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Gol'Kosh.. [RC]
He gazes questioningly, uncertain how to answer the one person her could always talk to. Her form becomes ethereal, the grassy plains and hut that made up this heaven dissipating before his eyes, his hand tightly gripping the ghostly apparition's as an unknown force begins to pull them apart. Her voice was soothing, calming, as it always was. But the words that echoed from her lips like eternity brought with them a message that he tries desperately to ignore.

"It's not your time, brother...it's not your time..."

She kisses his forehead gently, his eyes betraying his confusion. Her mouth curls into a soft smile as she places the old, brownish helm on his head, speaking again with reverberated tone.

"Go now...be their champion. To those who have love in their hearts, protect them. To the wicked that would harm the innocent..."

She leans in and whispers softly to his ear.

"Feed them to your rage..."

He sits on what must be the ground. The room is a glow of pure white. She has vanished, but her words are still with him. His hate grows. She is lost again to him. A champion? He would crush the ones that wish to remove him from his paradise. But to do so, would go against her words. And those words are all that ever mattered to him.


The axe he wielded in life is not with him. It was a gift...a gift from the only one he loved. He had used it to destroy...to maim...to get trophies from those who had held him back. It was how he remembered her. In death, he tried his best not to relinquish it, but he failed. He could not hold on.

"Feed them to your rage..."

He understood her words. The axe was never his weapon. His hate was his weapon. Survivor's guilt had been his trigger. And all he wanted to do was to continue his mission to bring suffering to those who did him wrong. But her words echoed in his mind.

"Go now...be their champion."

He thinks back to the wolf mask. She had been wanting to show Tun'kar something in Shattrath. Something to help cleanse him of the hate. But she would never get the chance. And so another is finishing her work, knowing what he can become if he only learned to harness the thing that made him strong. Strong enough to face the army that broke him. Strong enough to pull himself out of the belly of the beast. Stronger than any other before him, or after other that would come after him.

"To those who have love in their hearts, protect them."

He sees the hunter's mask. The one he died protecting. The one who had the chance to run. The one who came back to fight at his side. He wondered if the hunter made it out. He wondered if the hunter knew what became of his axe. He wondered if his axe would still fulfill his whims if he asked it to.

"To the wicked that would harm the innocent..."

He knows it will.

Mugorim arrived at the lake. He had received a strange sensation that led him to the arena in Nagrand, getting stronger until it came across a large axe sitting in the racks. That same force pulled him away from the Stormshade campsite and into Terrokar Forest. Mugorim would set both his ovn axe as well as the new one down near the side of the lake, remove a few pieces of armor then tread into the murky water. Deep below, a part of a pointed helmet peeks out from the dirt, along with a metal plate with a Horde insignia on it. The corpse below is largely decomposed and partly eaten, divided in two parts at the waist. The abdomen of the corpse appeared to have been impaled multiple times. The Orc had clearly put up a fight before death.

Mugorim squints, the spirits mostly guide his way through the murky water. He swam close to the dirt and use his hands to shovel away at it, revealing more of the decomposed Orc. The armor of the orc has mostly remained intact, though very much rusted from the long time underwater. His flesh was largely consumed, and what is left has shriveled in the murky depths. Mugorim frowns at the sight of the once great Orc, but in the end gave the carcass a few tugs trying to dislodge it from what dirt he was unable to shovel away. The upper body pulls free, but the lower half remains in the soil. A closer look made it apparent that the body was bitten in half. Mugorim shakes his head, he would make his way to the surface with the upper half of the Orc.

Mugorim pulled the body onto the dirt, "What a gruesome death..." He'd comment to himself. After a few moments of inspection Mugorim would continue. "I wonder what makes you so special..." He'd dive back into the water and retrieve the lower portion of the body. Mugorim returns with the legs, he'd drag the whole body over. A sensation grew stronger as the body gets closer to the axe. Mugorim rubs his head, exhaling. "Yeah yeah I know, you can't wait to get back already..."

Mugorim placed the legs where they should be in proportion to his upper body, then lay the axe next to the body. Around the corpse were four totems, none active at the moment. Mugorim took a seat, he'd rub his hands together, then hold them both out over the body. Mugorim took a few deep breaths, his eyes slowly closing. With this, the totems would ignite with power, each representing an element: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Rays of power would channel from each totem into Mugorim's hands.

"Spirits, and elements alike. I offer now my body to be the conduit for the soul of..." After a pause, Mugorim speaks the name, "Tun'kar."

The body slowly began to mend, his flesh rebuilding around bone. At the place his body was separated, a thick banded scar appeared, as well as the places his body had been impaled.

"He is to be brought back, for his journey is far from over!"

A peaceful calm would overcome the scene, spiritual energies would dance through the air as Tun'kar's body was slowly healed. The strain placed on Mugorim's body was immense, his muscles contracting, his veins showing through his skin. The flesh began to finish healing as far as it would. As Tun'kar's spirit came to the place, Mugorim was overtaken with images of an orc camp in Lordaeron, of a female Orc's head on a pike, of the taunts of soldiers, and of Tun'kar raising a human skull in triumph. He sees a female Sindorei, placing a raptor tooth around his neck, and finally, the image of a large demon, a giant mouth in its abdomen, and as the demon gets closer, the image fades to black. Mugorim's head snapped from side to side violently as these images forcefully invade his mind. The totems began to dim with energy. Beads of sweat fell from Mugorim's arms, and upper body. As the images ceased, the eyes of the Orc open, and he gasped for breath, hands clenching his chest.


Mugorim lets out a sharp breath, lurching forward as Tun'kar's eyes open. Mugorim clenched his teeth in pain, grabbing at his abdomen. It'd be short-lived as he'd look up at Tun'kar. "Actually, it's Mugorim." He'd laugh and wince at the same time.

Tun'kar continued to gasp for air, his eyes falling on the shaman. He lunged at Mug with hands aiming for his throat "WHAT YOU DO TO TUN'KAR SISTER? WHAT YOU DO TO TUN'KAR? WHA--" His hands recoiled back to his chest as pain overcomes him, a grimace on his face. Mugorim would hold up a hand, "Relax. I've just brought you back to the dead, brave one." Tun'kar tried to stand, but his legs failed him. Still clutching his chest, he started to crawl towards his axe. Mugorim reached out to set a hand on Tun'kar's back. "Stop Tun'kar, you are gonna hurt yourself." Tun'kar growled "Stupid demons gonna hurt worse than Tun'kar. Stupid Orc gonna hurt worse than Tun'kar if try and sto--" The pain hit him again, stopping him in his tracks and making him curl into a ball. Mugorim shook his head. "You can barely carry yourself, how will you carry an axe into battle?" Mugorim would push himself up, his legs shaking, but he managed.

Tun'kar tried to answer, but the pain is too great. After a fit of pain, he seems quieter, more subdued. He asks "Why...why stupid orc take Tun'kar sister away?" He almost seemed to whimper as he says this.

Mugorim's face went from one of confusion to one of sympathy as he realized what Tun'kar was speaking of. "Your sister wanted to see you," Mugorim sighed, "But you could not stay with her forever."

Tun'kar remained silent. The next thing he said seems even more difficult than the last. "Tun'kar...need...Tun'kar....need help...from here."

Mugorim smirked if only a little, "Relax a little bit longer, we're not in danger."

Resurrected: Tunkar Skullkeeper
Killer: Large demon (puppeted by Zmon/LostStranger)
Date and Cause of Death: late December, 2011; Punted by an infernal, impaled by a small group of Felguards, and half-eaten by the stomach mouth of a large demon while trying to defend Kagrune and Kuavi.
Resurrector: Mugorim
Starting Date of Activity: March 10, 2013

Resurrection Drawbacks for Tun'kar

Short Term:
  • Heavy fatigue as his body gets adjusted to the world of the living again. As he was very active, it will take some time for him to adjust to his old level of activity.
  • Fear of demons. Tun'kar is normally very good at handling his fears, overcoming them with rage. But with the horrendous way he died, he will have a much harder time putting his fears aside, lending himself to the retreating that he formerly would formerly refuse (a lack of retreat is how he died in the first place).

Long Term:
  • His legs will occasionally give out on him completely, an after effect of his body being bitten in half.
  • Hate of demons. Tun'kar's fear will slowly be overshadowed by an extreme hate. This creates a complication with his mission, as his hate is why his spirit cannot rest, and he will have to deal with both the figurative demons of his past as well as his present ones.

  • Severe, debilitating chest pains and asthma-like symptoms that can pop up at any time due to the impaling that led to his death.
  • He may very well no longer be the strongest Orc there is, as no amount of push-ups will bring back his previous levels of strength. While still very strong, he is more likely to be outmatched by other warriors, and will have to learn to adapt in other ways if he wishes to fight the good fight.
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