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Greetings, Back, Question on character choice. Talk to me :D
Hail CotHians!

I am a returning rplayer but have to rerollol. >;+) That is fine and dandy, I suppose. But I wanted to get some feedback or ideas on an issue I am struggling with.

Do I (A) create a new character (same name would be used, Rogue, Political character) or (B) "revive" my old character (Paladin) as a Death Knight?

Since I've been out of the loop for quite some time, what is going on in the World of CotH? May previous character's home was Theramore and I was trying to stimulate RP there. Is there much in that area? I really like that place for some reason.

Any ideas are welcomed.


Mhmz, I'll leave the first two questions up to you as I don't think I've ever RPed with you.

Regarding CotH ; Not much, GMI turned into an big cave with Onyxia flying in it (OOC Cave), RP in Booty Bay is still consistent but other zones get love as well. Theramore is admittedly a dead place, there is never happening something there. ^^ But hey, if you go there, I'll find a toon and join in.

Oh, and prestiges are no more. It's a free system now in which you can claim nearly everything. There were some things denied but can't recall what exactly out of my head. You won't get roll bonusses, custom skills or armor and all that stuff though.


Not sure what else to write really, welcome back. CotH is still CotH, just a bit altered with OOCness.

Edit; And derp. Welcome back!
Awesome. >;+)

I read some posts/discussions on DK's "Are they alive or undead or unliving or etc..?" but my questions is has there been a final decision for CotH? If I go DK, then I would want to be 'living' to some extent. I know people say this or that. Are DKs accepted in most societies or still have the social stigma?

The reason I would like some ideas on going DK or Rogue on my "reroll" is because I have 2 very difference storylines developing in my head. Also, if there are certain things going on in CotH may help me decide. Is there much room for a political manipulator?

All DKs on the server are now Undead. source

You can take a look at the "Server News" sub-forum if you want more information on some recent policy changes.
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Thanks, though I enjoy the class I'm not sure if I want to be undead.... yet. >:+P

I'll have to think on this some more. Too bad there isn't a Frost Knight prestige that may allow you to be living.

On that note, prestiges are no more.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
So all of the special classes on the wiki are null and void or has the process changed?

Most of the old "prestiges" are still available since we play by a "free form" thing now. 80% of the old list of prestiges were variants of base classes to begin with and have representative skills in the spell-books as it is. Witch Doctors, Far Seers, etc.

So you can simply profile everything now without a prestige process. There's also an addition to the profile template: Skills and Abilities.

Basically, you can play more diverse character concepts off the bat.
Danke, danke.

I just read that on a thread. Sorry for missing it and thank you for posting it here. Trying to play catch-up.

I may go with a rogue base class even though mechanically I enjoy the DK more. Being undead isn't that appealing for my main, though it has always been an idea of killing him off and having him become a DK. Conceptually a Rogue seems to be the most appropriate class but never been all that much a fan of playing as them.


EDIT: Started a WIP for my character and I welcome feedback or ideas.

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