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Hallowed Serenity
[Image: 2d91y7t.png]

The dark rainy eve of Duskwood began, the dim lanterns lighting up the grim and wicked path to Darkshire. The distant howls of feral creatures can be heard echoing past the sound of the rain's constant slapping against the surface. The heavy rain was pounding hard amongst my garments, cleaning up the mud and soil that had previously stained it. The three strangers the light had guided me to were conversing, speaking of their motives to venture the unholy hills of Duskwood. They were searching for a friend of theirs, a woman. Who she is beyond my knowledge, the information they had gathered mentioned of their friend's intention to visiting the Blasted Lands.

They spoke of staying in Darkshire for the evening, I insisted to pay for their rooms in the Scarlet Raven and they took it with gratitude.

One of the three was a paladin, one named Cristovao di Silvio, his performance in the hills was exceptional. He was not with the other two, but was only aiding them for that moment. The paladin questioned my profession, asking whether I was a cleric, I simply stated that I was a follower of the light. I cannot state my true profession, instead I conceal it in the shadows like a pitiful rogue. My intentions are not to promote cunning, but to prevent malice between me and my hallowed brothers and sisters of the light. I do not wish to hurt them or carry hatred of them. The world is already corrupted enough as it is, it requires as much men of faith as possible, tenants or not, to cleanse the lands of all that is wretched.

I will join the search and help the two men, Clyde and Marthus in their search for their friend. I require more time to fully redeem myself for the violation of my oath.

That witch, she still plagues my mind with her unclean thoughts, the acts she had forced me to commit. I cannot forget the sinful feeling of lust and torment that she had made me endure that day in the Wetlands. Yet, tis another trial that the light wishes for me to partake, to enhance my will and soul, to strengthen me from any false manipulations. I am an Inquisitor, I cannot be fooled and I shall not be toyed.

No one escapes the light's judgement.
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She walked into the inn.

"Cassius, yes."

"I've known Cassius for a long while; he would've told me he had company."

"It's an emergency. We're not lovers or anything, just very close. I'm a priest just like him. Please."

"I'm not sure if I can. I really don't feel uncomfortable."

But of course she did.

And when she came to check back in Cassius' room, all she saw was the robed woman in a turban looming over Cassius, looking so austere and insane and scary as fucking shit that the innkeeper didn't-- couldn't intrude. It was just a friend of Cassius. She was a priest, maybe they were doing some weird meditation thing. She didn't know and to put herself to ease she laid to sleep, trying not to think of it at all.

But all night, still, loomed the dark, droning woman, staring at dear Cassius. . .She was at the extremes of Shadow, and to some extent, he was of the Light.

Her fingers lightly touched his head and she began

taking advantage of him in his sleep. . .

"I used to understand happy, I know that I used to be happy, I was really happy."

she pierced his subconscious. . .

"I- I'm happy now and I can't remember what it's like to be happy, I only remember. . ."

And at one moment she appeared vulnerable, arousing--

". . .I don't remember."

Distressing in a deep sleep of serendipitous disillusionment thwarting the foresight of a thousand ages spilling hard into the conquests of dozens of nadirs and apexes in a never ending slush of emotional context. . .

"I remember being happy only in comparison. . ."

and her limbs fell off like flakes, bloody spews of black shadowy ichor tentacles wrapping around your neck, you cannot breathe an automatic feature is being disabled

"To not being happy, which is what I am now."


and in the night she stole away, knowing her deed had been done
[Image: Calvin_and_Hobbes_hug_by_Humongous_E.png]
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[Image: 2m6r2w2.png]

My eyes peeled open and a quiet gasp escaped. I was staring around my surroundings for anyone or anything. Light, such an unholy vision had swooped into my mind. A nightmare, or perhaps an omen with the malignant desire to corrupt me? The familiar usage of shadow can be felt, coming out of my head. Someone was here, something happened. Caressing my neck does nothing as there was no actual strangulation on my person.

Is it her? The witch? Has she returned to torment me? No, it cannot be her. I cannot forget that vile heathen's scent. This is another witch, she is present here in Duskwood. I must further inquire upon these details, perhaps the others have seen a wicked woman arrive in the evening.

I will have to harbor the unclean thoughts that the witch has troubled me with.
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[Image: 14wsjrb.png]

To the gates of darkness -- the source of evil, the battered and wicked lands of Draenor. One can smell the taint before passing through the dark portal. Its unnatural sky glitters with various stars and large, round constructs surrounding the realm. We had to camp where the forces of Nethergarde remained, for before we ventured on to search for this "Bonnie" we needed to follow her trail. From Darkshire to Nethergarde -- and now into the Dark Portal. Her trail is a dangerous yet also gallant one.

We had stumbled upon a woman before entry, the same unclean woman from my dream. The witch had cursed two of the men which were in our group, both of which they had the desire to end her life of heresy once and for all. When we had seen her we were under city grounds in Nethergarde, there was no gain in ending her there as the guards would have branded we as malignant to the order. It was here on that I had learned that her name was "Hecayt".

She puked her tainted fluids onto my cloth, black liquid covering its surface. She spoke with shameful lust and blaspheme. When I touched her hand I felt a wicked - dark energy circulate into my body. I cannot describe the madness that I had endured during that brief, physical contact. She had later vanished moments after, but light can I feel that her presence is always near. Even in Draenor my nerves and soul can sense her unholy presence from afar.

I cannot rest due to the previous evening, my mind is troubled and my spirit will not rest till I can seek her, and purge her.

Tomorrow we go to Honor Hold to seek out this "Bonnie".
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