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[Guild] Universal Trade Union.
Or in short. U.T.U.

Got a merchant with no clientele to sell things to? A miner with no blacksmiths to sell his ores to? Anything related to IC money, TRP/GHI items that isn't working out?

This is where U.T.U would step in. The Universal Trader's Union, a neutral guild for both Horde and Alliance people. The idea is that it houses anything related to IC money, from honest merchants to shady slave-dealers with my good ol' honest Mel taking a profit from the things sold.

What would you get for paying her?
- Events regarding bazaars, auctions and such to hopefully allow people to sell their wares. (To any GM reading this, I'll be in touch to hopefully acquire some more expensive, rare items to sell at these auctions as bonus)
- Shady backdoor dealings which would be harder to find ICly, and while possibly lethal (though I hope not), could be more profitable.
- A place to purchase actual goods at, from furniture to poison. Slaves to weaponry. Fish to booze. Anything that can be produced or harvested, can be sold.

Would there be interest in such a organization that would try to give gatherers and producers a connection point? (And to make Meline rich in the process?)

Three restrictions so far that I am thinking of;
- To deal with anyone in U.T.U, IC currency talks. Don't got it? You are broke.
- Provide as much GHI/TRP items as possible, so people actually get something to use in return.
- You don't go about boasting on how you sold illegal goods. The guards will have your rear in the stockades in no time. (Alliance side at least. What is it they would do on the Horde side?)

People in the guild would not -have- to be neutral per se, though it's bad for their own business if they beat the crap out of each other instead of selling their wares at a neutral location. With enough interest, I could look into faction specific events. (Hell, maybe I can acquire some false ambassador paperwork to let Meline walk 'safely' through Horde lands to set these things up. If not, I'll roll a Horde. "MY GOD PSYCHYN? REALLY? AND YOU'LL RP IT?" I would try my best.
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Oh.My.God. I love you Psychyn. Awesome idea>.>.
Quote:- Events regarding bazaars, auctions and such to hopefully allow people to sell their wares. (To any GM reading this, I'll be in touch to hopefully acquire some more expensive, rare items to sell at these auctions as bonus)

I want those auctions.>.>
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
One name: Jeremy Codd
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

I suppose services like that can be arranged as well! Not sure if it's doable right from the start as I -think- goods are easier to get going at first, but we'll find out soon enough if there's a good bit of interest.

Do leave comments, love it; Hate it, express concerns, fears or ideas. GHI/TRP2 used from the forum download section (To ensure everyone is at the same version);



And if you don't know how to use either one of those, no fear! Plenty of people out there that do know how to use them. (Including myself for the basic things, not all that advanced admittedly but we'll learn over time!)

Edit; I think joining the guild would be easiest to get involved, but I'm not going to force that upon you. However, Mel would be passing out contracts which I'd open a thread for later on the forums (Provided there is enough interest) to show who's involved, capable of doing what, as well as what clientele they'd be making items for. The wealthy, the commoner's, nobles, that sorta thing.
Bump, this thread wants more interest. Feed it.
108 views, two nudges in-game. Four likes, only two replies.

Startin' to feel pointless here, so I added a poll for all the silent viewers. It'll run for 14 days (Cause I was a derp and put that instead of 7), depending on that I'll go through with it or not.
I am planning on making a merchant and I think that this would be so much fun! =D Well, another merchant....
You trade unions are destroying small business. Pretty soon its gonna be a giant conglomerant where they sell everything from scimitars to sheep and then... And then they're gonna charge whatever they please and there ain't a fel blasted thing you're gonna be able to do about it. Everybody is gonna be eating food that's already cooked for them and walking around with gnomish jabber gadgets to their faces, not looking where they're going...

*Nikodemos continues to rant before returning to his history books.*
[Image: stonetalon-mountains.jpg?w=760]
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*Meline would simply eye the grumbling man up for a moment, pursing her lips to form a soft smile after.*

And you say that like it's a bad thing? It's wonderful to be able to buy all your goods conveniently at once place, saves you from the dangers of travelling all over the world. We do it for your safety dear, your convenience and your shopping pleasure.

*U.T.U store jingle plays, which basically comes down to; If you got the gold, we got the goods!*
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Interest seems to be growing! Three people in the guild which I've OOCly formed, so if you wish for an invite already then by all means; Send me a nudge if you catch me online.

Will most likely go through with the idea, guild post to be written in a day or two as well as paperwork and related.
When I saw "union", I was thinking a conglomerate of businesses, not individuals. Nevertheless, TLE would be more than happy to affiliate, especially since I'm working on non-romantic divisions of the business.

We can probably do a kick-start of an IC economy by either cooperating, competing, or both (with agreed terms). I actually like the idea of more RP businesses starting, especially if trade and currency exchange will be involved.

I made mention of an experiment not long ago. If you'd like, we can talk business!
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
I just noticed that thread! Herp derp, can't believe I didn't notice it before Immy. I'd love to both cooperate and compete with each other, but for the second we'd need to get something going first! ^^ This thread or 'the union' rather is for everyone. People and shop owners that wish to gain access to (a hopefully) bigger clientele. I also plan to put up a lot of forum threads with OOC information so it can be easily accessible and found for others. (The stock, the contracts, the shop locations if any present themselves, prices, planned events, offered services, etcetera)

I plan to have them moving around as well, renting stalls where they go for the bazaars. Or for the shadier part, perhaps a secluded shop could be rented for such meetings. I'll have to bring such stuff up with you guys in the PD board so we can figure out what works best. The guild vault idea is definitely interesting, but I'm not sure how we can do that with GHI/TRP. TRP offers stashes, but those are able to be looted.

And with U.T.U, people would have mostly their own individual stock. (Which we'd lend a hand towards in creating said stock!)

- Guild post containing basic information.
- Contracts both TRP/GHI item as well as written out on the forum.
- Discussions for first event, date and time.
- Arranging that every U.T.U member has GHI/TRP2 items as stock to be sold.
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We surely do need to get something going. Perhaps for now, we'll focus on cooperation as to stir up and encourage RP. Once we get enough regulars at a good enough number, then we can compete.

At the moment, TLE focuses only on two divisions: courtship/marriage and music/entertainment. The culinary division hasn't started yet. Perhaps we can use the culinary as a starting point for cooperative business.
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