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Hanging up the [GM] Tag
Best of luck to you, Cressy, as a... PLAYER! D:

But anywho... I honestly do hope that you enjoy yourself in your fairly well-deserved time off from GMing.
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Rensin Wrote:they still dislike you. They hate -you-,

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Dunno what to say mahn. You were a great Enforcer GM and it sucks to see you go. But atleast we can all hope to the good times and RP to come from you being a player again. amirite?
Cressy.. No longer.. GM?

Sadfais. :c
Well, what kind of person would I be if I just read this thread and didn't post.

Thank you Cressy first off, I still remember you helping me with my prestige Application and filling mah tickets, and giving muffins and well.... everything! So if I didn't say I then... err.. I think I did, I'll say it now!


Thank you Pretty Pink Enforcer of justice, fairness and the CotHian way, you've earned your rest! May we RP many a time after!
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I spent a good bit of time last night thinking about what I'd say here. All I can say is thanks for helping me get where I am- my position, my quality, and my... Well... slightly hardened nerves (GM CHAT IS BR00TAL- just kiddin')

On a more serious note... Enjoy your break. You really deserve it after putting up with the players/me/RIGLEY (oh god ew) for so long.
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Aw, Cress. I hope you're not too stressed or anything. I can tell being a GM is hard work.
Just know that some of us players really do appreciate your work. (We appreciate ALL GMs).
I hope you can start feeling more looooove as a normal player again.

Because I secretly care...

Thank you to all GMs for being great!
"Everybody sees what you appear to be, few feel what you are..."
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Well, as long as yer staying fer teh arpee... we'll miss your spezul-colored naemz but like your new dark-green nubish color...
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Awww, I hope you enjoy your break, Cressy. I feel bad that some people decided to make personal attacks over these things. I don't think I could ever be a GM and have to mediate my way through such drama.

Go have some fun and relax <3
Conflict is never a fun thing (excepting those crazy pvp people). I'm sure the accolades of being a GM grow thinner as the nature of humans grows thicker.

Taking a break is a great idea and I'm sure you have RP and other diversions lined up. Despite what may or may not be or have been happening on your side of the keyboard, it seems that you are making this move with aplomb and reserve.

Knowing nothing whatsoever about you or your style I have to say that your measured response seems both dignified and well considered.

Well.. Not sure what else to say then what's been said already in this topic. You've been around for as long as I can remember (With my fish memory, that's impressive!), and you always seemed fair and just in my eyes :)

As I said in-game, I won't say goodbye. I'll welcome you back as a player, and thank you for the work you did instead!

Thank you!

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We will search again for that light.
Hold it close, between our arms,
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Well, thanks for being a gm for the period of time that you did.

Some of your events were great fun (And a recent one had a fairly big impact on one of my characters) and i hope you enjoyed running them too.

'Whats your LuckyDo?'

Desperate for some rp? Try the resident of OOC for a change!


As much as I can be to blame for some of the shit-throwing that went around, I've taken some time in the recent past to reflect on those things, and know now that a lot of it was not my place to say anything in. I have no place to talk shit or say...anything about your life outside of CotH, really. You can't listen to everything you hear. 9_9

What is my place to say something in, however, is that you did a great job as being part of the GM staff here. And I can say that through experience. Through all of us bitching and complaining, you basically had to be the teacher in kindergarten and that alone is never an easy job. You put up with it for near to a year.

I guess what I'm getting at is, thank you for your time as part of the staff, and thanks for sticking around to RP with all of us.
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You already know this makes me sad, but I also know we'll continue to talk out of game and enjoy RP in game. You're a great person and that will not change.

"The potential of these lands has yet to be seized." -Taelyn Sunwing
I honestly can't say I blame you. They way GM's have been treated, ( and I have treated them poorly as well ) one would assume you were all getting paid to stick around.

I'm just glad to see that you aren't leaving permanently. That would be tragic, I enjoyed all of the events and RP you helped run and support. From all the island things, to just idle RP. I'm sure we will still get to enjoy such RP still so its not really a sad moment for me. I just can't say that I blame you or disagree with you decision. ( Not like it's my say anyway, just opinion. )

I hope this serves as a wake up call for other players who were unaware of may have taken the staff for granted. ( as we all do ) Thanks for your support Lady and see you in game whenever that shiz may be.
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