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Greg O'Rourke [Worgen Hunter]
Character Full Name: Greg O'Rourke

Character In-Game Name: Greg

Association(s): Gilneas, the Alliance

Race: Worgen

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

Doing fine, without a pet : Greg never had a thing of having a pet to take care for, even when he was older. This allowed him to develop his survival skills further as he would otherwise have had to use the time for that to take care of a pet.

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Hair: Unkempt hair that were braided into two tails to hang over his shoulders with a matching van dyke moustache and piece of hair on his chin. The hair on his chin turns white while his two braids remain when he turns.

Eyes: Shady auburn, they change to a fierce red when he shifts to his other form.

Weight: 8'

Height: 328 lbs

Usual Garments/Armor:

Greg likes to dress in supple armour that does not rip, break or otherwise gets worn down to not be repaired at all when he transforms to his more bestial side. The tribal tattoos that he has are turned into white fur when he shifts.

Other : He still bears the heavy Gilnean accent.


Solitude in the Gilnean woods with his friends made Greg think and act for himself while taking care of his friends too, this would allow him to enjoy life more easily while not forgetting his hard-working and dour attitude of being a Gilnean. He's by far not of fond for receiving gifts of any kind, he does use a form of betting to get things he could get as a gift but instead puts it up as the stake. After his training with the huntress on Darnassus came to an end, he decided to make a fortune of his own as the world is filled with new opportunities.


Greg O'Rourke was born to two loving parents in a humble village near the edge of a forest in the Northern Headlands. He grew up to be one of the kids that kept to his own, taking up apprenticeship to his father when he was only six years old. Learning how to survive in the forests and hunt for meat, handy plants and more. Being a single child also brought its perks; he was allowed basic education that consisted of basic manners, writing, reading and first-aid to wounds. During the writing and reading classes he wrote down the knowledge his father passed down on him, to proudly share with his fellow classmates. Which in the end were more interested about the cool things he learned, like making different campfires and how to build a shelter. This soon made him popular with most other children, when his father finally gave his consent to also teach five of Greg's best friends his popularity dwindled and the group of five friends remained.

All of this left him out of the scope of news beyond the boundaries of the forests and his village. The only news that came by were the things told by the tax collector when he did his round. At some rounds the tax collector needed more money. When Greg asked him about it, he never said much and this caused him to ask the reason with his parents. They explained to him it was for safekeeping the future of Gilneas, but his parents well knew enough where it was for ; to keep the internment camps running while they were being used. Greg only learned the real truth once he was old enough to understand.

Some years passed when he and his group of friends grew closer the longer they stayed out in the wilderness of the forests. By the time they realized about the Northgate Rebellion, they all hurried home to keep the village safe as the small group of guards was only there to help the tax collectors or preserve order when required. This left their village out of harm’s way while also remaining fairly neutral throughout the conflict. Once things settled down he and his friends chose to keep watch on the village when the time was required. Otherwise they would be out hunting and gathering in the forests to provide for their families.

When the first howl and growls were heard in the distance, Greg had no time to check on his friends. Once he reached his village all that remained where corpses on the city square and the burning houses, he saw both of his parents impaled on the fence in front of his burning house. He remembered seeing some guards flee for their lives earlier he still believes to this day that they were the ones responsible. He then sunk on his knees there and remained so until his friends returned as well. Once his last friend arrived, the trap setup by the Worgen was sprung. They were outnumbered two to one but they managed to fend off their attackers, all unlucky enough to contract the curse too. When they were found and discovered they bore the curse, all of them were separated once they were there to be cured. On the day they administered the cure, the only thing it did was give them their sanity back. Soon enough they all made a daring escape and went straight to Tal'doren. There they learned to further balance the curse, Greg learned it sooner than his friends and given his curiosity about the Kaldorei crafted bows he was offered to be taught by a huntress. Though, the price of being taught meant to head to Darnassus.

Once he decided and some consulting with his friends, he found someone who used to be a tattooist when stumbling around Tal'doren. He had a request to have tribal tattoos on his chest, back and arms before he went to Darnassus. It was granted as it was to remind him of his past, so he could show always that he's still the Gilnean before he got cursed. In Darnassus he learned the finer workings of survival and using his bow, his early affinity for both meant that he could move on to the more advanced techniques. This did not take long for him to master. Still not fond of being a Worgen he was sent out to the forest of Darkshore to fend for himself in his bestial form; this was also the end of his training with the huntress as she taught him all she knew. From there he learned to come at peace with his new self and set out back to the Eastern Kingdoms once he got himself some armaments and apparel to go by in.

Once approved, could it be wikified like this profile?

[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...
I hope it does not bother you, but could you specify whether the height and weight corresponds to his human, or worgen form? You do not need to list both weights/heights but it would be useful to know which form they belong to.

Quote:Not knowing where the increased taxes were for too until he heard it from one of his friends. Who explained in her own imagination filled way. Hardly believing the picture she drew before his eyes he got the truth from his parents the same night. He was still too young to understand of the internment camps and who these Orcs were and how they came to the world.

The phrasing here is a little awkward and this paragraph would benefit if you change the wording to make it more clear.

Quote:Once he reached his village all that remained where corpses on the city square and the burning houses, he saw both of his parents impaled on the fence in front of his burning house.

I'm a little curious because I don't know Gilneas well, but did someone impale his parents? Were they doing this as a thing when the curse broke out? I'm just curious.

Quote:On the day they administrated the cure, the only thing it did was give them their sanity back.

“Administrated” should be “administered.”

Initial approval!
Rephrased the first bit and fixed the spelling error!
Cleared up the second bit, the guards did it to prevent survivors of the Worgen raid to become Worgen themselves.
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...
Heh, you learn something new (don't have a retail account to play the worgen questline).

I'm ready to pass as soon as I know if his height/weight is for worgen or human form.
Weight and height is for the Worgen form.

If required, I will add weight and height for Human form as well.
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...
You're going to have to do the extra wiki formatting yourself, I'm afraid. It shouldn't be too hard to pick up, and then make some pictures/fill in the extra information on your own!


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