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Grazbo Sticky-Mine [Gnome Rogue]
Player: Piken

Character Full Name: Grazbo Stickymine

Character In-Game Name: Grazbo

Nickname(s): 'Bo

Association(s): Gnomeregan Exiles, Alliance

Race: Gnome

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:
Wartime Tinker - Due to the near-constant state of war that the world seems to be in, Grazbo has learned to create many contraptions that aid war efforts, directly or indirectly. How effective they are? Goes by a case-by-case basis. He does also like making little trinkets and the like, as well.

Anti-Trogg Specialist - Grazbo has spent countless hours after the Fall to learn better ways to destroy these rocky creatures as swiftly and safely as possible; studying their psychology and movements, attitudes and how they react to different things so he could better learn how he could invent means to deal with them effectively.

Trapper - After spending many years pranking and setting up innocent traps for his friends and family, that skill has slipped into his more dangerous work. And he greatly enjoys it. He dislikes direct conflict and chooses to have outside forces deal with his enemies. He'd rather have dirt on his hands than blood.

Age: 76

Sex: Male

Hair: Short dark pink/light red hair on his head and a thick moustache creeping across his face.

Eyes: Dark green

Scale/Height: 1.0

Usual Garments/Armor: 'Bo's a fan of looking nice and professional when dealing with business affairs or visiting the capitals, always good to make an impression. When he's out in the field, either for research and study or being forced into an armed conflict, he dresses lightly for quick movement. More specifically so he can run faster and get away.

Other: He's usually carrying a tool box at his side and has a backpack that can fit at least the bare minimum of equipment and explosives/inventions.

Personality: 'Bo's a pretty level-headed Gnome. He's got that eccentric, trying-to-think-outside-the-box Gnomish look on problems and inventions way of handling situations(not always a good thing), as well as the stereotypical optimistic outlook on conflicts, choosing to look to the positive and good-side to keep himself and others motivated. He loves his inventions dearly, always trying to make improvements to old ones and come up with new ones. Though, he's not all smiles and giggles. Like others of his race, the fall of Gnomeregan still weighs heavily on his shoulders and while he will keep that happy, optimistic tone, he is deeply saddened by the loss of home and life. He's not too keen on arguing with those of his faction, or even ones who aren't! Except Goblins, he'll argue with them. Troggs are a creature that will bring out the absolute worst in him. He has an extreme hatred towards the beings that raided and helped destroy his home and he works on projects to specifically target Troggs and kill them in the most efficient ways.. More efficiency means more kills.

History: Grazbo lived a simple Gnomish life, really. He was born to a couple of tinkering parents that was keen on large feasts with relatives. Apparently his father spent much time with the Dwarves and took a liking to their feasting and drinking and his mother kept him from going overboard with inventions to try and help cooking and 'enhance' the eating experience. All-in-all, things were very calm for the beginning years of this particular Gnome's life. He grew up as an ambitious but mischevious lad and that's even how he earned his own surname; a prank that 'enhanced' one of his family's big feasts. He created a device that when triggered would release an adhesive that stuck those in the blast radius to the ground and stuck the entire family's feet to the ground for a good half a day while he struggled to make an agent to dissolve the adhesive. But the 'stickymine' was a success!

Fast forward some and the Wars were starting on the surface. He was still in that young age of wanting to prove himself so he was one of the Gnomes who volunteered and went to the surface to aid the Dwarves and Humans in whatever way he could. His 'stickymine' came into use here and there, but he spent much of his time being a maintenance Gnome. This was his first experience with any type of battle and when he returned home, he still had that Gnomish happiness but there was the slightest difference about him. He had just.. matured, you could call it.

This was when troubles were starting Gnomeregan and at first, there was just some fighting but things escalated quickly. His family was far enough from the fighting where they could still live in their homes and his father gathered a feast, to help keep things alight in dark times, he said. During the feast, there was an explosion nearby and signs of fighting; the Troggs had reached them! There was no time to flee so his large extended family, numbering about twenty, including children, barricaded the building and all those able were armed with whatever they could find. Grazbo was one of those lucky individuals. Their makeshift barricades lasted some time but would soon fall to the rocky beasts and in came the wave. The Sticky-Mine, along with many other inventions his family had at their disposal came into much use, delayed the Troggs while the Gnomes could strike. A bloody melee ensued, Grazbo seeing his beloved family get torn apart by these savages and the Gnomes had to run into the house after many were slain. But their luck took a turn for the better, as the Gnomish security forces arrived to take the Trogg's attention off of the family so they could be evacuated. And so Grazbo went back into battle for the span of the Fall of Gnomeregan, helping where he could and doing his best to save as many lives as he could.

He had already lost half of his relatives with the attack on their home but he would only lose more in the time to come. Other relatives stayed in what was supposed to be a safe haven but when the bombs fell, it only proved to be their graves. The rest of his family and himself were able to escape the destroyed and irradiated city, moving with the surviving population to the Dwarves in Ironforge. In the time to come, he went back and forth between Gnomeregan and Ironforge to help with the evacuation and would see the horrors of his own people becoming leprous maniacs as well as the Troggs slaughter any they came in contact with. When procedures had ended, Grazbo still had a burning hatred for those rocky abominations and he began going out on excavations with the Dwarves, hearing that they ran into the creatures frequently.

For the years to come, this Gnome spent much time studying the Troggs in all manner of ways, as well as beginning a sort of knowledge-trade between himself and others. Buying and selling and trading of schematics that seemed worthy of study. It was a gamble, but it could be worth the risk. He sold his inventions as a business, but also donated the more violent ones to the Gnomish and Alliance armies, wanting to help support the war effort in some way at least. After the Cataclysm, he now travels, searching for worthy knowledge to trade as well as inspiration for his next big project.
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