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Grayson's Merry Band of Dragon and Drake Slayers
[Image: 87hmvo6.png]

The purpose of Grayson's Merry Band of Dragon and Drake Slayers is simple; kill dragons. Although the recent attack on Stormwind by Deathwing was the first time Stormwind was touched, it is well-known that the Dragonflights have fought against Humans before. The Merry Band merely exists as a counter-active measure to the Black Dragonflight, and their sworn, under the form of the Blackrock Orcs. They will accept all who hold their goal, and seek purely to rid Redridge Mountains of the Black Dragonflight, establishing a defensive bulwark through which no Black Dragons shall be able to breach.

There are primarily two places within the organization that one can look for. They can either be on the Retrieval team, which is more focused upon the melee part of it. However, if they desire to become a Retriever, the must have a rapid form of transportation, preferably a flying mount. Otherwise, one can become a Blade. This name is fairly straightforward. Blade's are supposed to be decent melee fighters, who are not afraid to hold their own against opponents much larger.

More to be added as I go about. I'm slow at this, though. For now, I hope you like the picture.

TO BE ADDED; Purpose (with a bit of history), Jobs, IC/OOC rules & How to contact me. Lastly, I'll make it pretty.

More info can be found here. Original, unaltered picture found here.
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Purpose and jobs have been added! I also tossed in a note about how I intend to pretty the post up. However, I disdain all forms of artistry, and this will be happening last.
Today's event is going to be postponed until tomorrow. My family has a big dinner on solstice, and I'm also working on a computer.

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