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Hania [Tauren]
Link to Wiki: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Hania
Changes Made: Changed from Druid to Shaman, and that's really the only significant change.

Player: Nexi

Character Full Name: Hania Skychaser ( birth name ), Hania Spirithoof ( adulthood name )

Character In-Game Name: Hania

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Earthen Ring

Race: Tauren

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: No longer one for the battlefield unless absolutely necessary, Hania's begun to develop the more mystical ( Far Sight, Ghost Wolf, Feral Spirit, Ancestral Recall, etc ) and restorative aspects of Shamanism.

Age: 91

Sex: Male

Hair: Short light gray fur, and braided long beard.

Eyes: Darkest brown.

Weight: 350lbs

Height: 7'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: Having largely given up a life of combat, Hania generally wears nothing heavier than light leather. Besides the Spirits, his only other means of protection are his axe and walking stick.

Other: Nothing.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Personality: The strong silent type, Hania may not be very open with others at first, but will fight to protect those he loves and the rare non-Tauren/Night Elf whom he deems innocent or a victim of circumstance.

While he does believe in the importance of tradition and honors his ancestors and Elders, he cares little to earn such titles for himself, and may often times disobey authority if he feels that a better course of action exists.

Scarred from years of war against the Centaur and the Scourge, Hania desires nothing more than to maintain the relative peace that has settled over Azeroth. He will engage in combat, but only if there is absolutely no other way to resolve the issue. In fact, in times of combat, Hania's weapons of choice are the mace and staff, his aim being not to take the life of his opponent, but rather to disable his ability to continue the fight. He views all life as sacred, a gift from the Earthmother, and should only therefore be taken by Her. Still, sometimes death is unavoidable, and he has come to terms with this.

History: Hania was born on the plains of the Barrens to Aiyanna and Honovi Skychaser. His father was a warrior, a veteran of many campaigns against the centaur, while his mother was a Shaman and served as a healer and adviser for her tribe long before the founding of Thunder Bluff and the formation of the Confederated Tribes of the Tauren.

Hania took after both of his parents fairly equally at first, showing an aptitude for knowledge, discovery, art and battle during his youth. Often seeking solitude and choosing to follow the path of the Shaman, Hania was a proud warrior in his prime, fighting alongside his father and the other warriors with the full might of the angered Spirits speaking through his axes. Because of this, he chose the name of Spirithoof at his coming of age ceremony.

Honovi eventually fell in battle against the Centaur hordes. It was a loss he didn't take at all well at such a young age, but with the guidance of his tribal elders, he eventually learned to accept and embrace it. He cremated him at dusk on a pyre he built on the field where he fell and scattered the ashes to the winds with the final words, “Ki ne nechi, abalo wa alo Shtumanialo.” ( Be at peace, child of the Earthmother. )

He continued to train extensively under his mother for many years afterward until her own passing when she received a similar burial as his father, and when the Third War began he felt it was his duty to do what he could to hold back the Scourge. He returned from war physically scarred, but the sight of his home and the knowledge that the Legion had been defeated brought him needed comfort.

He was at peace once more.

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