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Greetings from Runder
Greetings Rper's

My name is Alex and i would like to join this server.

I have read the terms and agreements and i will follow the rules. I always look them over since a couple of bad experiences.

I found this server from browsing one of the top 100 servers. This was the only Rp server there and i have browsed some of the stories and this seems a great server.

I first tried Rp when a friend had recommended it to me on Guildwars and Everquest. I have been hooked ever since.

I found the holy game World of Warcraft through a friend from school. I used to go round his house most nights and one time he was playing. It looked cool, he made a character for me and i spent most nights over his house. Ah good times *smiles to himself.

I like to play most character's. My preference would be a Tauren druid since i like the aspect of being able to Tank, DPS AND heal. I also like to play Shaman's since i find them very fun to play and of course i have to play them as a Troll. There is NO other option for them.

I love to play the outcast who no one knows alot about, but secretly is a good fighter, Or i like to be the outgoing arrogant fighter :P. (Im good at showing of ;) )

I don't care what kind of Rp it is. I love any kind. Wether it be Lore or compltly made up!

Apart from Wow ad school i hang around with friends, i love going to gigs and rocking out in mosh pits 8)

And finally i WILL follow the rules as best as i can (in which i mean i WON'T do anything against the rules)

I hope you will accept me as i have been searching for a good rp private server and i think i may have found one *cough cough *
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Have you hugged an orc today?
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Yeah sorry. I type fast and sometimes it can go completely wrong. But i will try and type as best i can.

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