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Ok, a few people have met my Orc warrior (Lexi and Coran) I'm trying to decide if I should just run with him or try something new. I want to join the pirates of Calypso and the races I think would do good in guild all seem to have some sorta of personality drawback that would prevent them from joining

Gnome - Would a Gnome join and travel far away while his home city is in the process of being retaken?
Orc - I'm playing Andvill like he just came from outland and has no idea about the events of the last ten years. I don't think he would fit into the pirate crew just becuase he has his own agendas and what not
Tauren - I think the only Tauren that would join is a Grimtotem, but they are loyal to whats her name first..so I dunno.
Troll - more likely to join but like the Gnome, why would he bail on the Darkspear as they try to retake the isle. Are there certain troll tribes that aren't allowed?

Any help would be awesome. Also I can't log in for some reason at the moment..so anyways..thanks for the future help!
I think you should PM the guild leader about it or post on the guild's subforum.

As for the login problem, it must be due to server being down and hopefully will back up in a some minutes.
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