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Help for Theatre
Hi CotH, I know I haven't been around much, although I'm trying to update to Cataclysm while I'm home until... tomorrow morning (x.x) I'm going to make a plea for some help. I was accepted this past year and attend Interlochen Arts Academy theatre, in which I hope to make a career. This experience has changed my life, but it is extremely financially hard on my family. It's expensive in of itself, but then my brother will be attending college this fall, my house keeps breaking down and needing expensive repairs, and my mother is currently in the hospital and recovering from a brain tumor. (She had surgery yesterday and everything is going well.) She'd been sick for a while, and her work told her that she needed to either quit or go on disability, which means for however long it takes her to recover, she won't be paid as much. I'm extremely concerned for my future and my friend suggested I create a GoFundMe page and try to get help. I'm not usually one to ask for money like this, but I'm getting desperate, and so I'm just sharing this anywhere I can. I know times are tough for a lot of folks, and if donation isn't possible or something that can be done, though it would be awesome, if any of you all could share my page I'd be extremely grateful.

Thanks so much, Nic Mains

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Unfortunately, I have no money, else I'd give you as much of it as I could, Aphe. Instead, I will share this -- and your story -- to as many people as I can.
If I can manage to budget something in, I'll help you out bro <3
I'm just stuck trying to get my travel money so I can get to Australia.
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I am tech support

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