third War, fighting alongside the Alliance and aiding those injured and dying, offering last rites and healing where necessary.

Following the Third War, Ganrik joined the Argent Dawn, seeking to combat the evil forces of the Lich King in Lordaeron. He put his past training in the Ironforge Guard, as well as his experience and training as a Paladin, to great use where he could in Lordaeron.

Ganrik used his downtime to re-immerse himself in his priestly practices. After having seen others commit their equipment, time, and money to personal poverty and prayer, he followed suit. He sold his equipment to a local blacksmith and sent every coin of his money to an orphanage in Ironforge, leaving himself with little more than rags for clothing. Ganrik lived in poverty, praying for hours each day, for many many weeks. After some time, his actions were noticed by a Templar serving with the crusade, and he was taken to be trained.

A small group of Templar Aspirants, including Ganrik, were taken to an old ruined human fortress in Lordaeron and their training began. His training lasted for many rough months, and in these months he took up the warhammer once more to practice his physical ability under the Templar. Following weeks of training, the Aspirants were to conduct a tournament, the best three of the group were to continue training while the rest were returned to their previous duties.

After the physical training, the Aspirants moved on to practice their ability in wielding the Light. The Templar carefully taught the group the unusual rituals used by Templars to gain greater power with the Light. The Aspirants were once again called to prove their ability to connect with the Light on a higher level. Only two of the three remaining Aspirants were able to succeed. Ganrik had his body tattooed with prayers of the church covering his chest and back and even down his arms, committing himself to the Holy Light.

In the final months of their training the Aspirants were sent out to learn about, and combat, all forms of evil. Ganrik traveled to the region known as felwood to learn all he could about demons. In Felwood, Ganrik met with Alliance forces who taught the Paladin the best ways to combat the evil demons. Before long, he ventured out to the more dangerous areas in Felwood and met with a lone satyr, separated from its group. He called on the power of the Light to challenge the demon. The pair clashed, but the demon was no challenge for the Dwarf, and was swiftly defeated and his body destroyed. Again Ganrik set out, this time to the familiar territory of Lordaeron.

The Dwarf turned to the aid of a nearby Argent Dawn camp to learn of any vicious undead that might be tormenting the areas nearby. He learned of a skeletal mage in the ruins of a town nearby, and set out to challenge the monster. He had been told of the atrocities that were committed by the scourge in the area. It would be a lie to say he was unafraid, but it would be foolish to act on such fear. Ganrik understood that it was his duty as a Paladin of the Holy Light to combat these monsters.

Upon entering the ruins of the snakk town, Ganrik was met by a small group of mindless undead, which he was easily able to destroy with bright flurry of holy power. He progressed past the few buildings of the town, slaying the few monsters that would challenge him until he came upon a farm. Here he met the Skeletal Mage. The horror of bones levitated almost a foot off the ground, cackling at the Paladin. "You have chosen to challenge me, Living One! You have chosen poorly!" The monster cackled wildly as it sent a wave of frost flowing toward Ganrik. The Paladin called upon the power of the Light to protect himself from the wave with a holy barrier, then swiftly retaliated with an exorcising blast. The strike connected, causing the mage to stagger, but it quickly regained it's position and launched a large frozen bolt at Ganrik. The projectile struck but it was just a glancing blow to the Paladin who was well on his way to the monster. He charged forth, warhammer ready to strike. In a but a moment he called upon the forces of the Light to envelope his weapon in holy power just moments before he swung the mass at the skeletal form before him. The mage let out a shriek of fury as it was burned by the light, bones crumbling beneath the weight of the hammer. Any prior organization in the scourge forces occupying the town quickly faded, as the Paladin set on his way to seek out his final target.

Ganrik learned of suspicious events occurring in Stormwind City, activity not unfamiliar to those who have witnessed the Cult of the Damned before. After some time, Ganrik was able to narrow down his search to few suspects. The Cultists in the area grew sloppy, letting out information that made them easy to track for one with the right training and experience. Ganrik soon made his move on the cultists, striking them at a meeting. The gathering was small, and many participants scattered at his sudden arrival. Most were simply easily manipulated civilians, not yet guilty of anything, but a select couple was deep in evil activity.

After the majority fled, Ganrik challenged the cultists, engulfing his weapon in holy light just moments before calling down the holy light on one of the pair in the form of a righteous hammer, knocking the cultist to the ground, stunned. As the second cultist charged toward Ganrik with a dagger, the Paladin swung his large warhammer low to sweep the cultist off his feet with great success. A swift strike of his hammer finishes the downed cultist

Confident in the strength of his earlier hammer of justice strike, Ganrik approached the remaining dazed cultist. "You bring evil to this land. To your land. You have betrayed your people, and all life, in your worship of such evils! You have fallen too far and the light has already decided your fate. May the Holy Light have mercy on you." The Paladin called upon the power of the Light to imbue his weapon with power unlike any he has used before. "I will not." With those final words he cast his verdict on the cultist, swiftly bringing an end to his evil.

As Ganrik made his way to the ruined fortress to meet his Templar mentor, he considered his actions throughout his training. He thought deeply about everything he had learned and everything he had done, and he was satisfied in his accomplishments. He was satisfied, but knew there was much more work to be done. The world is not yet free of evil, and his mission will not end until it is.

Upon his arrival, Ganrik was surprised to find his mentor alone. When asked about the missing Aspirant, his mentor replied calmly. "Perhaps they have not yet completed their goals. Perhaps they are on their way, and just not yet arrived. Perhaps they have failed, and the evils of the world prevailed over them. I do not know, but you have succeeded, Ganrik. You have the might of stone... In fact, that is a good title, don't you think? Ganrik, the Might of the Stone. I like it. Regardless, congratulations. You are on a path that will test your skills at every opportunity, and I believe you are prepared for that."

Some time after finishing his training, Ganrik had learned of a new war being waged in northern lands. He had left the Argent Dawn to pursue evil on his own path, but made sure to frequently aid them in their efforts in the North. Ganrik wasn't present in the final battle against the Lich King, but he aided the front lines at every moment he deemed necessary.
Quote:Any prior organization in the scourge forces occupying the town quickly faded, as the Paladin set on his way to seek out his final target.

I think that this statement presents Ganrik as a little overpowered, if it's suggesting that Ganrik is the only factor in eliminating those scourge forces. Scourge attack in large numbers, and even if someone as powerful as a Templar could take out a good chunk of them, I don't think he could do it alone.

Other things:
  • The personality section is a bit short. I think that you could add a few more sentences to it, especially from what you've established about the character in his history.
  • If you're not going to make use of the Skills and Abilities section, remove it. Although, I'd suggest (but mind you, not request) that you make use of it, since Templars are people who have a more radical means of utilizing the holy light.
  • There are a few paragraps that need to be separated by a space. I can point them out if you would like me to.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I will edit this immediately, but I would like to say that with the Skill and Abilities section, I've always been lost. The way I understand it, we're supposed to stick to what the character can do as whatever class they are in the game. In this example, it would be things like Judgement, Crusader Strike, and the like. If that is the case, I don't see how I can utilize the Skills and Abilities section, especially when I was told that a Templar is essentially just a more offensive based paladin (Something like a Retribution Paladin, I would assume.)

Then with the first point (sorry for my chaotic ordering of response here), I believe my wording was bad, but I meant to suggest that the Skeletal Mage was a sort of leader in the area, commanding the others. With the Mage gone, the rest were left without structure. Not only that, but when I picture the scene in my mind, the scale of the town would be something similar to what you would find in one of the small towns or villages in-game. A few houses, maybe a farm, an Inn, and not much more. This would leave the Mage's influence to a relatively small location.
Quote:Not only that, but when I picture the scene in my mind, the scale of the town would be something similar to what you would find in one of the small towns or villages in-game. A few houses, maybe a farm, an Inn, and not much more.

I'll ask that you insert this description you've given here into that part of the history, so that upon reading, Ganrik doesn't come off as overpowered during that situation.

Other than that, it's good to go.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I've updated the post to better show the scale of the town.

There's a small bolding typo beside the history section header, but that can be fixed upon wikifying.

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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