Poll: What do you think of playable half-breeds?
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No way, keep things the way they are!
20 25.97%
Yes, but let's show some restraint (only stick to confirmed lore examples)
33 42.86%
Yes, but let's be a little lenient (confirmed pairings as well as some proposed reasonable extras!)
21 27.27%
Yes, and let's not worry about limiting racial pairings!
1 1.30%
I have another opinion or idea, and have posted below!
2 2.60%
Total 77 vote(s) 100%
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Alright, so lately there's been some lobbying for the notion of allowing half-breeds. I believe it all started when there was discussion about half-breed NPC children (naturally resulting from PCs of differing races WooHooing and having a child), which I didn't realize really occurred at all. To make a long story short, it eventually evolved into the possibility of allowing half-breeds, period.

So! I am curious to know what everyone thinks and whether they believe it should be allowed, and/or to what extent. Do you think it should? If so, should it be limited to what pairings have been confirmed in lore? Or perhaps you may think that we've done well enough so far without them and should continue along that path? Please feel free to present reasonings for or against, or present other alternatives!
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I think it should be half human/elf or half orc only, and restricted to horde/alliance (IE only alliance can be half elven, and only horde can be half human, with the exception of humans and elves, of course. If that makes sense.)

If you'll recall, Rexxar is half orc half ogre, which is a mok'nathal. I don't think we should be allowing such a rare race of half breeds.

We definitely don't need any half demon half dragon people running around. Or half 'vampire' or half 'werewolf.' Had enough of that on retail...
I think things are just find the way they are without Half-breeds. There are so many racial options to choose from already and two more incoming with the coming of Cataclysm. I really think that there is no need for them, and I certainly do not want them. The most I would even be comfortable with allowing would be current lore examples.
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I like the idea in theory, but in practice, it will work out to involve a great many half-Quel'dorei half humans (loophole exploiting ahoy), with abounding speshulness, slower aging/better physical appearance, built-in reason for angst, and ties to both Silvermoon and human kingdoms.

So, maybe not..
More options are always good - they provide further opportunity and diversify the RP environment.

That said, however, I would choose to stick to Lore and follow the rule of confirmed examples only, at the very least for the time being. If the half-breed project works well enough, more leniency can be shown in the long-term. As things stand, restraint is best.

...And I'm not just saying that because I want a Forlarren...
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I personally would love to see Half-breeds walk around but only as half onething/half something else, Garona as an example and not like med'an, being part Orc, part Draenei and part human. Also, I think they should be special profiles to prevent abuse of being a Half-breed.
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Maybe half breeds should be special profiles?
Perhaps if a roll system were implemented somehow; the odds of a half-breed, or some such. (One should remember that it's a possibility, but a slim one at that. Some of the WoW races are compatible due to similar anatomy and biology, but even then there's the case of what different cultures find attractive.) This kind of thing is like trying to talk to Markuss about an opposing viewpoint. Hard as hell. I mean, in the wiki it says that most of the unions that created these children ended up with them being ridiculed. (I wouldn't rule out murder for some of the die-hard "MY FACTION IS TEH BEST!" folk either.) I mean, it's a possibility, but the sad things that come from these kinds of role-play make me cringe. On the other hand, there's this wonderful thing about two parents coming to love a child who was unexpected, but welcome; despite what they look like. Though either way, you folks in the GM team do what you think's best, mkay? I think I'll just sit over on the sidelines on this.
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I am totally on-board for allowing halfbreeds within reason! I think it'd be a pretty neat aspect of RP that would otherwise go unable to be touched upon in some of the stories that crop up on the server. It could be a neat experience for all involved so long as there are measures in place to prevent people from being Half-Draenei-Half-Orc-Half-Human-Half-Sargeras-Half-Shaman-Half-Paladin-Half-Mages.

Because then I don't think I'd be able to take any of the lore seriously if something so ridiculous were ever allowed to take place.

(04-08-2013, 10:39 AM)Reigen Wrote: I think things are just find the way they are without Half-breeds. There are so many racial options to choose from already and two more incoming with the coming of Cataclysm. I really think that there is no need for them, and I certainly do not want them. The most I would even be comfortable with allowing would be current lore examples.

While I respect your opinion, I feel your argument for it is a little lacking. "We don't need more options because we already have options." isn't really a solid justification. Races add to the variety and the overall possibilities.

It's not like a sandwich where too many types of meat and cheese ruin the entire meal for everyone. It's like a buffet where people should be allowed to choose what they want within reason.

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(04-08-2013, 10:50 AM)alpharius Wrote: Maybe half breeds should be special profiles?

As a note, if playable half-breeds were ever to become a reality, we'd probably put a system in place to ensure that they become limited in number. Something similar to the CMC process, for example, but with more expedient movement since I could work on those as well and there wouldn't need to be model changes.
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I've stated prior that I kinda dislike the notion of half-breeds in general. If it is to happen I'd prefer it be done with lore examples more than anything, because I still prefer to be a bit conservative in these measures.

Now let me state this upfront, because I believe in a fair argument; this is talking about splits between playable races, not incorporating anything wild like vampires as was noted somewhere up above. We wouldn't have that at all even in the wildest extent of this. This is a poll between warcraft races, and mostly between documented halfbreeds, those of speculation, and those of 'anyone can have bebe with anyone'.
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I would personally be on board with having them introduced as what Grakor put forth. My personal opinion is that these should be rare, but that there's no harm in opening them up. For a trial period, at least. If it doesn't work, it's easy to repair the damages and if it should happen to work, then... great!
I say we do it, full bore, no restrictions like the custom abilities/classes, no special profiles, and no more hoops to jump through.

Yes, I'm absolutely serious. Everything else is handed out anyways, and I think that it'd be fun and interesting to do -something- beyond what just retail does.

We don't need CMC's or extra input to represent any of this, or anything special aside from a profile just like what we have for the "Prestige" (I don't know what we call it now) system.
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I say bring 'em on- if they're managed with the staff. We don't allow CMCs, Warlords, Commanders, Nobles, Dragonsworn, and all that fanciful jazz all nilly willy, so these should too.

As for races, I voted for reasonable cross overs. WoW threw science out the window when humans and elves and orcs and draenei started getting it on, don't see why gnomes and dwarfs and whatever can't get in on the fun too.

Not so sure about the tauren but eh.
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Where is the proposal that was provided? There was a detailed list of what options can be provided so that the players and server can consider their options.

I don't see it.
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