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Gender Blender Brawl!
Alright, all of this is ICer. I took all the chats as they are, nothings been edited. To note, after the first emotes, Krest, Demi, Amura, Percy, and Asher have become female. Cheers!

Quote:Krest grins, downing the rest of his glass. "Tonight is a night to remember!"
00:19:48 Demitrius downs his glass of wine, and takes the hookah pipe to his mouth; "This can't get much better."
00:19:54 Asher continues to spoon his soup, then stares at his mug of honey mead... Then the wine, which he takes another drink of it... Draining the last of it.
00:20:08 Percy downs the rest of the glass, "To a hell of a time with hell of a group!" He says to nobody in particular.
00:20:12 Claremont turns and nods to her manservant. "Bert, would you be a dear and please tell the bartender to tap the Cosmopolitan Keg? I think we will be changing tonight to Ladies Night."
00:20:28 Amura shakes his head still remaining silent. He shoots the glass quickly grumbling as if taking pills.
00:20:52 [Bert]: ...Oh boy... Right. I'll get the drinks ready.
00:21:04 Bert kneels down.
00:21:07 [Asher]: Damn, this soup is great...
00:21:44 Krest blinks lightly. "..."
[Claremont]: A dull ache begins to form in the pit of each man's stomach. It was a slight pain that grw slowly before beginning to spread out from their core.
00:21:55 Percy gives his stomach a rub. "Hey, Elf...I think you punched me pretty damn hard.." He glances to his right.
00:22:00 Demitrius holds his stomach; "Ugh.. Knew I shouldn't have eaten that beef.."
00:22:10 Asher looks down at his stomach,"Damn soup is tainted," he says pushing it away.
00:22:23 Samea smirks
00:22:25 Amura puts a hand on his stomach. He frowns, and stands up. "Excuse me."
[Claremont]: The pain begins to spread out to the extremities and finally the skin. A heat starts to build, a warmth that begins to melt through each person's flesh. Slowly their skin begins to bubble and their bones shift.
Demitrius falls on his back, out cold.
00:23:51 Demitrius lies down.
00:23:59 Amura collapses against the wall, grunting as his body slowly transforms.
00:24:04 Amura lies down.
00:24:36 Percy falls forward against the table, "Grrgh..." He grumbles, his head finally slamming against the table, unable to uphold himself anymore.
00:24:36 Asher looks over himself, and stands up slowly, staring at his body then falls forward into his soup as his body begins to change...
00:24:37 Asher lies down before Bert.
00:25:04 Krest groans, and falls forward, his head hitting on the table.
00:25:15 Demitrius lies down.
00:25:20 Demitrius lies down.
00:25:56 Krest hair is still in it's top knot samurai thing.
00:26:09 Claremont clasps her hands together and smiles. She steps forward.
00:23:32 [Claremont]: The pain begins to spread out to the extremities and finally the skin. A heat starts to build, a warmth that begins to melt through each person's flesh. Slowly their skin begins to bubble and their bones shift.
00:23:49 [Krest]: .. This sounds rediculassly painful.
00:24:45 [Claremont]: Fat moves. Hips widen. Throats tighten. After a minute of changes there is one final tickle of pain as the crotches of their pants get roomier. The changes stop at that.
Asher lies down before Bert.
00:26:34 Bert pushes himself up with two mugs that are topped with a frothless alcohol. Standing on his two feet he would soon shift over, passing a mug to Samea. "Mug of cosmo, cheers."
00:26:40 Demitrius loosens up his cheststraps, still a bit out.
00:26:52 [Claremont]: "Just a quick announcment, ladies and...ladies. Tonight is now officially Ladies Night. Drinks are half off for women."
00:26:53 Amura remains still, sweating as his body finishes changing. He takes a deep breath, then pats himself down. "WHAT the Fuuhhhhk." He out.
00:27:01 Krest armor doesn't fit. At all. Uncomfertable.
00:27:28 Amura kneels down.
00:27:44 Krest pushes himself up slowly. "..."
00:28:01 Asher slowly removes his- her face from the soup, rubbing it off,"Hmm, what?" He says, rolling her shoulders uncomfortable in the leather and cloth armor.
00:28:28 Claremont moves to step off the dias. She pauses, however, halfway down. "Also, two quick additions," she says, her foot hovering over the floor. "We do not allow public masterbation, regardless of how fascinated you are with your new genitalia."
00:28:37 [Claremont]: "Enjoy!"
00:28:39 Percy lifts her head up, throwing a dazed look around. He blinks a few times.
00:28:40 Demitrius slowly gets up, looking around; "...Wh..."
00:28:51 Amura returns quite attractively, and oddly curvaceous. His previous stoic expression is replaced with a said frown. His cheeks beet red.
00:28:52 Bert passes the second mug to Claremont. "As orded."
Krest glances down at herself. Looks the same, but the armor hurts. "Well.. I.. Wha.." He shuts up instantly. "... Wha...?"
00:29:01 Demitrius stops, listening to his own voice; "Some..Thing...Is...WHAT THE f**k."
00:29:28 Claremont pats the man on the shoulder. "Delightful, dear," she says. "I would offer you a tip for your work today but..." Her glowing eye scans the room. "Being locked in a dungeon filled with women, I believe, is tip enough for most men."
00:29:37 Krest pulls off her armor quickly, and is left in just her kimono. "..."
00:29:43 Percy blinks at Krest, "Krest! You--" He blinks, "Oh what the hell!?" He looks down at himself. He exhales, his--Her face contorted into one of disbelief.
00:29:56 Demitrius looks down to HER body; "...Interesting..."
00:30:12 Krest coughs. "... So.. This is what it's like to feel like a women.."
00:30:13 Asher looks at them grinning, as they are women... Then looks down at his own pair, eyes wide and mouth open... "I could get used to this..."
Samea wets her lips. "And bi-sexual orcs," the orcess corrects, adjusting her tabard and adjusting her hair.
00:30:26 Amura aches appearing to not fit in the armor correctly. He wincs looking to the three by the alter. "What the fel di- did you do?!"
00:30:33 [Demitrius]: "...This is actually useful. No one will expect me to be a woman."
00:30:40 Bert lets out a humble chuckle. "I don't imagine I'd need a tip either way... Nor do I imagine and of the newly-formed ladies would care to be carried to bed, but I can atleast take entertainment from lugs being turned to ladies."
00:30:48 Demitrius unbuckles her belt, peeking it; "...Well, I'll be."
00:30:50 Krest promtply places her hands on her chest, lifting them up. ".. These seem usless though. In the way."
00:31:25 Percy looks at Krest examining herself, then gets to examining herself as well. "Hmm..."
00:31:25 Demitrius tightens her cheststraps, reducing her breast-size; "That's how you do it, Krest."
00:31:37 Claremont steps over to the table. "I'm sorry," she said, turning to the three. "Is everything alright here?"
00:31:50 [Amura]: Of course it isnt!
00:31:55 Amura stomps his foot.
00:32:17 [Bert]: You're a lady for some time. I haven't had the chance to say this often, but cool your tits.
00:32:20 Demitrius looks at Elizabth; "As long as I don't start menstruating."
00:32:33 Claremont smiles at Demitrius. "Actually..."
00:32:49 Demitrius points at her; "Don't. You. Fucking. Dare."
00:32:53 Amura 's Amura's eyes slowly go wide. "Noo..."
00:33:03 [Demitrius]: "I'm too old to be menstruating."
00:33:04 Krest offers a shrug. Then laughs. "Good thing elves don't."
00:33:05 Asher just stares at his own pair, grinning,"This is fine, fine fine fine, perfect!" he says poking them. "I have never been able to touch a pair of these- What?!" he looks to Claremont.
00:33:10 Amura rapidly begins to remove his armor.
00:33:53 Percy pretty much has fallen silent, alternating between staring at himself and the rest of the group.
00:33:55 Claremont clasps her hands together. "I'm sorry," she repeated. "But I'm afraid we accidentally gave you all a dose of Gender Change Tonic."
00:33:59 [Bert]: Elves do menstruate, unless you don't have children.
00:34:07 [Demitrius]: "Oh -really-."
00:34:18 [Claremont]: "Don't worry; the change is only temporary. You will have your penis back in...Oh, between four hours and four days."
00:34:27 Krest coughs. "..."
00:34:31 [Demitrius]: "It's alright, I doubt any one of us uses it too much."
00:34:38 [Percy]: Yep.
00:34:55 Asher continues poking himself,"Yeah..."
00:34:58 [Demitrius]: "...Where's that nice lad who gives me my drinks? I need more whiskey for this."
00:35:08 Krest coughs. ".. Aye, maybe you lot don't."
00:35:08 Demitrius looks at Asher; "...How -immature-."
00:35:17 [Bert]: That'd be me, I suppose.
00:35:20 Demitrius looks at Krest; "Your hand doesn't count."
00:35:28 Krest grins. "Does your mothers?"
00:35:40 [Bert]: Who needs what, before you all break down into childish jokes?
00:35:45 [Asher]: Pfft, I don't have a mother, so good luck with that.
00:35:46 [Demitrius]: "My mother's dead, but as the Lady said here, it's legal today."
00:35:53 Demitrius looks at Bert; "Whiskey, please."
00:35:54 Percy looks over to Bert, "I'll take a Nior."
00:36:05 [Asher]: Heavy... Heavy... Mead.
00:36:10 Krest laughs. "Well, I'm already a girl. Give me a whiskey."
00:36:15 Amura frowns, still red in the face. "This is an outrage."
00:36:21 [Asher]: f**k it, Whiskey.
00:36:25 Amura removes his gauntlets as well.
00:36:31 [Percy]: Nevermind, give me Whiskey.
00:36:37 [Bert]: Two whiskeys, a Noir, mea- Three whiskeys. How about- four whiskeys.
00:36:45 Claremont gives the boys a little wave before turning away. "Enjoy, bo-" she pauses. "Ah...Enjoy, ladies!" The woman walks away, chuckling dryly to herself.
00:36:48 [Demitrius]: "Oldest you have, compliments of the house for this honest mistake."
00:37:04 Krest nods. "Aye, agreed with Demi there."
00:37:11 Amura furrows his brow staring at Claremont.
00:37:16 Asher continues poking herself,"They are so pillowy... And what Reddie said."
00:37:17 Bert looks to Amura. "And for the fine lady?"
00:37:18 [Demitrius]: "I -must- say, though.."
00:37:28 Demitrius looks at Krest; "I don't think your tonic worked."
00:37:30 Amura sets her gauntlets by her armor then heads towards Claremont. He stops.
00:37:41 Demitrius grins.
00:37:46 Asher grins at Demitrius' comment.
00:38:04 Percy chuckles at Demi's comment.
00:38:09 Amura points to Bert. "Don't." He clears his throat after hearing himself sound feminine. He forces a deep voice but it sounds poor due to his vocal range. "Whiskey. Double."
00:38:26 Demitrius takes off her armbands, passing her fingers on the muscles; "Still fit as a fiddle."
00:38:27 Krest shrugs. "Doesn't matter to me."
00:38:42 [Bert]: Five whiskeys, righto.
00:38:52 [Demitrius]: "Oh, I should go to booty bay, I want to say if anyone will -dare- flirt with me."
00:39:01 [Demitrius]: "..Where's my daughter when I need her, she -has- to see this."
00:39:06 Krest blinks lgihtly, then grins. ".. I have to agree."
00:39:08 [Bert]: Hello there sir. Come to enjoy ladies night?
00:39:14 Amura shakes his head and heads over.
00:39:14 [Krest]: If this lasts long enough, I'm so gonna mess with Gat.
00:39:18 [Asher]: You have between four hours and for days to find her...
00:39:24 Krest grins, looking to Percy. "Lets mess with Gat.
00:39:29 Percy blinks, "Oh Light. Krest, you think Gat will call on that bet?!"
00:39:34 [Romas]: I came to enjoy the booze.
00:39:40 [Demitrius]: "If he loses the armour.. I mean she."
00:39:41 Krest laughs. "If he's smart."
00:39:44 Claremont smiles at Amura. "Good evening, dear," she said, nodding her head politely towards the elf. "Enjoying yourself?"
00:39:45 [Bert]: Fair enough, what'll it be?
00:39:48 [Krest]: You make a good woman.
00:39:56 [Romas]: Whiskey.
00:40:02 [Demitrius]: [low] "We shouldn't use our names, though. We'll get the men here confused."
00:40:02 Amura pouts a bit. "No. I am not. You know damn well I am not."
00:40:08 Percy blinks, "I can't tell if that's a complement or an insult. At this point, I'll say it's both."
00:40:08 [Bert]: ...Everyone wants whiskey tonight. How odd.
00:40:23 Demitrius smokes on the shisha pipe.
00:40:26 Romas dropped a cew copper coins on the bartop wordlessly.
00:40:39 Krest laughs.
00:40:42 Asher stops poking himself and then actually looks over himself,"I feel so soft... I don't like it," he says shaking his head. Taking a drink from his honeymead.
00:40:44 [Demitrius]: "Though Demi is still functional for both genders."
00:40:54 Bert shrugs to himself, soon plucking out bottle after bottle of the tanned liquid. Without much more comment he would pour out a crystaline glass for Romas. "There you go."
00:40:54 Claremont blinks that single wide, glowing eye. "Oh?" she said. "I am sorry. These little accidents happen often. Would you like a complimentary drink?"
00:40:59 Demitrius looks at Asher; "-You're- not old enough to not menstruate."
00:41:04 Amura points a thumb to the others behind him. "Those gender confused muscle-heads may not mind but I want to go back to how I used to be." He seperates the blade from his sheathe checking his reflection. He sighs deeply. "I look like my mother." Which he
00:41:04 Amura does.
00:41:24 [Demitrius]: "Does anyone have a mirror?"
00:41:33 Krest shakes his head. "Saddly I don't."
00:41:36 [Asher]: I have a blade...
00:41:49 [Demitrius]: "...Give it here, all my blades are blackened to reduce shine."
00:41:51 Krest blinks. Then moves to pick up his own blade, frowning.
00:41:58 [Claremont]: "Mm...Sadly, we cannot do that. Well, not easily. We can pump a bit more tonic into you, but I'm afraid the last time we did that we turned a human into a hermaphroditic basilisk."
00:42:07 Bert is quick to go about pour out six more glasses of whiskey, setting each onto a platter.
00:42:11 Asher stands up and rushes over to his dagger and sword, slowly walking back and handing his sword to Demitrius... It is shiny.
00:42:32 Demitrius takes it, and looks at her reflection in it; "Hmm.. I wonder if I look like my mother too.."
00:42:33 Samea winks at Amura.
00:42:45 Romas takes the glass, lifting it to his lips behind the guise of his helmet and quckly knocking the booze back, then sets the glass down. "Thanks."
00:42:47 Demitrius frowns, lightly. She puts the blade back on the table; "I don't want to know."
00:42:49 Krest pulls her blade out, looking over herself. "... Aye, tis meh mum."
00:43:03 Amura 's face squishes as if he smelled something bad. He shakes his head quickly, stepping back.
00:43:05 [Demitrius]: "..I don't remember my mother well enough to know."
00:43:43 Amura looks around sheathing the blade once more. "Damn this."
00:43:43 Asher grabs his sword and inspects himself,"I look like my sister... Least I think she was my sister..." He shrugs waiting for his drink.
00:43:52 Demitrius tightens all her straps, forcing the armour to accept this new form.
00:44:05 Krest coughs. "... Eh?"
00:44:05 Claremont opens her arms benevolently. "If you have any further concerns, do let me know, dear!" she calls after the elf.
00:44:06 Romas turns toward the barstool to take a seat...
00:44:22 Bert lifts the platter once all six drinks are prepared. In due time he would make his way to the table. "Four whiskeys, and one double."
00:44:35 Amura picks his whiskey up and walks to the bar. He slams it on the counter scratching his chin idly.
00:45:10 Percy takes her whiskey and downs a large swig. "Thanks, sir."
00:45:19 [Bert]: Enjoy, ladies.
00:45:21 Demitrius takes her drink; "Thanks, honey."
00:45:32 Asher grabs her drink and quickly pours it into her honey mead, drinking the extra from the glass.
00:45:40 Amura takes the drink upon arrival. After moments he looks down his shirt and stares for a bit.
00:45:41 [Bert]: Is there anything else I can get you lot?
00:46:01 Romas looks over to the elf woman as she makes her rather loud entrence to the bar top. "Rather unessescery, no?"
00:46:05 Asher grins immaturely, but shakes his head.
00:46:32 Demitrius stifles a laughter; "..Yes..." Has a hard time doing so; "Do you have... Any.. -Sausage-?" She bursts into laughter, head lying on the table, banging her fist on it.
00:46:54 [Demitrius]: "It seems this table has -run out- of it!"
00:46:55 Amura looks to Romas. "Didn't know you were so sensitive." She spits into a glass. "Go sit by the books then." She looks around and burps. "Barkeep!"
00:47:02 Amura slams a hand on the table.
00:47:12 Krest bursts out into laughter, resting his head on the table.
00:47:22 Asher begins chuckling loudly, rubbing a hand across her eyes, also slamming a hand on the table,"Hahaha."
00:47:39 Percy snickers quietly, a smile drawing across her face.
00:47:51 Bert looks to Demi, his head cocking slightly as a smirk set along his expression. "We have pleanty. And allow metoI beat you to the joke, the club does offer... 'companions'."
00:48:00 [Romas]: Pff, I could give a damn less, woman. Not too many people just walk up to a bar slamming things around without good reason, or they're drunk.
00:48:27 [Demitrius]: "Oh, trust me, mate, few were the -women- that could handle me, I doubt you got a -man- who can."
00:48:43 [Asher]: Don't say that... They'll get you an ogre.
00:48:52 [Demitrius]: "One head or two?"
00:48:57 [Asher]: Two.
00:49:08 [Demitrius]: "At least I'll have some semi-intelligent conversation."
00:49:21 [Demitrius]: "Though I doubt it would be medically possible. Or recommendable."
00:49:30 Amura points at Romas. "Ay! Just because I have these nice breasts don't mean you can talk to me that way." One hand rests on her hilt, the other on her chest. "I'll take you on right now."
00:49:37 Bert glances over his shoulder to call out. "I'll be there in a moment." As he looked back to the group his head would shake. "Now don't go around making broad claims and all such. I can't give away anoy ogres. Seems I'm the only one around... Not sure about the Conductress' guard."
00:49:44 Krest laughs. "Already tryin to get yourself laid eh? Woudn't be hard."
00:49:47 Demitrius looks at Amura; "Ooh, she's getting it on again."
Demitrius takes her knuckles off her belt, messing with a few screws to adapt their size aswell.
00:50:53 Krest stands slowly, shaking her head.
00:50:55 [Romas]: Drunk I take it? Well a challenge is a challenge, woman. *He rises unsheating his weapons.* Come on then!
00:51:03 [Bert]: A moment of seriouessness though, ladies, is there anything I can fetch for you all?
00:51:05 [Demitrius]: "...Well, last round was a cock-fight. I think it's time for another mess."
00:51:19 Krest waves a hand to Claremont. "Yo!
00:51:23 [Demitrius]: "Do inform the gentleman at the bar that his use of weaponry will be frowned upon."
00:51:33 [Krest]: The rules still apply from before?
00:51:38 [Demitrius]: "Before I do so myself by breaking his arms and shoving it up his arse."
00:51:40 Asher looks over to Amura and grins, pulling on the straps to tighten the armor around her body... "Nah... Looks like it is going to be another fight?"
00:52:08 [Bert]: Uh... huh.
00:52:21 Claremont turns to Krest. She nods benevolently. "Indeed," she said carefully. That single bright eye twinkles. "I am, however, exempt."
00:52:23 [Bert]: ...Sir, m'am. No weapons, please.
00:52:32 [Bert]: Fists.
00:52:40 Krest raises a brow. "Oh? How childish."
00:52:44 Percy carefully looks over his armor, tightening the armor where possible. "Well, Let's give these bodies a test run, shall we, Ladies?"
00:52:53 Krest turns her gase to Samea. "And what of you?"
00:52:53 [Demitrius]: "Lets do this."
00:53:11 [Claremont]: "I'm too old to fight, dear. Why, I'm nearly sixty, darling."
00:53:13 Demitrius tightens her fists around her knuckle-grips
00:53:15 Amura places the sword and scabbard on the table. "f**k it." She leaps forward attempting to punch the human in the face. Light covering her fist dimly.
00:53:17 Percy rises to her feet, "Oooh! I like this body, much more...Flexible!"
00:53:22 [Demitrius]: "And I'm nearly fifty!"
00:53:25 [Demitrius]: "Your point?"
00:53:58 Romas looks to the man, dropping his weapons. He then sees the elf woman as she leaps and attempts to defend himself...
00:54:01 Demitrius crosses her arms, looking at Romas; "Hey, brain-bucket. You got a bone to pic with my friend here?"
00:54:12 [Bert]: And this is when I back off...
00:56:53 Krest glances between the three. "... So, none of you are going to fight?"
00:57:47 Claremont shakes her head. "Oh, no," she says. "I need to oversee the bar, dear." The kindly matron waved the elf away. "You go play."
00:57:53 Amura slams a tiny fist. "Fuggin' Barkeep!" her eyes close briefly due to frustration.
00:57:55 [Claremont]: "And remember...Crotch kicks are no longer effective."
00:58:02 [Bert]: Sorry mate, my brawling days have come and gone.
00:58:24 Krest grins lightly. "Careful of your tone, I'm female now, don't care if your old, but I'll beat you down."
00:58:44 [Bert]: Now now, don't be threatnin' the owner.
00:58:58 [Bert]: S'not a wise idea if you're looking to.. y'know.. live.
00:59:16 Asher folds his arms and waits for Romas to reply to Demitrius.
00:59:18 Claremont chuckles. "My tone is always respective," she said kindly. "And please, Bert..."
00:59:33 [Claremont]: "She is allowed to voice her opinions."
00:59:48 [Bert]: Opinions are welcome, but threats not so much.
01:00:18 Claremont nods to Samea. "Oh, I always welcome opinions," she said. "But complaints go to our complaint department."
01:00:37 Krest offers a wink. "Simply saying, don't tell me to go play. I'm older then you after all. But, I suppsoe I shouldn't keep then waiting."
01:00:45 [Samea]: "An' I don't like no complaints. Yea'?"
01:00:53 [Romas]: She challenged me to a less then friendly fight
01:00:58 Krest glances over. Then taps her chin.
01:01:07 [Demitrius]: "You call that less than friendly? How about... THIS!"
01:01:09 [Krest]: Chu wanna fight then?
01:01:19 Demitrius with that, throws her black-iron-tipped knuckles to his side.
01:02:04 Samea shakes her head. "Not when I'm on duty," she gruffed. "Afterwards...Certainly."
01:02:45 Romas takes the knuckles to the side, followed by sending a swift elbow to Demi's face.
01:03:17 Demitrius dodges, arcing her new flexible spine back; "Ooh.."
01:03:22 Krest taps her chin, then smiles. "Lemmi know when your off then."
01:03:30 [Bert]: I suppose it'd be wise for someone to mind the bar before someone knocks over the whiskey...
01:03:54 Krest pulls her blades free and sets them on the table. "HEY! YOU FOUR! Get over here aye!?"
01:04:17 [Demitrius]: "Well, I doubt I can throw him anymore.."
01:04:40 Amura hops on the bar, marching on its surface. "I can fight my own battles." She reaches to grab a hard fruit to throw at Demi but she hits her bust unexpectedly raising her eyebrows the fruit heads torwards Asher instead.
01:04:41 Bert idles about the bar, remaining ignorant to the constant brawls as he instead looks to cap and hide all of the alcohol.
01:04:58 [Bert]: Hey! Off the bartop, tits or not!
01:05:11 Amura raises her fist. "Give me back my penis!"
01:05:32 Asher quickly ducks away,"Woah, hey!" he yells back.
01:05:32 [Demitrius]: "...I never thought I'll hear that being said. Ever. In my life."
01:05:32 Percy folds her arms, a smile crossing her face at the sight.
01:05:42 [Percy]: Agreed.
01:05:57 Bert rolls his eyes. With the bottles stashed away he would reach over, looking to give Amura a goading push. "Please, m'am, off the bar."
01:06:29 Percy suddenly turns toward the others, a smirk crossing her face as she throws up her fists in defense. "But, let's get down to business."
01:06:36 Amura stomps on the bar. "Give me a cure for this! You all tricked us!"
01:06:41 Krest shrugs. "... That was.. The funnyist thing I've heard in forever." She laughs, looking over to Demitrius, then brings her leg up and around for the back of his head.
01:06:55 Amura opens her arms, exposing her wingspan. "You want to go, Bartender?"
01:07:06 [Bert]: M'sorry man, I'm just a barkeep. I don't have a cure. Now please, I'm trying to cle-... No. I don't fight m'am.
01:07:19 [Amura]: You're about to.
01:07:39 Demitrius sees Krest move from the corner of her eye, and ducks.
01:07:41 Demitrius kneels down.
01:07:48 Bert 's smile fades to grim frown. "I don't fight." He repeats in a firm voice.
01:08:02 Percy rushes forward, slamming a rising knee toward Asher's side.
01:09:01 Asher was totally turned to watch what Krest and Demi were doing to take a knee in the back. Turning around as fast as he can he attempts to slam his left foor into Percy's side.
01:09:18 Amura stares the barkeep down, resting her arms by her side. "You know what you were giving us!"
01:09:23 Claremont eases her back against the altar. "Do you think this is scientific, Samea?" she says. She holds out a gloved hand to the orcess.
01:09:33 Percy gingerly dodges backward out of range. "Aha! I love this body! I love it!" She says joyously.
01:09:34 [Bert]: I didn't give it to you m'am, the orc did.
01:09:53 Demitrius dashes forth, sliding around Romas to go to grab Amura by her feet, and try to yank on them to make her fall off the counter. Or onto it with her face!
01:09:54 Samea pulls a silver case from her breast pocket and fishes out a cigarette. She slips the tube between the other's fingers and lights it. "Naw," she mumbles. "I think it's entertain' as f**k thou'."
01:10:22 Claremont places the red-tipped cigarette in the little dark hole in the front of her mask. It wobbles, half out. Smoke begins to steam out. "That it is..."
01:10:24 Amura 's eyes become green slits, the bags under her illuminated openings still are appparent. "Technically you're r-"
01:10:44 [Demitrius]: "He said -off- the counter!"
01:10:46 Amura is snatched and hits the bar face first.
01:10:47 Amura lies down.
01:11:39 Bert gives off a slight wince for the fallen woman. "...Thank you for the co-operation." With that he would look to clean up all of the idle mugs and glasses that have spilled due to Amura's show.
01:11:54 Romas takes the oppertunity, seeing as how Demi is preoccupied with the elf he sands a right hook for her face.
01:12:10 Demitrius wasn't occupied enough! She ducks under it.
01:12:28 Amura gets up grabbing a stool. He sneers to Demi while a small trail of blood runs from his nostril to his chin.
01:12:33 Amura swings the stool at Demi.
01:12:38 Krest blinks lightly and watches. Oh, she's not wearing shoes this time.
01:12:56 Demitrius is hit by the stool, and is knocked back a good distance, unused to her new light weight!
01:12:58 Demitrius lies down.
01:13:00 [Bert]: ... Please don't break the furniture. This is a non-lethal match. Those stools can be quite lethal.
01:13:32 Krest coughs lightly and looks around. She shrugs, then turns to Asher, and brings her foot around for the back of the girls head.
01:13:34 Amura points instantly to Bert. "No side-saddle fighting!"
01:14:07 [Bert]: I'm not fighting, m'am, I'm trying to keep this bar in one piece.
01:14:40 Asher was about to rush at Percy when the foot came, and when he hears a loud whooshing behind him he stops three feet infront of percy.
01:15:08 Percy lurches upward onto the nearby platform, leaping off of it, sending a flying kick toward Asher's face.
01:15:54 Bert shakes his head as he stashes away the last of the bar's glasses and bottles. With it all packed up he would work away from the ever-present combat.
01:16:13 Asher watches Percy climb the podium and began to move away from it. When Percy kicked, she dodged out of the way, attempting to slam her own foot into Percy's stomach once she had landed.
01:16:27 [Bert]: [Low] No offense, m'am, but I think giving them tits made them even more dense.
01:17:03 Percy landed, then narrowly dodges by shifting her weight off to the left. "Woohoo!" She shouts emphatically, "This is great!"
01:17:10 Demitrius gets up, and grins at Amura, instead, she goes to tackle Percy.
01:18:00 Claremont chuckles softly. "It's hormones, dear," she said, leaning over towards the man. "I make fun of men for their testosterone, but lock well-armed women up in a room and you've got a recipe for a blood-bath."
01:18:03 Percy suddenly takes the full brunt of a force slamming against her side. She topples leftward, but regains her balance at the edge of the table. She spins back around, slightly dazed.
01:18:15 Demitrius kneels down.
01:18:45 [Bert]: I suppose you have a fair point there... So long as they don't wreck anything.
01:18:58 Romas would attempt to hit Amura in her kidney while her back was turned to him...
01:19:19 [Claremont]: "Oh, I can pay for it. As it stands, this is delightful fun. And a good learning experience for our operations."
01:19:42 Amura drops the stool and falls forward. "Arrgh!" She slowly gets up attempting to kick Romas over the bar by a light covered foot to the face.
01:19:44 Amura kneels down.
01:20:09 [Bert]: i can only begin to wonder what's to come of this.
01:20:14 [Amura]: Cheap shot bastard!
01:20:21 Romas side-steps away from the flying foot.
01:20:43 Claremont turns from Bert to Samea. "Samea here has some tranquilizer darts if anything gets out of hand."
01:21:00 [Bert]: Ah, good.
01:21:09 Krest runs over to Romas. Without waiting she lifts her foot, and brings it around for the mans neck, trying to clothesline him with it.
01:21:42 Amura looks to Krest blankly as blood still flows from his own nos.
01:22:24 Romas is hit in the neck, choking a bit as he attempts to regulate his breathing, he then quickly gathered himself...
01:22:38 Percy vaults over the table to his left, knocking over a few things in her path and bringing around a fist aimed directly for Asher's head.
01:22:41 Amura removes the tabard throwing it over his sword on the counter.
01:22:58 Krest bounces on the heel of her feet. "Don't like cheep shots."
01:23:26 Asher turns around only to recieve a foot to the face, falling backwards. While laying on the ground he rolls over to Demitrius, attempting to punch her in the ribs.
01:23:35 Asher lies down.
01:23:56 Demitrius moves away from the blow, turning around, and goes to tackle Krest from behind; "Surprise!"
01:24:40 Krest blinks lightly and is tackled to the floor. She lands with an "Umph!" growling. "What did I just say..?"
01:24:44 You lie down before Amura.
01:24:59 Demitrius kneels down.
01:25:02 [Demitrius]: "Whoops."
01:25:04 Demitrius giggles.
01:25:22 Amura stares Demitrius down.
01:26:28 Romas quickly darts away toward Percy, aiming to slide in low to sweep out his / her legs...
01:27:12 Percy rolls backward out of the way of the charging armored beast.
01:27:14 Amura attempts a low kick trying to hit Demi in the face to knock her off of Krest if succesful.
01:27:45 Demitrius is kicked right in the face! Her nose fragile than before, she rolls off Krest, holding her face,
01:27:51 Demitrius lies down.
01:29:14 Amura looks to Demi indifferently. Her nose bleeding still.
01:29:42 Asher would slowly begin to rise, rubbing her face with her hand. Staying in a sitting position.
01:30:12 Krest pushes herself up, dusting off. She nods to Amura in thanks, but seeing as though debts are settled, she kicks around, aiming for the side of her head.
01:30:50 Bert glances aside, catching a glimse of Traeda. "Ah, hello m'am. Here to join us for ladies night?"
01:31:00 Amura blocks with his wrist guards, she stares at Krest with exhausted eyes.
01:31:09 Percy runs forward, charging down toward Asher, suddenly juking left, spinning back and aiming a kick toward Roma's Back.
01:31:54 Traeda peers around curiously. "...Seems I missed the start of the party." She chuckles lightly. "Gonna have to lose the armor to fight, I bet?"
01:31:58 Romas stumbles forward, barily able to catch himself before almost falling into the table..
01:32:11 Asher after throwing her fists up in defense she hops to he feet and lungest at Percy with a fist to her neck.
01:32:29 Krest grins, and ovvers a shrug.
01:32:38 Bert spares a slight shrug, though maintains a rather welcoming smile. "The rules for the time seem to be that you can not use non-lethal methods. That's it."
01:32:50 Percy ducks and moves out of the way, fluidly, after striking Romas. She doubles back, grinning toward Asher.
01:32:52 [Bert]: However, can I fetch anything for you before you join the fray?
01:33:19 Demitrius spins on the grown, aiming to kick Krest off her feet.
01:33:29 Traeda unstraps her shield and sword, setting them aside. "As long as there's a bottle of Black Label waiting for me afterward, I'm good."
01:34:06 Krest glances over to Demi, and steps forward, frowning. "Hey now, watch it."
01:34:09 Bert nods. "Drinks will be abound once the combat settles down."
01:34:54 Romas looks over toward Asher, dropping his shoulder and attempting to ram her...
01:35:03 Amura sighs, raising her hands in a submissive manner. "I'm done."
01:35:07 Traeda claps her hands together, before stripping off the rest of her armor. "Don't want to break skulls tonight... I'll have this place sorted out in a minute or two."
01:35:32 Asher leaps towards the podium, barely making it ontop, staring back down at Romas with a grin.
01:35:43 Amura takes her weapons and tabard.
01:35:46 Krest giggles lightly. Damn, the giggles have reached her. "Alright, if that's your wish."
01:35:55 [Bert]: I'm sure you will, as you're the only actual woman here.
01:36:38 [Amura]: I trust there is a room available I can use until this.....this wears off.
01:36:41 Traeda raises an eyebrow. "...Not sure what you mean, but I'll get back to you on that. She sprints into the fray, targetting the closest standing woman... which happens to be Krest. She lets out a battle cry as she jumps, aiming to kick with both feet right -
01:36:47 Traeda | into his/her head.
01:36:59 [Bert]: ...That settles that.
01:37:27 Krest glances over to Traeda after the roar. She rolls forward and lets the girl go by before.. Blinking. "... Traeda? Chu doin here?"
01:39:37 Traeda grunts as she hits the ground, before rolling to her feet. "Bored, lass." She obviously doesn't know who she's talking to.
01:40:00 [Bert]: There should be plenty of rooms available below, yep.
01:40:23 Krest chuckles some then turns with.. A wink. She jumps up on the alter, and launches a fist for ashers cheek. "Get off here! High ground is mine!"
01:41:04 Asher ducks backwards, throwing her hands up in defense!
01:41:07 Amura shrugs walking off with her belongings.
01:41:45 Percy leaps up to the platform, barreling into Krest's back with a shoulder-charge.
01:42:08 [Bert]: They seem more restless than before, that's for certain.
01:43:13 Krest glances behind her and grins, stepping out of the way, and letting Percy go past her, inbetween her and Asher.
01:43:37 Asher looks at Percy and attempts to push her into Krest, screaming loudly...
01:44:11 Claremont has already burned through half of her cigarette. "It's depressing," she said, her voice somber. "But we shall suffer through this indignation."
01:44:35 Percy topples backward, crashing into Krest with the force from the push.
01:45:00 Krest wants nothing to do with Percy and steps to the side.
01:45:08 Bert glances to the conductress, a brow raised. "Is it depressing or entertaining?"
01:45:13 Demitrius kicks off from the counter, going to grab Traeda by the feet to yank on them, forcing her to faceplant.
01:45:29 [Aenstus]: What degree of stupidity is happening in a crypt?
01:45:32 Percy thus falls off the platform and nearly landing on her back, barely holding her stature as she hits the ground.
01:45:41 Traeda glances down and steps away, snickering. "Nice try, you're next."
01:46:03 [Claremont]: "The latter. Which is why I feel the former."
01:46:07 Demitrius smirks; "No you."
01:46:14 [Bert]: Ah, hello sir.
01:46:15 Romas takes a few daring steps up the platform, priming his fist to launch it toward Asher's face.
01:46:28 [Aenstus]: Ehh…What's going on?
01:46:45 Asher totally did not expect Romas to barrel at her, so she takes the fist, like a man!
01:46:46 [Bert]: Welcome to the Felfire club. We're enjoying our ladies night tonight. That along with brawl night, it seems.
01:47:02 [Bert]: Is there anything I can get for you, or would you like to simply join the festivities?
01:47:08 [Aenstus]: Who puts a club in a crypt?
01:47:29 [Aenstus]: ((Forgot something.
01:47:46 Bert shrugs in return. "Not a question I can answer, though I can imagine the reasons."
01:47:50 Aenstus | Soval says: Arf! (CATFIGHT.)
01:48:06 Traeda grins. "Nobody dodges my dropkick and just wanders off..." She mutters to herself, charging at the back of Krest, intending to wrap her arms around the woman's legs, and toss her over her shoulder to the ground.
01:49:07 Aenstus | Soval says: Arf! (KICK HER IN THE…DAMN IT.)
01:49:15 Krest blinks lightly. She's then lifted, and slammed into the ground. She yelps, then moves to wrap her legs around Traeda's legs to trip her.
01:49:24 You lie down.
01:49:54 Traeda slams into the stone with a yelp, before falling next to Krest and laughing. "Nice moves, lass!"
01:49:58 Traeda lies down.
01:50:14 Krest grins. "You expect anything less from me Traeda?"
01:51:01 Bert shrugs to himself soon shigting back to Claremont's side.
01:51:01 Traeda raises an eyebrow. "Don't remember you. Farstrider? Blood Knight?"
01:51:10 Percy leaps onto the platform again, sending a rounding kick toward Romas's back.
01:51:37 [Krest]: Ex blood knight. Now I run a group fighting cultists.
01:51:51 [Aenstus]: …What.
01:52:10 Romas lunged his back forward to absorb the blow and puch Percy back a few steps.
01:52:38 Asher looks over at Krest and Traeda and jumps off the podium, attemping to bring his feet down on one of them...
01:53:01 Traeda blinks. "...You gotta be kidding me."
01:53:19 Demitrius rises, and charges forth; "Don't forget about me!" she goes to tackle Asher.
01:53:25 Krest lets out and umph as the feet land on her. He breaths heavy, trying to get air back in her.
01:54:05 Asher is caught in the tackle and is launched off of Krest onto the cold, hard stone floor.
01:54:11 Asher lies down.
01:54:14 Demitrius kneels down.
01:56:51 Traeda scowls at Asher as she comes down, before rolling on top of Krest to pin her down, before sending a quick flurry of punches towards her face. "You gotta explain this to me."
01:57:16 [Bert]: Ah, welcome to the Felfire club, m'am.
01:57:26 You lie down.
01:57:38 [Bert]: Here for ladies night I take it? Or perhaps for the brawl?
01:58:04 [Varyis]: …Both?
01:58:44 [Bert]: Very well. Is there anything I can get you, or would you simply like to get into the brawl? I must remind you that no lethal means are allowed.
01:59:04 Krest cathces both of her fists, and flips then over, bringing her forehead down for her head. "Gender switching potion. Was spiked in some champaing we all drank."
01:59:16 [Varyis]: …Awwwwwwww, no bow for me then.
01:59:26 [Bert]: Yes'm.
01:59:48 Traeda moves her head to the side just in time. "...Not that I'm complaining." She says with a grin.
01:59:49 Percy takes the open opportunity to slam all her weight against Romas, trying to send him off the platform.
01:59:55 Bert glances past Varyis for a moment, soon nodding to Hrodebert. "Welcome to the Felfire Club, sir."
02:00:59 Romas dodges the shove, followed by a hearty chuckle.
02:01:08 Hrodebert stomps into the catacombs, carrying a shotgun over his shoulder and looking over a dusty old parchment. He glances up at the man speaking to him confusingly. "Wait, there's people down here??"
02:01:22 Demitrius kneels down.
02:01:42 [Bert]: ...Yessir. This would be the Felfire Club, as said. We're currently enjoying a conjoined Ladies night as well as brawl night.
02:01:44 Asher attempts to kick Demi off of her.
02:01:57 [Bert]: Though, lethal means are banned. You would have to put the gun down.
02:02:10 [Hrodebert]: ... Felfire? Conjoined ladies??
02:02:17 Hrodebert mouths a silent "What the hell".
02:02:28 [Bert]: Ladies night and brawl night, sir.
02:02:38 [Bert]: Ladies drink for half price... And you can knock fists for free.
02:02:41 Demitrius is kicked off, again overestimated her own weight, she falls flat on her back, gasping in pain. She looks up, and arcs her back, she tries to grab Krest with her new flexible legs and slam her into the podium.
02:02:45 Demitrius lies down.
02:02:49 [Hrodebert]: You got yourself a ritzy bar built down in a friggin' tomb??
02:02:55 [Hrodebert]: The hell's with that??
02:03:52 Bert shrugs. "We enjoy our privacy." For note he speaks with a broad, friendly smile set on his lips.
02:04:18 Krest blinks lightly as her conversation is cut short, and slams into the podium.
02:05:50 Romas hops off the poduim with a flying elbow, aimed for Varyis' head...
02:06:07 Varyis gets smacked to the floor.
02:06:51 Varyis lies down.
02:07:00 Hrodebert looks back over to brawling. "... well, that's just Jim Dandy then. Those women wanna pummel the crap out of each other, let 'em."
02:07:43 Traeda jumps to her feet and wastes no time moving to grab Krest, trying to lift him up, move him over to the bar, and slam him onto the counter with an elbow to the chest in a follow up. "How long does it last?"
02:07:46 [Hrodebert]: I got me some bid'ness to be gettin' to. Don't care if I go diggin' up some dirt downstairs, do yeh?
02:08:08 [Demitrius]: "Anytime between four hours and four days."
02:08:27 Bert shrugs. "Not my catacomb. I don't see why not."
02:08:27 [Traeda]: ...Excellent.
02:08:59 Krest blinks at being lifted. Thats not normal for her.. And gets slammed, and elbowed.
02:09:30 Varyis tries kicking Romas off of her.
02:09:51 [Hrodebert]: Good, 'cos I'm doin' it even if you told me not to. This 'ere parchment's leadin' me to... somethin'. Not sure what.
02:09:55 Romas iss kicked. oh noes.
02:09:57 [Varyis]: GET THE f**k OFF OF ME!
02:10:44 [Bert]: Well... My word is not always the wone to worry about. I'm hardly the one in charge.
02:11:12 [Hrodebert]: So who is? There even any sort of leadership down here?
02:11:18 Bert pauses, looking to Amethine. "Hello, m'am. Welcome to the Felfire club." He would greet with a cheery voice and a pleasant smile.
02:11:26 [Bert]: Ah yes, right beside me actually.
02:11:31 [Hrodebert]: Or's that little display over there how you all choose your queen?
02:11:32 Hrodebert laughs.
02:11:44 [Bert]: ...No, sir. They are bar patrons, nothing more.
02:11:49 [Bert]: The conductress is just behind me.
02:11:51 Claremont turns quietly.
02:12:05 Hrodebert peers at Claremont searchingly.
02:12:06 Amethine smiles politely. "Yes.. Thank you.. Is something going on here?"
02:12:21 Krest pushes Traeda away, grinning. "No reason to keep this just between us." She runs forward, jumping up for Percy, legs kicking out.
02:12:22 Claremont steps forward, laying a hand on Bert's shoulder. "Is there a problem here, Bert?" she said. The old woman's voice was light and warm.
02:12:27 [Hrodebert]: ... hell, that's a woman? Looks like an automaton.
02:12:31 [Hrodebert]: Nice mask.
02:12:55 Bert turns his attention back to Amethine. "Ah yes, we're enjoying Ladies ni-" He pauses, looking to Claremont. "Not so much a problem no, this dwarf is cerious about digging in the basement."
02:13:10 Claremont turned towards the dwarf. Her single, glowing eye blinks. "Why thank you," she said, taking the statement as a compliment. "I had it made by a dwarf, actually."
02:13:35 [Claremont]: "And digging in the basement? Yes, he may dig. So long as he digs past the Barricade and does not disturb The Hall."
02:13:53 Percy ducks under the flying elf coming right for him. He comes back up and rushes after Krest, wherever she landed, and brings a fist toward the back of her head.
02:14:01 [Hrodebert]: I don't know which is where, hrmph.
02:14:06 Traeda chuckles as she watches Krest re-enter the fray. "...True, I get you all to myself tonight, dear."
02:14:19 Bert nods in turn, resuming his explination. "It's ladies night for our bar, m'am. Half off on all drinks. As well we have our brawl night going on. So free fist fights as you please."
02:14:28 [Hrodebert]: ... aand that looks mighty maagical for a dwarven mask, but then again dwarven magicians ain't unheard of.
02:14:39 [Demitrius]: "Krest, I suggest you stay away from your bed tonight, I won't let no woman get the better of -me- under this damn tonic."
02:14:52 Amethine frowns. She looks over to the center of the room. "I can see that."
02:14:53 Claremont releases the man's shoulder and steps forward. "The difference is easy to pick," she said, stepping forward. She laid a hand on the man's head. Her eye smiled. "Wherever you see a 'Danger, Do Not Enter' sign...You may dig."
02:14:56 Krest blinks and sails over Percy. And lands on the nearby table. She rolls away, and as Percy runs for her, she brings her arm up, deflecting teh punch. "You got more then that in ya eh!?"
02:15:15 [Krest]: And I'll be exploitin this on her later Demi!
02:15:31 [Demitrius]: "Dude, I don't want to hear -that-."
02:15:43 [Varyis]: Shut up, random drunkard.
02:15:44 Hrodebert brushes the hand off his head and snorts. "And what about all the places I don't see such signs?"
02:15:50 Asher attempts to kick Demi once more, also using it as an attempt to 'launch' herself away from Demi.
02:15:55 [Demitrius]: -Excuse- me!"
02:16:10 Percy brings her fist back to a defensive pose in front of him, a smirk crossing his face. "Yeah, by the way, Krest, I won't be operable tomorrow until this tonic wears off or I find Gat."
02:16:11 [Varyis]: Did I touch a nerve?
02:16:11 Claremont returns her hand to her hips. "All those places? You can't dig," she said, quite pleasantly. "Because they are being used."
02:16:27 Krest laughs. "Aye, thats true."
02:16:27 Demitrius opens her mouth again, but gets kicked. Right in the genitals. Woman or not, that -still- hurts. I checked.
02:16:29 [Claremont]: "Simple, no? You shouldn't dig in a man's foyer, let alone his garden."
02:16:36 [Demitrius]: "I ain't no -random- drunk!"
02:16:42 Asher lies down.
02:16:43 Traeda peers. "...Don't tell me that's... PERCY?!"
02:16:53 [Varyis]: You admit that your a drunkard then?
02:17:10 Demitrius gets up, fixing up her leggings, and charges to tackle Varyis.
02:17:22 [Demitrius]: "I'm the Demi, b***h!"
02:17:24 Varyis laughs and takes the tackle.
02:17:25 [Hrodebert]: S'ain't a garden, s'a dead man's bed you renovated.
02:17:28 [Varyis]: But you are no god!
02:17:51 [Demitrius]: "Well, if you want to get technical, name's Demitrius."
02:17:53 Varyis ends up getting knocked to the ground again.
02:17:58 Amethine mutters. "Sure is exciting around here. At least I'm lucky enough to not get sucked into this.."
02:18:00 [Demitrius]: "But you know, having -tits- and saying that feels odd."
02:18:07 Percy throws his voice back toward Trae, "Hi there!"
02:18:23 Claremont laughs softly and turns away. "Semantics," she said, moving back to her post. "Do as you wish. I don't own this place. I only populate it."
02:18:25 [Varyis]: I've dealt with that longer than you.
02:18:33 [Demitrius]: "How it feel to have smaller jugs, then?"
02:18:33 [Demitrius]: "How it feel to have smaller jugs, then?"
02:18:39 Romas takes the oppertunity and rushes for demi, aiming to upper-cut him / her in the jaw.
02:18:56 Demitrius eats a fist full of manly goodness! And she's down on the ground again!
02:19:00 Bert leans his arms against the bar, looking onto the crowd with somewhat tired eyes. "Evening ladies." He would quip out calmly to the two nearby.
02:19:01 Demitrius lies down before Romas.
02:19:11 [Varyis]: …You had that coming.
02:19:14 Varyis lies down.
02:19:19 [Demitrius]: "I may have."
02:19:21 [Hrodebert]: You need to hire some dwarven architects then, 'cos the place ain't the pristine model of underground livin' it could be.
02:19:25 [Demitrius]: "Flatty."
02:19:31 [Varyis]: b***h.
02:19:42 Traeda snickers. "Wouldn't want to ruin that dress of yours." She then sprints off, using the platform as a launchpad to leap at Percy from behind, intent on grabbing her by her hair and slamming that face into the ground.
02:19:45 Amethine turns to Bert with a smile. "Good Evening. Loud crowd here tonight."
02:19:55 Hrodebert hefts his shotgun over the other shoulder, taking a moment to look over the vase.
02:20:11 Samea turns to eye the dwarf, watching him quietly.
02:20:46 Hrodebert peers back at the orc and ruffles his mustache. "... What're you lookin' at, eh?"
02:20:47 Percy hears the footfalls. She leaps onto the table, springboarding off and landing behind it with a smile, "Hi Trae!" She repeats.
02:20:57 Bert nods in accord. "Incredibly... The first hour or two was amusing, but it's beginnin' to get... irksome." He shrugs. "Anything I can get for you..?"
02:21:08 Varyis stands and charges Romas, aiming to knock him the f**k over.
02:21:24 Samea smiles at the man, showing off a mouthful of white teeth. "Watchin' a man," she said. "An' waitin' to see if he becomes a criminal."
02:21:45 Traeda lands on the pillow with a grunt, standing up. "Faster than I expected."
02:21:59 Varyis then laughs maniacally. She is clearly enjoying this.
02:22:04 Romas falls over on his butt, sitting on the top step of the platform.
02:22:13 [Amethine]: I would say, anything that doesn't kill me, but unfortunately I used the last of my pay before I got here. Haha..
02:22:22 Krest chuckles some and glances behind him to Percy, then over to Trae. She shrougs and dashes for Percy, hooking a foot around for the side of her head.
02:22:33 [Hrodebert]: Ooooh, yes! I'll just take this big ol' vase that's as big as I am, and I'll jus' smuggle it in my beard! Noone'll be the wiser! The peeeeerfect crime.
02:22:50 [Bert]: I can pour a drink or two on the house. What'll it be?
02:25:01 Asher finally gets up and charges at Traeda, attempting to tackle her.
02:25:23 Demitrius jumps on her hands, and spins, trying to sweep Varyis off her feet; "Sit down!"
02:25:26 Traeda glances behind and jumps onto the table, chuckling. "Nice try, human."
02:25:41 [Varyis]: OH SCREW YOU!
02:25:51 [Demitrius]: "You -wish-."
02:26:05 [Hrodebert]: Titan? Ahhh, titan relics are supposed to be tougher lookin' and covered in glowy runes.
02:26:13 Varyis lands on one arm and one leg.
02:26:28 Amethine chuckles. "I'm pretty sure that these robes will stay on tonight. The girls haven't popped out yet to greet anyone. Anything heavy will be just fine."
02:26:36 [Varyis]: There goes my ball-kicker.
02:26:36 [Samea]: "That's why it's a replica. Now hush an' go do what you're gonna do so I can tail you."
02:27:12 Romas wearily stumbles off the platform, aiming a fist for Varyis' throat. "Do you ever shut your dam mouth!?"
02:27:18 [Hrodebert]: Oooh, you wana come watch a grown man play in the dirt? Fine by me, though you might need to invest in some hobbies.
02:27:26 Hrodebert resumes going down!
02:27:54 Demitrius looks at Amethine; "I'll get up and greet you in a minute, sweety, a bit busy at the moment!"
02:28:12 [Varyis]: Women can't shut their mouths in general! AIN'T THAT RIGHT, b***h?
02:28:17 Samea follows the man at an easy pace. She doesn't try to hide; she walks in the very center of the avenue, just a few feet behind the man.
02:28:27 Amethine chuckled. "I'm pretty sure that these robes will stay on tonight. The girls haven't popped out yet to greet anyone. Anything heavy will be just fine."
02:28:32 Traeda glances to Krest with a grin as she lunges, intent on repeating the same move she tried on Percy; Grab by the hair, slam into the ground.
02:29:15 [Bert]: If you're so sure, then so be it... Perhaps the night is best started with something lighter. Whiskey will do. I have a bottle to kill anyway.
02:29:23 Krest blinks lightly, and has her head bashed off the gorund. She groans some, growling. "... I'm out."
02:29:38 Varyis stands, and proceeds to try kicking Romas in the chest.
02:29:51 Traeda grins. "Hope I didn't knock anything loose, dear. Is this what you and Percy do with your nights?"
02:29:53 Romas goes to sleep
02:29:56 [Varyis]: Boom.
02:29:57 Romas falls asleep. Zzzzzzz.
02:30:08 [Demitrius]: "Nice one, kid."
02:30:09 Krest chuckles some. ".. Just this night ironically enough."
02:30:17 Amethine smiles. "Do you think I'm going to end up like the rest of the 'women' here after a few drinks?"
02:30:21 [Varyis]: Ironically, that is correct.
02:30:21 Bert reaches beneath the bar, plucking up a third-full bottle of whiskey. With a slight slosh he would roll the contents about before pouring them out into a crystaline glass. "Here you go."
02:30:27 Krest goes and sits by her swords, watching the rest.
02:30:41 [Bert]: Nope. I just think that you're at a risk of bein' harassed.
02:30:44 Percy rushes forward, doing the same maneuver as before, jumping onto the edge of the table and launching a kick toward Asher's head.
02:30:44 [Bert]: Drinks rarely help.
02:30:56 Asher roll
02:31:27 Asher is kicked in the head and falls to the ground, laying there for a moment,"I think I am done," she says sighing... Then lashes out once more at Percy.
02:31:29 Asher lies down before Traeda.
02:32:12 Demitrius gets up, blood dripping from her nose. She leaps onto the podium; "Hey, Krest's girlfriend, catch me if you can!" She then leaps to land right on Traed.
02:32:13 Krest pulls up her blades, sheathing them ad moves to the bar.
02:32:16 Percy calmly steps back, watching Asher fall. Her kick misses by a mile. "Forfeit then, go join Krest."
02:32:28 Amethine takes her glass and drinks it all down. "Ah! That's the stuff.. Honestly though, it would of happened already. Or are you implying to be the one who 'seduces' me? Huh?" She giggles.
02:32:36 Romas comes to after a few moments, giving a few light chuckles from the pain ans stumbles over to the bar where he lft his gear...
02:33:18 Amethine frowns with disappointment at Romas.
02:33:26 Bert shrugs. "I seduce only those willing to be." He spares the robed woman a wink and a crack of a smirk before his lips return their usual normal smile. His eyes glance to the two newer patrons. "What'll it be, friends?"
02:33:30 [Varyis]: …The f**k you looking at?
02:33:57 Traeda grunts as she lands beneath the woman, laughing. "...Does that count?" She says, before her head rushes up to meet the woman's, then the elf tries to push her off and bring herself to her feet.
02:33:58 Percy throws up her fists, eyeing Varyis, "You." She comments, a slight smirk.
02:34:16 Romas shoots a glance at the woman at his left, his eyes narrow from the frown he recieved. "There a problem?"
02:34:34 Demitrius is headbutted and pushed off, rubbing her head; "Damn this feeble skeletal structure!"
02:34:40 [Krest]: Give me a whisky then.
02:34:40 Demitrius lies down before Romas.
02:34:51 [Amethine]: Besides the fact you smell revolting, no. No problem at all.
02:34:52 [Traeda]: Maybe you should keep the body, it suits you!
02:35:00 Varyis tackles Percy to the ground.
02:35:12 [Demitrius]: "Why thank you. Sadly, I think my daughters and son will never forgive me if I do."
02:35:12 Traeda brings her fists up, ready to fight.
02:35:13 [Bert]: Whiskey comin' right up.
02:35:28 Varyis | And misses.
02:35:37 [Romas]: My smell is better than that dress. Where did you pick that up? The half-price brothel?
02:35:54 Percy grapples with Varyis as she closes in, holding her close. She throws her head forward in a headbutt against the Elf.
02:35:55 Bert takes up the bottle, dumping out the rest of it's contents into two glasses. Even if Romas didn't order he'd pass the extra glass over to him.
02:36:25 Varyis holds her fist out, to block the headbutt.
02:36:39 Traeda laughs. "I'm sure they'd understand. You do seem as unsatisfactory as most human women anyway."
02:36:44 [Amethine]: Pfft.. What are you then? You look like you got ran over by an Orc. I have much better looks than you ever will.
02:36:46 Asher rushes to her feet and attempts to punch Varyis as hard as she can.
02:36:59 [Demitrius]: "...That, I don't know if it is an insult, or the truth."
02:37:00 [Varyis]: Damn it!
02:37:15 Varyis gets socked and staggers around.
02:37:19 Traeda laughs. "Well, stand up and fight me, human!"
02:37:30 Krest takes the glass, downing it quickly.
02:37:32 [Demitrius]: "How about.. I stay here... "
02:37:45 Demitrius rises to her hands and goes to sweep both her legs at Traeda's.
02:38:32 [Romas]: Perks of being a former slave, harlot. I will agree on the looks, however, though little do I actually care.
02:39:08 Traeda jumps over the leg sweep with a grin, before aiming a swift kick for Demi's head. "I can play dirty too, human."
02:39:21 [Bert]: Ladies, gents, no need to harbor animosity at the moment. The club is a place to make firends, not enemies.
02:39:26 Varyis wipes the blood from her nose, now clearly as angry as a woman during menstruation.
02:39:34 Krest laughs. "Yet theres a massive fight."
02:39:38 Demitrius is played dirty on and is kicked in the head, she rolls away near the vase, coughing; "A'ight, a'ight, I can't do this as a chick.
02:39:44 [Demitrius]: "You got this one, lass."
02:39:48 [Amethine]: Hmph! I'll make friends with some more drinks then.
02:40:13 Demitrius gets up, careful with the vase.
02:40:20 [Bert]: Doesn't seem any of the fighters are growing to hate eachother.
02:40:29 Demitrius puts her knuckles back on the belt, and staggers around the room.
02:40:36 Varyis aims a swift kick to Percy's gut.
02:40:38 [Krest]: True. Very true.
02:40:40 Traeda chuckles, turning back to the other three.
02:40:41 [Romas]: Yeah, a drink is the only thing you can charm here.
02:40:46 [Traeda]: Two.
02:41:00 Demitrius looks at Amethine; "Now, where were we. Ah yes, you complained none of us greeted you."
02:41:15 Demitrius looks at Bert; "Be a dear and put some coffee up. Oh, and I'll need a napkin."
02:41:18 Percy dodges back, catching the foot as it swings toward him and attempting to flip her by now rushing toward her, holding her foot.
02:41:39 [Bert]: Coffee... Looking to sober up I see?
02:41:41 Romas nodded to the coweled woman. "So you are one of the people who run this place?"
02:41:53 Amethine rolled her eyes at Romas's comment. She looks over to Demi. "Did I?"
02:41:53 Varyis is flipped over, and starts flailing, attempting to strike Percy.
02:42:00 Bert plucks up a scrap of clean cloth from the bar's many shelves, soon passing it back to Demi.
02:42:04 [Demitrius]: "You think I'll get -that- bent over from two glasses of whiskey and spiked sparkly wine?"
02:42:11 Claremont turns to Romas. The single burning eye on the front of her mask. "'Run'?" she repeats. "No, dear. I simply...Conduct."
02:42:17 [Claremont]: "Yes, that sounds more appropriate."
02:42:21 Demitrius catchs it, wiping her face.
02:42:26 [Bert]: The spike was rather rough, as you can tell.
02:42:38 [Romas]: Elaborate. What's this place really about.
02:42:38 [Demitrius]: "I had worse."
02:42:52 Asher rushes at Percy, attempting to crack her in the side.
02:43:10 Bert makes his way about, preparing a pot with coffee grounds. Once filled with water it would be set ofer a petite burner. "Worse doesn't mean this isn't bad."
02:43:29 Amethine yawns. "What's bad now? Hm?"
02:43:37 Claremont opens her arms as if to embrace the entire chamber. "This is the Catacombs," she said. "A place for people to indulge in what society views as perverse." The woman's eye turns up in a slight smile. "It is a place for you to be free."
02:43:38 Percy doubles back, leaning on the table and watching the blow miss right in front of her.
02:43:38 Demitrius takes her glove off; "Son of Lothar. Nothing on Azeroth can match up with that, trust me."
02:43:50 [Bert]: The sobriety or lack-there-of of the other patrons.
02:43:50 Varyis stands and jumps back.
02:43:55 Traeda leaps onto the table again, and then at Asher, aiming a kick to the woman's face with a battle cry.
02:43:57 [Claremont]: "But, if you want me to cut the rhetoric, it is a place for you to do all the filthy things that you normally wouldn't do."
02:44:02 Demitrius takes the other one, too, and holds her hand to Amethine; "Name's Demi."
02:44:11 [Varyis]: I THOUGHT IT WAS b***h!
02:44:41 Asher expertly brings her arm down to block the kick, holding hard against the attack.
02:44:47 Bert huffs a sigh, head soon shaking. "The yelling is beginning to grate my nerves."
02:44:48 Amethine shakes Demi's hand. "Amethine. I've heard of a Demi somewhere before, but I believe it was a man."
02:45:10 [Romas]: Hm, hole in the wall, huh? Suppose I can get behind something like that...
02:45:19 Demitrius smirks, he tries to pull her hand up to her lips; "It'll take more than the shenanigans of a witch to change a gentleman's heart."
02:45:37 Claremont reaches back and pulls a flaggon from the altar. "Would you like a drink?" she said, offering Romas the ale.
02:45:39 Krest is more or less into her drink, giggling.
02:46:00 Varyis tries to punch Percy in the face as hard as she possibly can.
02:46:28 Amethine 's face turns red as her hand is kissed by Demi. "Wait, what? Aren't you.. I'm confused.."
02:46:38 [Bert]: She's a he.
02:46:42 Percy ducks under the attempted hard facepunch, then rockets back up, fist aiming right for Varyis's chin.
02:46:47 [Demitrius]: "Well, currently, I'm a full she."
02:46:54 Varyis gets knocked back far.
02:46:55 [Demitrius]: "Down to the very little anatomic detail."
02:47:03 [Amethine]: What's the diff- Oh..
02:47:06 [Demitrius]: "But not more than a couple of hours ago I was a he."
02:47:16 [Varyis]: …d- Damn it…………
02:47:20 [Demitrius]: "The landlady, in her kindness, spiked my drink."
02:47:28 [Demitrius]: "In fact, four of the women here are actually men."
02:47:42 [Demitrius]: "Not as equipped as men, but men in mind."
02:48:02 [Demitrius]: "At least until Krest here loses his ability to control his giggling and permanently gains the mind of a teenage girl."
02:48:07 Romas takes the flaggon with a nod, lifting off the lid then took a sniff of the swill. "I heard rumors of some hoo-joo'd booze in this joint turnin' men into women. This wouldn't happen to be any of that junk, would it?" He said calmy yes somewhat
02:48:07 Romas assertivley.
02:48:09 [Amethine]: Define 'equipped'..?
02:48:13 [Demitrius]: "..Penis."
02:48:24 Bert turns about as the kettle of coffee whistles. The man busies himself with pouring out a cup and passing it to Demi.
02:48:33 [Varyis]: …Shit, anyone got any cotton? My nose is killing me.
02:48:34 Asher attempts one last time to kick Percy as hard as she can.
02:48:43 Demitrius tosses her washcloth to Varyis.
02:48:47 Amethine frowns. "Oh.. Okay.. Well then."
02:48:59 Krest laughs. "Oh shut up Demi."
02:49:04 Claremont stares politely at the man. "Why...You shouldn't listen to rumors, dear," she said. "They really are bad for your health."
02:49:04 Varyis then wipes her nose of the blood.
02:49:05 Demitrius takes her coffee; "But if that is what you look for right now, give me a few hours, and I'll come up with something."
02:49:08 Percy looks back to Asher, only to get kicked backward. She stumbles back, barely regaining her footing.
02:49:14 [Amethine]: Did any women change into men?
02:49:26 [Demitrius]: "No women were here when we came."
02:49:27 [Bert]: Not yet.
02:49:37 [Demitrius]: "Other than the landlady, and her... Pet orc."
02:49:38 [Varyis]: BULLSHIT!
02:49:46 [Krest]: No.
02:49:50 [Demitrius]: "You weren't here when we were turned, so shut up."
02:49:55 Traeda glances as Percy is kicked back, scowling. She slips in front of the human. "Nobody beats up Percy but me!" She yells, before aiming a heavy backhand for the human's face.
02:50:00 [Krest]: For some reason females didn't drink.
02:50:03 [Demitrius]: "Quite the attitude she has."
02:50:06 [Varyis]: THAT'S MY LINE!
02:50:26 [Bert]: The only females here when the turn happened was the conductress and her bodyguard.
02:50:30 Amethine hugs her chest. "I would like to stay the same. I like my girls. I can't imagine how I would be like if I were to change.. I mean.. That elf.."
02:50:32 [Bert]: Neither of 'em drank.
02:50:36 [Demitrius]: "As I said."
02:50:42 Asher easily throws her hand up to block the attack,"I just did, b***h!"
02:50:43 [Bert]: 'Xactly.
02:50:53 [Demitrius]: "Well, I reckon I like your... Girls, too."
02:50:53 Romas takes another strong sniff of the ale then passes the flask back to her. "All the fighting has put me off from booze at the moment unfortunetally."
02:51:10 [Demitrius]: "Not too impressed with my own, then again I -am- of a more athletic build."
02:51:11 [Varyis]: You will fail.
02:51:28 Demitrius tightens her vest straps even further, securing the pesky bulbs of lard.
02:51:37 Percy rushes toward Traeda, going, for the third time, a leap onto the table next to her and a flying kick toward Asher--Juking past Traeda.
02:51:59 Claremont takes the flaggon back. "A shame, dear," she said. "Though enjoy your fun in the bar, please. It is a fine place."
02:52:17 [Amethine]: I would hope they're liked. Well, that rude bastard didn't apparently. Hmph. When do you think you'll turn back?"
02:52:29 Asher grins and then frowns as he is sent away from the scene, sliding across the stone floor for a moment... And like the last time, just lays there... Waiting...
02:52:32 Asher lies down.
02:52:53 Bert looks across the way to Varyis. "Anythin' to drink?"
02:53:05 Demitrius pulls out her pocket watch; "She said any time between four hours and four days... Hmm... almost out of hours... Doesn't mean we can't have fun, though."
02:53:08 [Varyis]: Mead.
02:53:33 Demitrius sips from her coffee.
02:53:55 [Demitrius]: "I've never been a woman before, and I must say I -am- rather curious."
02:53:59 Traeda moves to grab the leg that was used in Percy's kick, before pulling forward and starting to spin, gaining momentum. If successful, she'd then throw Percy off towards the carpet and the other humans with a roar of triumph.
02:54:04 Bert nods, soon taking up a half-full bottle of honey mead. With a swirl of the contents he would soon pour it out into a mug, sliding it down to Varyis.
02:54:07 [Amethine]: You sure you didn't have enough fun already? I mean you did have a.. 'cat fight'..
02:54:11 [Romas]: Well if you insist, then I shall inspect this place a bit further.
02:54:16 Varyis takes it and drinks.
02:54:18 [Demitrius]: "And before that a cock-fight."
02:54:23 [Demitrius]: "I can fight all day."
02:54:32 [Demitrius]: "Whether as a man, as a woman, or as a goat, if I have to."
02:54:42 Krest laughs. "Demii, already trying to fight someone else?"
02:54:44 Demitrius looks at Elizabeth; "Don't -dare- get any ideas from what I just said."
02:54:52 Amethine makes a pokerface. "Okay."
02:54:55 [Varyis]: DO IT.
02:54:58 [Bert]: Too late there Demi.
02:55:01 Demitrius looks at Krest; "Krest, hey krest."
02:55:05 [Bert]: It's been done before. It'll happen again.
02:55:14 [Demitrius]: "Want to hear a funny word?"
02:55:22 Percy flies through the air with a yelp, crashing next to the carpet, next to Romas. She groans pitiful, raising a thumbs-down into the air before collapsing back onto the ground.
02:55:29 Percy lies down.
02:55:33 Claremont settles back at her alter and laughs softly .
02:55:42 Traeda stands on the nearby table and cheers victoriously. "Last woman standing!"
02:55:44 Amethine nods slowly.
02:56:01 Demitrius leans in to whisper in Krest's ear.
02:56:14 Romas claps excitedly for Traeda.
02:56:23 [Romas]: Congratulations.
02:56:27 Percy looks up to Romas, "Hey, buddy. Can I--urgh--Get a hand up?" She extends a hand upward.
02:56:34 Krest chuckles and nods. THen stands slowly, glancing over. ".. Eh? She won then?"
02:56:47 Traeda hops down with a chuckle, moving over to give Percy a hand up.
02:56:53 [Bert]: ...Didn't know you could 'win' here.
02:56:55 Demitrius leans back against the bar, sipping from her coffee.
02:56:56 Romas reaches down to pull Percy up.
02:57:03 Varyis | Soval says: ARF! (Damn elven woman, where hath my acomplice gone, NO MATTER! YOU WILL BE SUITABLE. FETCH ME SOME DAMN CHICKEN.)
02:57:03 Asher slowly stands up sighing, walking over to the table to collect her whisky... Slowly strolling to the bar, downing half of the drink in a single swig.
02:57:10 [Demitrius]: "Callypygian."
02:57:18 [Varyis]: …Who left a worg in here?
02:57:22 [Amethine]: What?
02:57:31 Percy stands up--Apparently from both--He nods to Romas and turns toward Traeda. Her eyes flicker with disbelief, but she finally smiles broadly and says, "Well. Fucking. Fought."
02:57:34 [Demitrius]: "It means having a nice arse."
02:57:41 Demitrius smirks at Amenthine.
02:57:45 [Varyis]: At least I have one.
02:58:05 [Amethine]: Not sure if there's too many of those around here.
02:58:08 Asher then sets the drink down and returns to poking her boobs.
02:58:12 [Amethine]: Or too less in your case..
02:58:15 [Amethine]: Maybe.
02:58:19 Traeda grins, before clasping Percy in a brief hug. "Sorry, I got a little carried away there." She laughs, before heading for the bar. "Where's my rum!?"
02:58:26 [Demitrius]: "I never focus on more than one at a time."
02:58:27 Varyis | Soval says: Arf. (f**k yo rum.)
02:58:43 [Bert]: Could've just asked for a rum... Give me a moment.
02:58:55 [Varyis]: Gaaaah.
02:59:21 [Amethine]: So..
02:59:32 Bert yet again reaches beneath the bar, filtering the contents of a rum bottle into a fitting mug. With rum brimming along the rum he would set it on the bar. "To the victor goes the spoils."
02:59:35 [Amethine]: All the 'women' are here. What now?
02:59:42 [Demitrius]: "What -did- you hear about me?"
02:59:46 [Bert]: Four of 'em ar men.
02:59:54 Demitrius looks at Amethine; "I'm always curious about such."
03:00:04 [Asher]: Now, we get naked and start running into the deeper parts of the crypt singing military tunes...
03:00:21 [Amethine]: I think it was a brawl over history.
03:00:21 Krest raises a brow. "Rum?"
03:00:35 Traeda grabs the drink with a smile. "Thanks, mate." She gulps down a quarter of the glass before moving over to Krest and slipping an arm around her waist. "Feeling alright, dear?"
03:00:35 Demitrius looks at Asher; "...Don't be a -weirdo-."
03:00:47 Demitrius looks at Amethine; "You mean that fight I had in Stormwind regarding the Arathi legacy of war?"
03:01:01 Percy folds her arms, giving Varyis a proud, knowing smile.
03:01:04 [Asher]: You think I was being serious?
03:01:10 [Varyis]: …The heck is it now?
03:01:12 Amethine nods at Demitrius.
03:01:18 Krest chuckles, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. She seems.. Wobbly. "I'm fine.. Perfectly fine.."
03:01:33 Traeda raises an eyebrow. "...You've been drinking."
03:01:45 Krest nods, giggling.
03:01:49 [Percy]: Oh, calm down. It was all in fun.
03:02:28 [Demitrius]: "The poor lad I fought with died."
03:02:44 [Demitrius]: "Not because of the fight. A terrible storm blasted a sharp piece of wood into his chest."
03:02:50 [Varyis]: …Percy. What in the hell.
03:02:59 Percy shrugs, arms still folded, "What?"
03:02:59 Traeda laughs, shaking her head. "Becoming a woman and having drunken brawls... and you didn't intend to invite me?" She pouts playfully.
03:03:02 [Demitrius]: "I got away with a fifteen silver fine."
03:03:16 [Varyis]: …How are you a woman>
03:03:29 Amethine winces. "That's terrible. I mean everything, not just the fine."
03:03:31 [Percy]: I drank spiked champaign.
03:03:40 Bert eases back from the bar. With a rather athletic hop the bartender would soon set himself ontop of a keg.
03:03:59 Krest blinks, and her face instantly turns worried. "B.. Bu.. I didn't know where you were... I'm sorry.."
03:04:01 [Demitrius]: "Yes, well. I was the attending physician when he died. Terrible mess, it was. fortunately, he was the only casualty of that storm."
03:04:29 [Demitrius]: 'But we mustn't dwell on such dire subjects. What brings you -here- of all places?"
03:04:33 [Percy]: I don't question it, Varyis. All I know is, I'm now extremely agile, very quick...
03:04:41 Percy throws a look back to Trae, "And apparently, very light."
03:05:04 Traeda grins, setting down her rum and wrapping both arms around Krest. "I'm sure you can find a way to make it up to me, dear." She glances back to Percy. "I swear to the Light my sister is heavier than you right now."
03:05:48 [Varyis]: Bah, I'm sure even this worg is heavier than you.
03:05:55 Percy looks back to Varyis, "Bah, I doubt it."
03:05:56 [Amethine]: I was about to say the same. I mean the dire subjects part. It kinda makes me want to drown myself in more drinks. I honestly do not have a true reason being here. I heard a rumor about it and decided what it was all about.
03:06:15 [Demitrius]: "Well, there you have it."
03:06:25 Krest blinks some. ".. How am I suppose to make it up to you?"
03:06:33 [Demitrius]: "..Krest. No."
03:06:37 [Demitrius]: "Just ... No."
03:06:40 [Varyis]: I'm surprised that nobody's tried anything.
03:06:45 [Percy]: Go for it, Krest. Go for it.
03:06:51 [Demitrius]: "Do you -both- a favor if you'll wait it out."
03:06:55 [Varyis]: Yes Krest.
03:07:14 [Demitrius]: "...Don't listen to the guy who spent the first half hour of his life as a woman PLAYING WITH HIS TITS."
03:07:22 Amethine mumbles. "Is it really that bad..?"
03:07:33 [Varyis]: They're not that spectacular.
03:07:46 Krest blinks, glancing around. He seems to have a faint blush on his face. ".. What am I missing..?"
03:07:47 Percy gestures toward Asher, "He's the one who did that. -I- just looked at 'em."
03:07:50 [Bert]: ...The hell is wrong with a kiss?
03:08:03 Asher continues poking her own tits.
03:08:07 Traeda laughs, glancing around. "Oh, hush. And no, they're not. Best use is a distraction, if you ask me." She looks back to Krest. "We should get you home, before you do something you'll regret."
03:08:18 Demitrius looks at Amethine; "I don't know those two humans."
03:08:25 [Varyis]: Whattttttttt.
03:08:37 [Percy]: Oh, stow it, Demi, I'm leaving too.
03:08:38 Varyis takes another drink.
03:08:49 Krest hiccups and nods. "... Alright."
03:09:05 [Demitrius]: "...Fine, I know Percy. But that weirdo over there.. Never met him before in my life."
03:09:18 [Amethine]: I don't- Okay. Whatever you say Demi.
03:09:57 Traeda slips one arm beneath Krest's legs, lifting him up as she turns around. "Percy, should I tell Gat about your little... transformation?"
03:09:58 Percy throws a look toward Varyis, "You want to come with me?" He pauses a moment, looking serious, before a sudden smile betrays the joke. "No, you'd probably murder me in my sleep anyways."
03:10:35 [Varyis]: Do it to Gat.
03:10:36 Percy blinks, an even bigger smile crossing his face. He looks back to Trae, "No. Just tell him that I left him a surprise."
03:10:37 [Varyis]: I dare you.
03:10:39 Krest blinks and is lifted up. Another first. "..."
03:10:58 Amethine blushes. "My feelings are confused by all this."
03:11:06 [Bert]: Tell me 'bout it.
03:11:29 [Demitrius]: "...-You're- confused."
03:11:37 [Percy]: At least he got some.
03:11:50 Traeda chuckles. "I'm sure Zara will be happy about that. See you when you're back on the boat." She turns around, heading for the exit.
03:12:02 Varyis gets an indimidating look on her face. "What was that?"
03:12:03 Krest is carried.
03:12:17 [Amethine]: You're a woman right now, you can't correct me until you're not anymore.
03:12:25 [Demitrius]: "...Granted."

Special thanks to Marianna for all the lolz and allowing all this!
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Well, that metamorphosis sounded creepy.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

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i am sea-bass
Now THAT was a fun brawl.
Sounds fun. :D

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
A big thing I thought we were against was gender bending when I was a GM. It didn't make sense, so we claimed.

... I suppose things have changed swiftly.

BRB, making woman who was once a man/man who was once a woman character.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
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Didnt we already have gender bending in the felfire club even while you were a GM Xigo?

And to the original post, all I can say is: lol.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
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That seemed like it was as crazy as TLE's event where people drank potions to change race/gender. Fun times. :3
(03-16-2013, 05:13 AM)mimloopen Wrote: Didnt we already have gender bending in the felfire club even while you were a GM Xigo?

And to the original post, all I can say is: lol.

I think I attended one, and only caught the end of it. Otherwise I didn't pay much attention to it.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Genderbend potions were ok with the crew for Felfire Club and TLE so long as it was temporary. I do not recall Kretol or Grakor saying anything against 'em.

Inb4 Jaredita vs Clover Brawl of the Century
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There's always a bigger fish...
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After reading this... I... what I can show you is my face.

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Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

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My face...

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Characters: To be added.
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I just don't even know what to think anymore.
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△Move along.△


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(03-16-2013, 06:19 AM)Clovis Wrote: Inb4 Jaredita vs Clover Brawl of the Century

[Image: iaza18016290526900.gif]


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(03-16-2013, 11:48 AM)Sol Wrote:
[Image: iaza18016290526900.gif]



[Image: 1Mnwj03.png]

Bring it, Richter.
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