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[Gnome] Aily Whirlshift
'''Player:''' Dotsy

'''Character Full Name:''' Aily Whrilshift

'''In-Game Name:''' Aily

'''Nicknames:''' N/A

'''Associations:''' Gnomeregan, Ironforge

'''Race:''' [[Gnome]]

'''Class:''' [[Warlock]]

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Age:''' 47

'''Height:''' 2'9’’

'''Weight:''' 36 lbs.

'''Eyes:''' Blue

'''Hair:''' Pink

'''Skills and Abilities:''' Aily has years of training as an affliction warlock. While her skills are fairly average at best, she pours a lot of her time into theoretical knowledge on fel magic, rather than its practice and use. With that said, she’s knowledgeable, but cannot perform many of the higher difficulty warlock spells.

'''Usual Garments/Armour:''' Often dressed for the environment, Aily is rarely found wearing robes that one would see on a typical mage and/or warlock.

Aily is a very ambitious and diligent Gnome. Since she was young, Aily had always been more than willing to put in great amounts of effort into completing what she felt was important. Needless to say, this ended up hurting her greatly whenever she would fail in her endeavors. Even with that considered, Aily still persevered through many successes and failures in her life, minor and major. At the same time, Aily is also rather reserved in her demeanor. While she still shares a common Gnomish trait of eccentricity, she falls short of what is considered common for her race.

However, since she had been training in fel magic and its use, Aily's personality has taken a change as well. Along with her studious and quiet nature, she has become increasingly paranoid in the past many years. This stems primarily from her observation of the hatred for warlocks since the wars she took a part in. Aily's paranoia has led to her keeping her practice of fel magic a rather quiet topic of her past. This paranoia also stems from the very beginnings of fel corruption in her mind, occasionally having her fear even close friends for her safety.

Born in Gnomeregan, Aily was raised by her parents along with two brothers and another sister. Her family was economically troubled often; Aily and her family lived in a very poor state as her parents worked in one of the many workshops in Gnomeregan. As she grew up, Aily adapted to the typical life of a young Gnome and took to engineering like many others.

Amongst the many influences to young Aily, one of the instructors was also a practicing mage. Like any impressionable young Gnome, she was very curious into his work and would later properly ask if he would take her in as a student of the arcane as well. Initially, Aily's training required her to be away from home very often, which her parents didn't find too pleasing. To their dismay, Aily continued studying under her instructor.

At the dawn of the Second War, Aily was already a proficient mage. Because of this, she opted in joining the Alliance's armies to fight the encroaching Horde. Her first true taste of battle was in Khaz Modan as she fought with others to try to put an end to the invasion. During one of the first battles, Aily witnessed the ferocity of the Orcish warriors as one nearly had killed her. Instead, she was left wounded and was moved to Ironforge to heal properly. She spent the remainder of the war in Ironforge.

By the time of the end of the war, Aily was healing steadily and soon well enough to be released. At this point, she decided to not return to Gnomeregan. The relations she had with her family before the war had already been souring and she felt she couldn't face them once more. Instead, she stood in Ironforge and began work as an engineer with other Gnomes and Dwarves in the city. On her own, she made a modest living, and became largely independent while forging new relations with newer friends in the Dwarven city. For the next many years, she lived in Ironforge with little to no contact with her family back at home.

Before the Third War broke out, Aily soon set out to the Wetlands to the north of Ironforge. There, she hoped to offer her support as a trained mage to the town of Menethil. Leaving Ironforge behind, Aily soon made her way to the East in the first leg of her travels. On her way, she came across the town of Thelsamar near the loch of Khaz Modan. While approaching the town's main inn, she happened upon a Gnome that looked familiar to her. After some conversation, she revealed that be had been a friend of her father from decades ago in Gnomeregan. Aily quickly developed a friendship with the older Gnome. It came to her own surprise when she discovered his secret; her father's friend was a rather well-trained warlock. He quickly assuaged her first thoughts and explained how he has come to this point. After some convincing, Aily empathized with the older Gnome and their friendship continued.

It wasn't long after her realization when Aily came to him seeking knowledge on the demons which she had faced many years before in the Second War. He happily shared what he could with her to help her understand demons. This soon developed into full training when Aily agreed to set aside her planned journey to the Wetlands and pursue the knowledge of a warlock. The next several years of her life were spent towards this new pursuit in the hopes of offering her knowledge to assist in future problems with demons and the Burning Legion.

Many months later, and with the assistance of her new mentor, Aily summoned her own demon from the Twisting Nether. Immediately after, the two of them set about subduing the summoned imp, and came across an unintended consequence. It was around that time where Aily first experienced the invigorating feeling of fel magic coursing through her. Her greatest lesson was learned from then on; her mentor warned her of the much more potent chance of corruption than her previous use of arcane magic.

Many years later, during a practice in demon summoning, the Cataclysm was upon the world. The tremendous event broke their concentration and they lost their control over the demon. Through the ensuing chaos, Aily's mentor was killed by the demon and she was forced to face it on her own. After managing to destroy the summoned demon, Aily soon had to bid farewell to her late mentor. After a burial outside of the remains of the Loch, Aily set out to make sense of the devastation that had just occurred.

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