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Hello, some questions
Hello, I've found your server after hours of googling and list-browsing, hunting for a private rp-server. Judging from theese forums this seems to be a very good and mature server :)

i have a few questions though:

1. From what I understood from theese forums, i should get 2.3 before I try to connect, right?

2. ...and the server is sorta down at the moment due to the application of 2.3?

3. This is a rp-pvp, right? Might sound like a silly question, but I've tried other servers out that has branded themselves as Rp-servers, but only been full of players with names like woopidoopi, greeting me with lols, which, though friendly, weren't the kind of greeting I was hoping for. ;)

4. How is population and gameplay in general, anything special one should think of?

Well hmm nothing more I could think of. I quit wow because it took too much time, and as the game evolved I felt there was just too many boring things that needed to be done before you could have fun. Always loved RP and world pvp though, so maybe I'll enjoy some here :)

As for 1, I cannot answer as I have the technical brains of your average hamster, but I'll try to answer what I can for the rest.

2. From what I've heard, we only have brief periods of downtime to update databases and whatnot, and those downtimes last only a couple minutes. If the green arrow is in the Realm Status box on this website, it's pretty safe to log on.

3. I am aware of one person so far that was forced to rename their character because it violated Blizzard's naming rules. We're a pretty small server, and the GMs give you your sudden rise to 70 in person, so it's hard to sneak non-RP names by. When someone joins the server, they are invited into the CotH guild, and the guild channel serves as our OOC communication, so you may see friendly lols there and whatnot, but certainly if you run into someone in Orgrimmar they would react properly for thier character. (I was going to say they would say hello, but that is largely incorrect. It could be "Arr!", "...", "Salutations.", or "Give me your soul.", etc.)

...Occasionally, I will admit, the rogues get a little sap-happy, but all you have to do is tell them to knock it off.

4. Check out the Storylines and In-Character sections of the forum, as well as the character profiles! We have both Alliance and Horde characters, who work both with and against each other. As I said, we do have a small population, but if more people do as you did and stumble upon us, that my change!

I hope my rambling provided at least a little information for you, and welcome!
Hehe thanks for the info. I have no problem with lols and whatnots in the ooc-channels, I was a notorious mumbojumbo-spammer in my old /g ;). I'll go and check out thoose stories and charachter profiles, thanks again.
1. You don't HAVE to patch to get in, but I'd recommend you'd do so anyway since most new features, except for the new items and new NPCs/mobs, are working. :)
Another roleplayer! *cheers*

Greetings and well met! Can't wait to meet you in game. :)
The holy passion of Friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money.
- Mark Twain

I think the server owner is just having some ISP issues at the moment. Hopefully things will be fixed when he gets back online today.

Edit: Please do get 2.3. Bad things happen when you try to connect without it.

Also, we're mostly PvP for the sake of realism. We do have some people that like PvP, but not everyone.
Qaza, your reply speaks for us all except Kretol. Much <3's to you.

Im delighted to see you come to us Lelina, really! Oooooh cant wait too meet ya on the server both OOC and IC (Even if IC is not always a good thing *Shifty eyes*).
"Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."
-Take nothing for granted. -
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Alright then, logging in to check it all out :)
The server claims another victim.


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