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Help with addon creation?
Hello CoTH, I've been trying to find a good addon to automatically change my character's speech to something of a Southern accent, but I can't find a good one. TRP2, so far, I can't find a customize option for dialects. Tongues won't work. So, instead, I've decided to try and make my own.

Now, I'm somewhat good with coding (I can do some HTML and Java (but WoW uses Lua so screw them both)) and I assume that the following code I salvaged from Tongues would be usable.

Tongues.Custom.Dialect["Westfallian"] = {
    ["substitute"] = {
        [1] = {
            ["you all"] = "y'all"
            ["you"] = "ya'"
            ["you're] = "yer"
            [idiot] = "idjit"

Now, since Tongues won't even let me /dialect Westfallian, does anyone know how I could convert this sliver of code to become my own custom addon? And would I need UI doohickeys and such?
[Image: 6803b9ec_bump3.jpg]

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