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Greetings and all.
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Well, I'm a down to earth chap who's interested in progressive and experimental roleplay. I like preparing scripts and writing out drama, and know that in-game even if I'm just a player, good roleplay is in my hands. I mix, mash up, and make some dubstep and D&B tracks and play at local clubs on the weekends where I reside and apart from work, I'm into cooking...also I'm part of an English literature club.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I'm from the Falkland Islands, British territory near Argentina. I speak both English and Spanish as a first language (which sounds weird since most people begin with one and then adapt another) but I grew up exposed to both and speak them both comfortably. I currently live in Mexico City, but I've been all over Europe and the Americas.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I started with Warcraft 3 to be honest, and then I went back and played them in order. I once made a little personal campaign covering the Horde's corruption in Draenor bringing them in through the Dark Portal but it was incomplete. I'm relatively fluent in the lore, specifically racial lore.

What made you seek our server over others? (Or how did you find us?):
I looked you up on Google. I just got everything hooked up in order to play, I'm really psyched.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I played new World of Darkness for a loooooooooooong time on a chat, and began running my own games. Then I briefly tried some high fantasy settings, and eventually stumbled upon WoW after trying to quench the thirst of my adolescent fantasy of getting to play (without the obvious downside I won't mention.)

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
You're going to loathe me, but I really like the Blood Elves as a race due to all the drama behind them, the nationalism involved, and the harrowing trail they're on into an uncertain future. Not because they're pretty. Mages I like, simply because they represent all things fantasy and I prefer to play discoverers who study the world or a subject as if a science.

What are your expectations of this server?:
Socialising, making friends, and having fun. Also I would love to give back to the server somehow to show my appreciation for the great thing you've got here.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
The fact that rp is modded to an extent and faithful to the lore.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
Okay, I'm just going to spit something out on the spot and kind of make things up as I go but...here's a character concept which stories could easily be based around. I hope nobody has a problem with this.

Vicks had served the Kirin Tor not only as an adept wielder of the Arcane in the service of the Alliance but also once as lorekeeper and field researcher, studying the various intelligent lifeforms occupying Lorderon for pretentious humanoids which showed potential capabilities of manipulating the flow of the Arcane. In his research few results came up, as most of the “sub-forms” of magic he had uncovered in his investigations were difficult to recreate and therefore classify. In very few cases he received sanctioned permission to sequestrate humanoids such as Forest Trolls and Ogre Magi to learn there secrets of said 'Voodoo' and 'Spirits', but what did result as fruitful was his gradual study of the languages of such beings which assisted him in further understanding the races that share the continent. It wasn't when Dalarn fell and Vicks was slain and risen once more but rather when the Lich King's powers had waned and the Forsaken emerged with the Dark Lady in command that Vicks had realised his Magnum Opus.

With the help of his assistant (who I needn't mention is quite stunning for a putrid corpse), the governing forces of the undead have granted Vicks a laboratory and permission to work in the study of new weapons for the Undead military. He has so far constructed a number of the Undercity's patrolling Abominations, but rumours go further that he has begun projects of crossing species of intelligent lifeforms to great a new breed of warrior for the Horde...or is it that he seeks ways in reviving the victims he now abducts and puts to the blade in order to add variety to the Forsaken? Perhaps chemical warfare is his things. The rumours are abundant, and recently it's rumoured that he has been dispatched to Kalimdor to further both of his living studies and continue his research for new weapons to serve the Forsaken.
(Sorry if it sounds silly, but it was a free form write up. I can do better with some brainstorming!)
...Is secretly Cho'gall, bringer of your doom...
Hello there TransientGuest, and welcome to CotH.

If you haven't done so yet, it's worth glancing over our Wiki to take a look at the rules, see our guidelines for making a character and perhaps even look over a few approved profiles while you're there.

I'll never understand you self-hating elf-lovers. Embrace it, it's fine!
Thank you for the story, too!

I hope you enjoy your time here. Do feel free to PM me if you have any further queries. I'll try and answer to the best of my ability.

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