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Guns of Icarus Online
This game... This ****ing game. It's absolutely amazing and not getting nearly as much attention as it should. AND IT'S ON SALE ON STEAM.

What is it? Good question, Billy.

It's an online multiplayer airship battle in steampunk style. Basically, you either play 2vs2 or 3vs3 and every ship is crewed by four people. You pick one out of several different ships -- each one with different attributes in speed, armor, firepower and maneuverability -- and then you pick out guns for it. The smaller ships like the Squid do not carry any big guns or a lot of guns at all while big boats like the Galleon carry two entire broadsides of cannons of massive destruction.

After you've picked the ships, you pick your class out of engineer, gunner or pilot. The difference between the classes only comes down to the fact that if you're an engineer, you can carry three engineer tools while the rest can just carry one, but they can all use the same tools. Same goes with gunners and pilots and their respective tools. A gunner also has priority on the cannons and can kick a pilot or engineer off a gun if they're using it-- same goes for a pilot and the steering wheel.

Then when that's done, you go into battle on large maps with terrain varying from desert to destroyed metropolis, each map requiring a different approach. You go into battle blind, though, having no idea where enemies are and you gotta move carefully around the map to not get ambushed. Once you've seen an enemy, you can take out your spyglass to mark the enemy and when all enemies are marked it's time to go in.

Which starts the battle phase. This is where it's at. The pilot needs to maneuver according to the enemy ship's weaknesses and strengths. For example, don't attack a Galleon's broadside or you're dead and attack Mobulas from behind and they're dead. At the same time the pilot needs to try to not get in the way of allies and not to expose their weak side to an enemy while pursuing another.

The gunner's job is to destroy the other ships, but it's not that simple. You wanna pick the right damage type for the right job. Use a Gatling gun to strip off the hull armor and then finish it off with the explosive damage of a rocket carousel or deflate the balloon by using flachette damage.

Meanwhile, it's the engineer's job to make sure you don't die. Around the ship there are different repair nodes that you need to maintain. These are the engines, cannons, hull armor and balloon and you need to make sure that all of them are in tip top shape. Repair their damage, buff their effectivity and put out fires. The tricky part is when everything goes at once and if that happens you need to prioritize. Repair cannons to finish off the enemy or the engines to try and get away? You need to be fast on your feet and quick of mind to keep you afloat.

Why am I trying to sell this game so hard? because it's freaking amazing and I would love to do something similar with it as Borrops is doing with Blood Bowl-- an all coth game. It'd be hype.

Here's a demo vid. Take note that these guys aren't great at the game and it's old footage. The game looks and plays better now.

Tl;dr Guns of Icarus Online is an awesome game where you crew airships and blow other airships out of the sky and I want to do it with and to other cothians.
[Image: 293D4BE4-7170-4C2A-B8BF-7EA572513EBD.jpg]
[Image: Lazuri65.png]
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  • Dug, FlyingSquirrel
I have it, I used to pilot there, I got some vids of me doing it too.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention it is awesome. The most important thing, gee Dug.
My steam name is Approximately 33 Vikings. Provided we get a group up, I'd love to basically fill any of the roles, although I prefer piloting. Then again, I get super angry at my crew as a pilot, so I probably should be something else.
Greetings, fellow men of the skies!
It is I, Captain Doogles Moonman!

I heard about your planned battle and just could not leave myself out of this and miss out on all the glory!
I will pilot my vessel into battle by your side, or smash you to bits!

We will meet in the skies!

Captain Doogles Moonman, Destroyer of enemy vessels
"I return! A second chance to carve your skulls!"
-Borrops, after returning to CotH on 29-8-2014
I think I own Icarus... in any case, I could probably be interested in joining this though, I'll warn you, I've never played the game before.

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