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Gizmo Greenback [Goblin][Twilight Elementalist/Dark Shaman]
Player: Beltharean

Character Full Name: Gizmo Greenback

Character In-Game Name: Gizmo

Nickname(s): Giz / The Profit of Doom

Association(s): Bilgewater Cartel / Twilight’s Hammer

Race: Goblin

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: Gizmo has only recently begun controlling Elementals against their will in the hopes of gaining greater power, but still maintains his formal contracts with lesser elementals. This is in case he needs to use magic in the presence of another shaman, who would likely be able to feel the pain of the elements bent to his will should he choose to use their power. He is also a skilled engineer. His studies have primarily focused on explosives and hardware centered around the excavation and harvesting of minerals and ores.

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark brown and pulled into a pony tail.

Eyes: Pink

Scale/Height: 1.0

Usual Garments/Armor: Gizmo’s garb finds the unconventional middle ground between overtly affluent and functional, tailored in the styles of a dress robe, but made of leather and wool for maximum efficiency while traveling. Beneath this garb he almost always wears a hauberk of chain. Under that still, are odd black markings of what appears to be the scrawling script of a forgotten language.

Other: His glasses have an enchantment that make deposits of ore more visible to the wearer’s eye.

Personality: While Gizmo is good natured in general conversation, it’s quite clear that he’s out for himself. While generally polite in common conversation, aside from the occasional crass joke, he wouldn’t hesitate to throw his brother to the harpies if it meant he could earn a quick buck. He does have his own Objectivistic morality, but he’s willing to do things he would otherwise be uncomfortable with if the price is right.


Gizmo’s father was a failed sapper from the Second War, whose bomb was a dud; His reputation was ruined, and he came back to Kezan a broken man. He succumbed to drinking and gambling, owing debts throughout the docks to various figures who even most Goblins tried to avoid. He took his anger out on his wife and son, born shortly after his return from the war. He forced Gizmo to skip school, and work in the mines as a source of child labor, running gear through small shafts that the larger men couldn’t. Gizmo put up with the abusive foremen on a daily basis, trying to provide for his family what his father wouldn’t.

It was in the mines that he met a Troll Shaman some years later, who he would eventually build a rapport with. The shaman helped Gizmo lug his gear, and showed him how to navigate the tunnels where others would simply ignore him. He found out that the Shaman could speak to the Earth, and that it would guide him to the precious deposits of ore within. Through careful negotiating in his original contract, Gizmo had slipped in a clause that stated if the company were to fire him, he would need to be paid an extravagant severance sum. It wasn’t hard for him to come up with a reason for them to do so. After initial refusals and consultations with lawyers, Gizmo was able to collect his severance, buy the shaman’s freedom, and try to set up his own mining operation. His old foreman was so impressed with Gizmo’s cunning that he decided to hire the young upstart as a foreman in the former company, shipping him out to the Lost Isles with the intent of starting a new mine, his Troll companion close at hand; With the simple stipulation that he be granted his freedom.

Not long after this Gizmo’s father found himself drawn further into his gambling debts. Busy with the mining operations, and never having cared too deeply for his father, Gizmo pays the issue no mind. His father had never helped him, and he would return the favor. That is, until he’s told the gangsters that his dad is indebted to have taken his mother hostage. Gizmo’s agreement with the troll was that 35% of all his income would go to the shaman, in exchange for his service. He needed more money to pay his father’s debt however, and so, he did the only thing he could do; cut the Troll out. After years of watching him deal with and summon the elementals, Gizmo mixed the bits of the summoning spells that he remembered with an interdimensional portal array, summoning an Earth Elemental into Azeroth. At that, he signed his first contract with an elemental, and threw his former friend out on the street.

With greater income coming in, he was able to pay his mother’s way out, yet his father was not at all content. He was ready to hit the tables once more, but by this point Gizmo had had enough. After putting his battered mother to bed, he confronted his father in their kitchen. They argued, and Gizmo smashed him over the head with frying pan when it had come to blows. His skull cracked, his father died, and he was forced to dispose of the body. He threw it down into one of his mine shafts, and told his mother that he ran out in a drunken stupor, and never came back.

Gizmo returned to his job at the mine, taking in more personal profits than ever. As his social status rose, he invited his mother along with him into the isles, letting her stay in a room on his ship with her. She travelled about from mine to mine with him, eventually returning to Kezan on occasion to unload the unrefined goods for processing, and the occasional artifact unearthed during his digs. It was during this period of time that Gizmo had the unfortunate luck to unload his goods only moments before Mount Kajaro erupted.

In the chaos, he was thrust into a situation that he had so far been able to avoid; conflict, of the physical sort. In a clever twisting of the words in his contracts with the Elementals, he was able to defend himself during the escape from Kezan with the elementals he used to help him find ore within his mines. As the Goblins eked out their life on their near-desert isle, he spent his time slowly learning how to draw on the elementals for offensive abilities, writing contracts for fire, water, and air elementals as well.

It was during this time that a particular artifact that he had found within one of his mind shafts began calling out to him. A pendant of ancient design, with markings that he could not decipher. It gave him comfort during the trying times on the Lost Isles, and his thoughts turned from the sour reality that was his life now, to much larger things. To powers that he had never dreamed of controlling. His prior blindness was unfathomable. He had only considered the elements as business partners, too powerful and distant for the goblin to control in full, prone to stubborn streaks of independence not conducive to the meticulous industrial ravaging of the land... But now, he saw how one could control them. Contort their power to his will. He drew the incantations that poured through his mind in the sand, fading between unintelligible scribbles and proper words at will, only to be washed away by the sand to start again.

Where he saw genius, others saw madness. The heat had gone to him. He hadn’t been drinking enough water. He’s just hungry. We’re all hungry. Their arguing he could hear, a distant thing, too consumed in his work. All he knew, was that he had found a means to bend the Elements to his will. It would not be long before the Alliance and Horde would come, and take his people to Kalimdor, and while he initially resisted the notion, content now to live out his life on the Lost Isles, something nudged him toward them. The idea of traveling to Kalimdor seemed... Right. And once the Orcs had taken him to their homeland, there was only one place in his mind that he felt he needed to go. For whatever reason, his mind had set on Mount Hyjal.

When he arrived he was greeted by a gathering of men and women clad in the dark cloaks of the Twilight's Hammer, each from the far reaches of Azeroth, there for their own reasons. Upon seeing his pendant the group took him in, bringing him to the Ascendant's Rise. It was here that the ideas being stirred in his head were put into practice, mastering the wills of the tormented Elementals in the area. Earth, wind, water, and fire. Each bent to him in turn, and as their resolve weakened he grew stronger. He donned the coverings of the Hammer, and set to attacking Hyjal. Between battles he dons his old name and likeness, infiltrating the safety of the World Tree to try and convert more heroes to the cause of the Old gods.
"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~
I'd like to see some description of him actually joining the Twilight's Hammer if you'd like to keep that in your associations; as it is now, it's kind of a just "maybe he went to join up with them eventually" but it's not explicitly written.

I'm a little iffy on the pendant/suddenly understanding how to make a chaos generator because of it, but I'll leave that for a second opinion.
I'm not keep on the idea of a chaos generator in general, to be honest. I went looking for it's relevance to wow and found it just to be RPG fluff with no real in-game representation. It shows the gnomeish cloaking device, however once more the only part mentioning chaos energy or chaos generators is an RPG blurb on it.
Removed mention of the Chaos Generators, and added his arrival at Hyjal.

The Pendant is a Naga relic with connections to the Old Gods, which has and is still in the process of driving him mad. Since he had experience with the Elements already it tried to twist him into a Dark Shaman, but he wasn't able to control them on his own, so he was sent to Hyjal to learn there and fight with the Twilights.
"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.

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