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Gone for 3 days
I've been banned for three days due to my attitude. I tried to talk my way into one last chance, but nothing would do it. I guess I understand why this is happening, but my real life is going to be very difficult in the next three days and I might not come back if the situation gets worse. I'm sorry, but they wouldn't listen. There's nothing I can do.
Hate to say this, but this isn't really... the way to go about things, man.
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△Move along.△


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I didn't choose to be suspended, Rensin. It was out of my hands. I'm saying it how it is, explaining why I'll be gone, and saying that I tried but they did not listen. That is fact, it is what happened, and I hope to see you all in three days.

I'm also saying that I will try to come back, but my real life may or may not fall apart in the next three days, as RP was really the only thing holding me together. But if I'm still semi-okay, I'll see you guys in three days.

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