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Hang In There... [RC]
The two forms danced around the room, their blades slicing through air and flesh as blood rained upon the floor. A human stands in the back of the room, channeling shadow magic as he watches the slimmer of the two moving forms before him. His channeling ends as he flicks his hands forward, the female night elf before him abruptly dropping to the ground and crying out in pain as dark fire covers her. She leans a shoulder against the wall, waiting for her death when the male night elf kneels before her.

He uses the tip of his blooded blades to push her hood back, revealing her face. After a long moment of inspecting her face, he asks, "What is your name?"

The female night elf avoids looking at the male as she speaks in a contemptuous tone. "Adahlis Stormwine." She locks her eyes on the door frame across the room, willing someone to step inside and interrupt what was occurring.

"I am sorry, Sister... You will not be forgotten."


Adahlis blinked as she thought this, the fury boiling over in her mind. When she closed her eyes, his blade entered her chest and pierced her heart. As she opened her eyes, she began to fall forward onto his shoulder.

Her vision fades as her mind seems to slip away from her. Sound disappears entirely and sensations no longer exist.

A feeling of being pulled through what could be space fills her consciousness.

There was a flash of light.

[Image: light1.jpg?w=270&h=203]

A searing pain fills her body as her soul is returned to her body. A thrumming pain inhabits her mind with the loud chanting of a human's prayers to the Light.

The human stumbles backwards, leaning against the wall as he gasps for breathe and steadies himself. "It.. is.. done..."

Geron steps up to the bed, a frown upon his face. "... Is she supposed to wake up?"

The human priest remains against the wall, breathing heavily. "I honestly have no idea... Probably not, but I could be wrong."

Adahlis's entire mind screams at her, demanding rest, food, air, healing, and warmth. She opens her mouth to scream, but she cannot hear a word until the human ends his chant moments later. Her body feels lost to her as she attempts to look at her surroundings, seeing only a blurred, darkened vision of shapes surrounding her. Noise is distorted and faint. Her breath is laboured as she lays immobilised on the bed.

The human watches for a moment before turning and leaving the room without another word.

Geron watches Adahlis's signs of returned like. "Lady Stormwine... You should try to relax." He waits for a moment, noticing a lack of response before speaking again. "Um... I'll be watching over you." He sighs as he removes his sheathed blades from his belt, placing them on the floor beside the wall. He strides across the room the room and plucks a random book from the bookcase before returning to the wall beside the fireplace. Sitting down beside his blades, he opens the book and begins to read.

Adahlis's body slowly accepts the oxygen she inhales; one less problem for her body to scream at her to fix. She feels her body shudder as she slips into unconsciousness.

Geron glances up from his book as he hears Adahlis audibly shudder from where she laid on the bed. He slams the book close and leaves it on the ground behind him, moving to the bedside and placing a hand on Adahlis's head.


Killer: Surma
Death: April 10th; Surma kills Adahlis by use of a dagger to the chest
Resurrector: Sebarion
Resurrection: April 13th; Geron transports Adahlis's body to Hearthglen where an Alliance priest named Sebarion revives her
Temporary Results: Immobilization (three days), difficulties verbally communicating (one week), nausea (one week), hindered motor skills (two weeks), physical weakness (three weeks)
Permanent Results: Spontaneous disabling headaches, aching muscles, motion sickness, spontaneous abdominal cramps, significantly weaker left arm

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