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Gladiator Orgrimmar Pits!
Described IC in the Pride and Pit Prisons thread under Storylines, the Pits beneath the Orgrimmar Arena would be part lava and mountain, and part tunnels and cells. For this reason, after much looking around, the caverns in The Cauldron in The Searing Gulge have been selected. It'd rock if we could get this approved and rolling.

I'm thinking we could put a portal item, or just a port in the tunnels leading off from the Org. Arena. Maybe a portal for different levels or something. The main area of interest is a bunk room I found on one of the upper levels of the Cauldron Caverns. If you need to be shown where it is, we can port there and I'll show you.

Also, I'd like some NPC's thrown in there. A shop owner maybe, offering prison like gear, tattered shirts, harnesses, crappy torn clothes and ratty looking items. Also some NPC Gladiators to stand around for affect. I'd write up bio's for 'em to give it all some history and depth. A few tables would be good as well, that's really about it.
Please consider this, it would be so extremly, very ultumatly ,with out a doubt, for surely, indefenatly, fully, maxiumumly, urberly, deathly, extasyly asome to have an arena!!!!!!!
Also some dummies and monsters would be nice, A large seating arrangement might also be a good idea, what do you think? The monsters for like team fights or something, giving the players a choice of betraying thier ally, or aiding him until the fight is over, then they would be forcrd to fight. This is just one type of possible matches I...forgive me I get so exited, tell me what you all think?
Excellent idea! An in-game arena of sorts would certainly fit with a character concept I'm working on at the moment.

This should definately be considered.
What's with all the gravedigging lately?
Locked for forum necromancy. The Bard, please refrain from this sort of thing from now on. Consider yourself warned.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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