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Grenkard Forgan [Undead Death Knight]
Player: Wedny

Character Full Name: Grenkard Forgan

Character In-Game Name: Grenkard

Nickname(s): Gren

Association(s): The Regiment, Khaz Modan, Ebon Blade

Race: Undead Dwarf

Class: Death Knight (previous, warrior)

Age: 202

Sex: Male

Hair: White

Eyes: Light blue

Scale/Height: (Scale range between 0.85-1.15. Height optional.) Scale 1.05 Height : four foot ten inches

Weight: (Optional) One Hundred and Ninety Three Pounds

Usual Garments/Armor: Normally found in the garments first given to him by Arthas as The Lich King, as to remember his brother and sisters that have not broken free of The Lich King's reign, or those who did not survive to see it.

Other: Battle Garments worthy of his rank and prestige in The Regiment.


Personality: Although Grenkard had been raised by his parents to have a strong respect for the rest of the Alliance, Grenkard has trouble trusting the humans because in their heart there is always something they can be bribed or bought with. Growing up with the training of a blacksmith has given Grenkard a lengthy patience as to hold the "trigger" until he has all facts and loose ends down. Being free of The Lich Kings cold chains of slavery, Grenkard harbors a deep seated hatred for the scourge, be it a plague-infested rat of Stratholme or a Valkyrie Battle Maiden of Icecrown! Being in fear of his lands safe keeping, Grenkard is willing to put himself on the line as to ensure the continuation of his people's history. But, when his land of Khaz Modan is in mortal danger, Grenkard is more likely to kill himself before allowing orders, which would have Khaz Modan's well being, in mind to be broken. Having been through the gates and cold embrace of death once before, Grenkard fights with an essence of valor and strength as to never have to experience it again.

History: Grenkard was born in the small town of Brewnall village west of the frozen lake of Dun Morogh. Combat was nothing new to Grenkard, Dun Morogh, at the time was still ravaged by the War of The Three Hammers and the land itself often chose to strike against the town. From a young age, Grenkard had been trained using a long spear made of steel, usually forged by his own hands. While he toiled over the nearby forge of Kharanos for work his mother and father worked with the frozen lake as novice fishermen. As a Young man growing up he was astounded by Gnomergan, and often spent his time when we was not at the forge building little things such as small dynamite sticks from schematics he had bartered for from a couple of gnomes that had escaped from Gnomergan that called Kharanos their new home, never actually going to explore the, as he later found out, city until years later.

At the age of 38 Grenkard bid his farewells to his family and friends and began his journey in search for a town he had heard been built in the area of Loch Modan. Upon his arrival to Thelsamar, Grenkard quickly found work making weapons and fixing armor for the militia created to defend the massive wall known as the Stonewrought Dam. Being apart of the Militia, Grenkard had quickly gain training with his pole arm, defending the dam from beasts such as Trogs and the Dark Iron Dwarfs. From there he continued his various combat trainings, becoming skilled not only with his pole arm but also with dual one handed maces. Awhile after a few years and many broken bones with the growing might of the militia of Stonewrought, Grenkard left the forces of the Stonewrought militia and perused a larger organization, The Regiment.

After assisting with a successful defense of loch Modan from an army of orcs with one of the companies of The Regiment, Grenkard knew he had found his place. He had hoped to become more then just a foot soldier for the regiment, but it was not until he was of the age of 73 that he had began to rise within the ranks of the regiment. By the time his application for advancement to the NCO ranks was accepted, he was 93 years of age.

By the time The Second War had come around, Grenkard had become a Colonel, a high-in-command of The Regiment, only succeeded by General Koris Frirdon and Brigadier Thaim Wodanson. In The Second War, The Regiment remained a protector of Khaz Modan defending the borders from the orcish assaults from the south.

Much sooner then expected, the borders became almost impossible to defend. The orcs attacked more frequently and with greater numbers to the point where the dwarfs were forced to retreat from Loch Modan and to lock themselves into Ironforge. Even though they were not defending a lot of land, The Regiment kept their forces in the front lines and patrolled constantly thought out the entire city. At one attempt of the orcs to break the gates, the General Koris, was slain by a rogue catapult shot and after the fight, was given a burial in front of the gates of Ironforge where he had fallen. The orcs were finally cleaned out of the dwarven land with much help from the humans. The dwarfs noted a debt to the humans, a debt that The Regiment intended to fill whenever requested.

Grenkard was Brigadier for a short time after the battle before the demise of The Regiment came around, The Third War. As the human kingdoms requested aid from the dwarfs, The Regiment was sent out immediately to help combat whatever threatened their land or their allies, thought they were not prepared for such a threat as the undead. The plague swept across all kingdoms, either killing most of the populations, or worse, including full companies from The Regiment. Grenkard was one of the few not sickened and were taken along with the new general, Thaim Wodanson, and traveled towards the end of the Lordaeron kingdom, at the borders between what is today the Eastern Plague lands and the Ghostlands. Determined to stop Arthas' forces before they could wreck havoc any further, Grenkard was ordered to close off the pass using his men. Although the heart was there the strength was not, The Regiment was decimated under the march of undead, and Grenkard himself was raised as a death knight.

Grenkard was freed of the Lich King's control after the battle of Light's Hope. Instead of venturing on into northrend to exact vengeance with his brothers, Grenkard decided go into hiding in fear of being not accepted back into Ironforge as a death knight. Grenkard became disheartened after learning that most of his brothers in arm moved onto other militias or began work as swords for hire a short while after General Thaim Wodanson had been slain along side him.

He had eventually gained word that The Regiment had began to recruit new members once again for the defense of Khaz Modan while he was visiting his home village, which had been changed by the many years of hard weather, troll and bandits assaults. After gaining word and direction to the recruitment center from one of the Ironforge guards, Grenkard has now rejoined The Regiment under, by his surprise, the lead of General Thaim Wodanson, one of his brothers of the Ebon Blade.

(Edited to fix title error)
Yo! I enjoyed reading this. I just need to make sure that his rank of Colonel only grants him power with in the Regiment - just let us know in a post here, no need to edit the profile. Apart from that, just give it a once over for little things like missing capital letters (loch Modan, for example). Don't worry if you don't get them all, though. :)
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
The rank of Colonel is completely within The Regiment, and it was only at said rank because Grenkard was one of the three founding members back when it had started, and unfortunately a few months after i had to get off of all WoW for school, and then later for my time in service hah... So, im back again and looking for his acceptance :D

P.S. I'll get started on the read through and corrections now.

P.P.S. Im glad you enjoyed reading it, it was alot of fun coming up with it too!

Gone through and done a bit of correcting and i do believe it is finished!
Pssst! One more tiny thing!

You needn't include Alignment and Skills & Abilities if you don't have anything under them, since they're optional. So, feel free to take those out.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Awesome haha, i just didn't know if it was to be modified from the original post (meaning from the template) or just left blank... Thank :D
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
Vundibar! Greatly appreciate it!
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