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Gyran [Forsaken][Mage]
Gyran on the Wiki

Changes/additions in blue.

Player: Gyran

Name: Gyran Andarian

In-game Name: Gyran

Nickname(s): The Artist Formerly Known as The Azure Mage

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warmage

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 135lbs.


Clothing: Purple robes/whatever else the Forsaken had lying about; typically with a staff slung across his back and a slender longsword on his hip.

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Arrogant and unforgiving are some of the best adjectives for Gyran in his undeath. Becoming something he formerly tried to erradicate has made him cruel and untrusting. Death made Gyran feel utterly weak causing him to crave more power; His once careful grasp of magic has become a vehement deathgrip, for what does he care of the consequences, he is already dead.


The Andarian line has long been embellished in the wondrous world of magic. Gyran's father; grandfather; and so forth, have been Magi. Since he could remember Gyran was knee deep in dusty old tomes with either his father or grandfather looming over him like a hawk. The same was true for all three of his siblings, he was the second son and has two younger sisters.

Gyran's life didn't truly start until his eighteenth year when he had decided to venture from his home and travel the world. These were troubling times for the young man. Despite having acquired vast knowledge during his studies, Gyran found that the world was much more complex than a few words could ever detail. There were many curious sights he had to stop and ponder. One such event was when he first witnessed a public execution. He thought the whole ritual barbaric, but could not remove his eyes or thoughts from the spectacle. These curiosities did not last long however. Soon Gyran had picked up on everything one might need knowing, finding old interests to be mundane and unworthy of his thoughts.

After a few years of self-sufficiency Gyran had the opportunity to take part in and study an art that some considered to be painful and terrifying: the art of war. This war in particular sparked major interest in Gyran's mind. He had heard rumor of walking dead and other such ghouls. This posed quite the dilemma, though, he truly wanted to study these beings, but he was young and greatly desired to keep his life. After a few days of contemplation, Gyran met up with his older brother and his closest sister. The three enlisted together and that was that. Darkness and horror enveloped Gyran for what seemed like an eternity. He knew war was going to be tragic, but this was far worse than anyone could have imagined. Ghouls loomed around every corner and attacked at all opportunities. There was little time to study anything, and that very thought was far from Gyran's mind. Survival was all he thought of. It was only a short period of time, but the young Mage knew in his heart that the darkness of that war would never leave him. Forever was he changed. After everything in the world had calmed Gyran still feared the Undead would attack. Gyran left the Argent Dawn. His brother and sister remained with the Dawn and tried to get Gyran to re-enlist, but he refused. Adventures had been trekked, and wars fought.

For the past years Gyran has resided anywhere he pleased, accompanied by his loyal hound Crowley; a Pug he bought from a travelling Dwarf merchant. The Mage's travels eventually led him near his former homeland of Alterac. It is here he eventually spent most of his time until fate took his life in a chance battle against a group of Worgen in the Silverpine Forest. They left him to rot until he was found by the Forsaken, whom recently gained the Val'kyr as allies and the ability to procreate. Raised anew as a member of the Forsaken, Gyran Andarian has become a ruthless being with only the goal to strengthen himself and attempt to destroy what lies in his path, namely the Worgen as he fights alongside the Forsaken in the Invasion of Gilneas.
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Nice, except "For the passed years" - should probably be 'For the past years', or 'For the past few years'.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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Changed. Now toss me up on the Wiki.
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Your profile seems fine to me, but I noticed your personality section is missing its divider so your personality section looks like it's a part of your alignment. Go ahead and fix that but I'll mark you for initial approval!
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