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Gnome "midulthood"
I was wondering two things!
1) Lethys has set up a School for mages, and I was wondering, Gnome Adulthood is at about 40, but what age would they get to be a "responsible teen", because I'd like my Gnome to be not quite an Adult yet, as he is very immature, so my question is, when does a Gnome reach the equivalent of 16?
2) Am I even allowed to play a few years under adulthood? I think it makes sense, a lot of real 16-year olds leave home, and in medieval sort of times, they'd be married and with their own home by then.

Edit: Turns out that parents are very over protective, I already know I live in Stormwind, so could I be allowed to go to "School" from there?

Thank you!

Edit 2: I'll leave this up, as someone may have other opinions, but I definately want qestion 2 and 3 answering. HOWEVER I have just learned that they recieve their "Surname" when they come of age, which is 16 in human years, 30-35 Gnome years. Thank you!
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