Poll: What do you think of half-breed NPCs?
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No; keep them out!
22 27.16%
Yes, but restraint is needed! (Confirmed lore examples)
15 18.52%
Yes, and leniency is a positive thing! (Confirmed pairings+reasonable extras)
37 45.68%
Yes, with no limits!
5 6.17%
2 2.47%
Total 81 vote(s) 100%
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Half-Breed NPCs
So apparently there was some confusion with the previous poll regarding half-breeds. In addition, during the lead-up to the poll, there was more of a focus on lobbying for more leniency with half-breed NPCs instead of actual playable half-breeds. However, it seems that the latter does indeed have some support, especially if we stick to confirmed lore examples. I personally didn't really differentiate the two, and didn't think of separating them. I am curious to see what everyone thinks, however, and whether there may be different results compared to the playable half-breeds.

As before, feel free to elaborate regarding your opinion!
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Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
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My voice on NPCs is the same as PCs: let's give it a reasonable whirl! Moreso than PCs, really!
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As said before, I am for reasonable half-breed NPCs. I don't much care for PC half-breeds.
Still voting on no, with the same thought that it doesn't add/enhance anything. Have yet to read something convincing that made me go like "Well okay, that might be interesting.", but eh, that's me. (To each their own, I probably can't be convinced any-how as it's just not something I enjoy seeing.)
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I think I am going to give the same opinion here, only reasonable NPCs being allowed as in true half-breeds like Garona, not quarter something, quarter something and half something else.
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Still a strong no, I also think that is decided on one should apply for both, otherwise there's just no consistency. The most I would be okay with is confirmed lore pairings.
Similar to what Mathias said, I'm not one for PC Half-breeds unless they were some of the more Lore-based ones (so as to not have any wonky timeline issues: Certain races did not meet each other in enough time to give a playable halfy).

As for the NPCs, as babies, seems logical to expand the list as there's a lot more mixing opportunities among the races. NPCs are also easier to keep out of an RP so as to not isolate another player (if they don't like half-breeds), but it could add to interpersonal conflict RP for development of the parent characters as well as those they interact with.

Edit: Such RP is not for everyone, but as something that wouldn't be -as- in one's face as a playable half-breed, doesn't seem like something to remove altogether.
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I really do not understand the argument of "I/the majority of my characters don't like half-breeds, thus I won't play with them, thus I'll be excluded".

There are a few characters on CotH that I dislike/think are poorly written. Of course I won't name them, or call the player out. Their style, their writing, their character. Just differs from my taste. I believe I could use the exclusion argument, could I not? If there were enough of these characters during a period of the year, I could definitely use the exclusion argument, as I would be avoiding a good deal of RP, by the logic presented against the NPC and/or player half-breeds.

I could use it for my own ends to RP enjoyment, but I very much doubt it would be taken so seriously (and I don't want it to be) as to make other people change their characters and RP habits to suit my tastes.

Therefore, why is this logic used against half-breed NPCs/Player Characters? I'm not arguing that you should like them, I'm just wondering why it's such a big deal for you to avoid RP with them, when so many other people on here avoid RP in different circumstances they dislike already?

Edit: Durhur typos, c0r lrn to English.
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I think that, if done properly, would prove to be an interesting dynamic. I would be more okay with a halfbreed NPC rather than a PC. Quite honestly I wouldn't want to RP with a halfbreed myself. I'm very reluctant to after seeing their portrayal elsewhere.

Long story short, won't hurt to try. If it goes wrong, take out the halfbreeds.
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If you don't want to RP with a certain sort of character or a specific character or characters, don't. If you choose to exclude yourself from an RP, that's fine; there's no need to expect others to pander to your interests, or to avoid that which you actively dislike.

That said, I'm in favor of greater freedom and leniency all 'round; I don't support global rules that stifle creativity in lieu of greater profile scrutiny. I'm not usually a fan of half-breeds, myself, but I've seen them done well before.
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I must confess that I wasn't aware that describing the actions of a half-breed NPC in one's roleplay wasn't allowed. Common sense dictates that the use of powerful NPCs in a storyline should be sparing or with permission only, but it honestly never occurred to me that we wouldn't be allowed to utilise NPCs from, for example, the Mok'Nathal clan. I'm pretty sure I've done this at least once without ever suspecting there might be some wrongdoing in it.

There were cases where interracial couplings produced children, and I understood that those were restricted on the basis that it was a half-breed NPC essentially 'attached' to its guardians, and thus skirting the boundary between NPC and PC.

What are our current limitations when portraying NPCs in a story? I doubt this list is an accurate guide, 'cause some of those races have been instrumental in past storylines run by players.

(Voted yes, because if this isn't the case, it should be!)
It still applies on most perspectives.

(04-08-2013, 01:55 PM)Bovel Wrote: *cracks his knuckles* Time to bring down the humps on this matter. Ever since I saw the title of this post I've been plowing through all info about this on the Wowpedia and WowWiki as well as tried looking them up in the actual RP books. I have taken both direct game canon and RPG lore into this.
Note: I am bitter and cynical and I generally do not have faith in roleplayers to perform this kind of RP on levels I personally find satisfactory with my own standards. This might explain my stances on a question such as this.

I wanna start out with saying that Rensin has a point with trying to open up features on CotH that makes us more unique and alluring, I for one want to see lots more people active on the server. And this can lead me directly into my second point which would be the "uniqueness" of half-breeds. Allow me to make a parallel to dragonsworn here on CotH - Riael has under his rather short "life" on CotH encountered FOUR dragonsworn repeatedly in his daily life, not arranged by us players. (I wanna add that three out of these four are also blood elves and one is his blood relative.) I fear that if we strive to keep the half-breeds unique we will just strangle the feature and considering our miniscule playerbase, nothing that is not truly unique will appear that way.

I think the topic has to be considered through several perspectives and I'd like to start with in-game models and character looks as the first one. Most of the half-breeds known in both levels of lore either have in-game models already or pictures that reveal they a lot like the models of one of the original races and I think this helps a lot. Were they to be allowed I'd have to insist that the character looks more or less like the racial models suggest with less obvious changes - perhaps the human-orc is a brawny human or pale and slightly skinnier orc and not a pink orc or green human. This slips into the discussion about TRP descriptions and how much different one can look from the in-game presentation. Personally I'd loathe to see orcs or humans with descriptions that add tendrils hanging from their cheeks, that crosses a huge line for me.

In-game representation leads us into the next perspective - allegiances. To which faction does a half-breed belong to if the parents are from opposing factions? Shall we allow the orc-human that clearly looks like an orc but is kept and raised by the human parent, to be part of the Alliance? Can we game-technically make this happen? In most generic fantasy settings the half-breeds become bridges for opposing factions or races to make amends and become all hippie-peace and I cannot at all see half-breeds on CotH have this kind of role. I personally believe that despite the mixed blood, the character needs from the start have a set faction it belongs too. Even if the character is a vagabond and considers itself neutral and so on, the mechanics will have it part of one of either major factions. Guards of Stormwind wouldn't just let in something that resembles an orc even if it pleads that somewhere in it's veins lies a human legacy.

And this perfectly leads me in to the third perspective - how will versus should the half-breeds be treated ICly? The other week, CappnRob and I spoke about a similar subject; how interracial couples should be interacted with in RP. Fantasy, contemporary and science fiction often touches upon this subject and I cannot think of any interracial relationship in fiction that has not at least been met with a frown (at the very least). I think the more "appropriate" reactions should be adopted from Romeo and Juliet, Beren and Luthien/Aragorn and Arwen, Avatar/Pochahontas and so on. And it should be amplified for the abominations that is their offspring. Yes, Warcraft is soft-core compared to my own personal preferences but Disney movies are even more so and this hurdle is a common element in their movies and series. The question I ask myself and I have to forward to all of you - Whose responsibility should it be that these half-breeds are acted upon in a more or less realistic manner? Would it be logical that in a short future we will have a orc-draenei shaman among the leading shamans of the Earthen Ring backed by the kal'dorei-human hunter/druid and that the House of Nobles will have a human-quel'dorei worgen among their numbers? (This touches slightly upon the issue of uniqueness but is in my opinion much more crucial, half-breeds has to be treated as such.)

In conclusion I guess I have to say that I'm not against half-breed becoming playable and I they should be considered special profiles but not as controlled/limited as dragonsworn. And I think both levels of lore have given us enough logical examples that would allow people more choice in character creation and I think we should limit ourselves to combinations known as compatible in lore (and stick to the clear examples, Lelior is for example a really bad example since it might just as well be a mean joke against him). And finally I think we should keep to half-breeds or at least characters of only two mixed bloods and not more. Med'an is our only real example more than two races in one mixture and that's not at all much to go on.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
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  • Cassius
I voted no.

Half-breeds to me sound like an another excuse to make "special snowflake" characters. I can also taste the inconvenience and complications of "faction choosing" (Horde or Alliance) but then again I can imagine everyone who's half-breed being neutral.

I can also envision the horrendously large demand of half-elves escalating in future character applications.

If these things actually get implemented though, please GMs, be harsh and judgmental and hard to accept these sort of applications. The last thing I want is an epidemic of half-breeds.

Seems Bovel has basically covered most of these points with a lot more depth than I already.
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I say do it. It's no more special than anything else anyone has come up with here, and not only that it's just NPC's. With all the inter-racial interactions, it's bound to happen at this point.
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As long as the half breeds are confirmed lore examples, they're strictly sectioned to either the Horde or the Alliance and they're looked down upon ICly like they are realistically (because they are realistically, in lore looked down upon) then I don't have a problem. I voted for yes for lore examples, but really. . .

If we can't handle that. . . I mean most CotHer's don't even consider the extreme lack of depth concerning racial struggles a problem, let alone a tool to utilize in order to make Half-Races work correctly.
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