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Herach [Draenei Warrior]
Player: Jaella

Character Full Name: Herach

Character In-Game Name: Herach

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Draenei

Race: Draenei

Class: Warrior

Age: 25,218 Years.

Sex: Male

Hair: Long loose hair, sometimes in a topknot when the occasion requires it.

Eyes: Deep blue eyes with a faint glow emitting from them.

Weight: 543 lbs

Height: 8'1"


Often seen in his armor of Draenei origin, he's rarely seen in any leisure clothing as Herach enjoys traveling on the road while keeping himself well protected most of the time. There is a scar running over his right eye without running through it. The weapon of his choice is often seen in the hands of its master, a mighty hammer that belonged to his grandfather.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Open and like-able is best to describe Herach, not a man for smooth diplomatic actions though. Which has worked against him in the past a few times. However, when action is called upon.. he is the first to answer the call with his righteous battle-cries. Trying to remain as neutral as possible in most social conflicts to keep himself out of them has been a gift that almost came natural to him. Always curious to learn about new cultures and ways gave Herach an insatiable wanderlust that he always uses as an excuse to never settle down. All in a nutshell though, Herach is a nice guy.. just stay on his good side.


Early Life

Herach was born and raised on Argus, being orphaned after an accident occurred involving his parents taken by surprise in an ambush by a cunning predator. When the fate was being decided on how the small child should be raised, his uncle stepped forward to raise him as his own. After lying awoke three nights while the elders of his family were discussing, the decision was made. Herach's uncle, Vadim took the kid to his home and then Herach lives a relatively peaceful life. That wasn't the case if you counted all the trouble he caused as a kid. It first began playing a prank here and there, but it grew out into a large problem that escalated in him being disciplined the most. He took little care learning any trade as he found that there was more to life than just working. Another contribution to the problem of his getting into trouble easily was for being, 'taller than everyone else'. An excuse he used too much to not be accounted for his mischievous and cheeky deeds. Soon however, his brawn was put to use in menial tasks such as heavy lifting and other manual labour that required a bit of muscle. Eventually taking joy in this work as he became better in it over time.

Even a child has to become a man one day; same went for Herach as he grew to adulthood. Being tasked in executing retribution on the descendants of the predator that killed his parents he was sent out with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a simple hammer he got from a quarry master. A few years passed on as he tracked and killed each one of those predators with the hopes of such beasts never to orphan another Draenei again. Upon his return his victory was celebrated he and his uncle had a memorable evening, talking about how he took out the beasts and his other small adventures during the tracking. One stood out though, the misadventure of the muddy pool. It involved Herach sleepwalking an uprooted tree root and as guessed, a mighty large mud pool. Fell down flat faced in it and continued to sleep too. This small secret is one of many tales he tells with delight, after a few drinks.

His uncle deemed Herach worthy to be trained after completing the given task, which began straight next morning. Being woken up roughly with a cold bucket shower he was put in the grind of training and sparring under the tutelage of Vadim. Being taught important life lessons in between, which he enjoyed the most as Herach knew they would come in handy in the future. About two hundred years passed before Vadim found Herach ready for the Rite of Skill, a tournament to gain a place in the guard of an Exarch. Herach had to fight in five matches and win at least three for his next trial. Being properly prepared by Vadim for years, Herach passed the first rite clean by winning all five matches. After the completing the two rites that followed that were the Rite of Honour and the Rite of Virtue. Herach joined the guard of the Exarch Borislav after the Rite of Initiation and was given the standard armour he still wields to this day.

The Exodus

Years passed and the rumours surrounding the Legion and their false lies proved to be true when Kil'jaeden and Archimonde fell to the tricky of the Legion. Sadly... so did Herach's commanding officer Vadim. Already he had to fight through a few skirmishes involving foot soldiers of the Legion and some turned Draenei to get his family to safety at the designated area as told by the Prophet to the soon to be Exiles. They valiantly fought back to anyone who wished harm to the Exiles or with the intentions to take them as prisoner. Unfortunately most coordinates of their whereabouts were always spotted by Vadim. Taking the initiative, Herach assembled a small force of twenty strong to ambush Vadim. Once preparations were made, Herach waited for Vadim to walk into the ambush. A battle ensued and due to the cunning of Herach's small force, most guarding Vadim were slain with a few wounded on the side of the Exiles.

Then a duel involved with Vadim showing off his new-found powers to Herach in an attempt to sway him over to his side. To no avail... as Herach had risen victorious from the duel as the dust settled during their final stand-off. Taking the wounded back to the rest of the group proved to be difficult as their little operation increased the number of enemies in the area. Taking every precaution they discussed and planned until they safely reached the other Exiles again. Just in time too, as people were boarding the ships. Once everyone was safely aboard the ship, they flew out into space... hailing a new uncertain period for the Draenei.

Lost Between Time And Space

Herach dealt with the loss of their ancestral home through training and sparring with his fellow Draenei. Slowly but surely he began to face to the realities now set before their kind with a more focused view. His uncle began to notice the change far more early than everyone else that was close to Herach. Though, once they had a deep and meaningful conversation regarding the future of their kind and their family. It was clear to Herach he had to use his years of training and combat before for the betterment of the exiled Draenei. Such happened as new recruits signed up to bolster the ranks of the current army. Being strict and sometimes unforgiving, Herach always put the maximum capability of his recruits to use by training on how to be well prepared... even when in the minority. Once a habitable planet was found, Herach and recruits in his platoon were always first to be sent out to see if the planet was deemed safe enough.

Sometimes, it was safe until the Legion caught up with the Draenei. This often resulted in Herach and his platoon to be the last to board the ship to leave the planet. It never without the loss of a few good men, but there were other men eager enough to honour their sacrifice for the safety and well-being of their kind by continuing their work. Once, the Draenei did found a planet to find relative peace, but unbeknown to them was that the wildlife was quiet fond in having these newcomers put in the food chain for them. These times always proved to be dangerous and often Herach would be found at settlement gates to fend off these predators from entering the settlements. Then, everything changed again when the Legion waltzed in like they did before and they had to flee once again.

This was soon to change as there was a decision made to travel further away until they were certain that the Legion no longer caught their scent...

A New Home

The plan proved to be a success when they landed to what is now known as Draenor. Herach and his platoon sent out to scout the immediate area of the landing and to map it. After running into nothing more than a few predators, once they deemed it was hospitable enough for their kind. He returned with the platoon to report of a hospitable planet, ready to be settled on. Not knowing that they have been watched by the native inhabitants of the planet after Herach and his platoon were far enough to be spied on.

Settlements flourished on the planet they called Draenor and soon plans were made to construct a city, Shattrath. But all would be foiled by the appearance of the native inhabitants of Draenor, the Orcs. Being sent to guard one of the convoys to make contact with the inhabitants was a pleasant experience. As the Orcs proved to be diplomatic and understanding, even though the first interactions between their species proved to be slow going. In the end, they came to a few trade agreements and they didn't interact much with each other from either side. Best be left in peace, they both must have thought at the time.

As time progressed and the Draenei society flourished, Herach found himself spending more time again helping with construction of Shattrath and with his family than training new recruits. He often was using the excuse of putting a few volunteers between the recruits to help with the construction work. This often led to the suspicion of Herach becoming lazy, but once he heard the rumours he began back in training the recruits to their fullest once again. He wanted to prove that he was not lazy in any way, which worked to his favour in the end. As the tidings of war began to sound as the horns in the distance were blown.

The Sacking

Once Herach heard that the Orcs were going to wage a war against the Draenei; he knew that this was the time to ask his family elders for one thing. The hammer their grandfather bore in combat, the short ceremony of the passing on of this important family heirloom was attended by all members that were able to arrive in time. After the ceremony, Herach was already dispatched to defend a critical choke-point in a valley that led to Shattrath.

Once they arrived though, much to Herach's grief... everyone that was stationed there was slaughtered. The image of the scene burned in his mind, even remembering the unimportant bits as the massacre is still hard to find suitable words. After giving all of the fallen a proper burial, the platoon set out to report back to Shattrath and to the grief of Herach. He found the city sacked and in ruins with a few Orcs still occupying it. Meeting up with the leftover of the soldiers stationed there and with the Exarch, a plan was made to perform a sweep of the streets to ensure the safety of any survivors stuck under the rubble.

Planning was one of Herach’s favourable traits, which got him the command over his current platoon in the past. After meticulous planning, they enacted the plan and it was a less costly plan the Exarch proposed. Only losing twenty men instead of one third from their one hundred strong force, they did meet up with other survivors and soldiers through it who joined the sweep. Herach later received a medal for his plan, from the Exarch personally.

However, Herach feared for the well-being of his family and searched through the ruins for their bodies. Losing all hope when he spotted the home of where his whole family lived was in ruins. Spending the following days in grief for his loss, once he made a promise never to let his own family alone during dangerous times... he got word of his family being among the survivors in Zangarmarsh. Who in the end, fled off world again with the Exodar.

Months went by and the remaining Draenei began to rebuild Shattrath with the hopes of being able to start anew, again. Times changed rapidly as scouts came back with reports of the Alliance and Horde passing through the Dark Portal. They also brought news about the Draenei among them. Once the Alliance arrived with their lost brethren and sisters, construction got a faster pace than they ever imagined and Shattrath was hospitable once again… to some degree.

To Azeroth

Herach asked to be released of his duty, which was granted immediately after he filled out the forms. He set out to the Exodar after he followed a crash-course for Common. He chose to travel by foot to the Exodar so he could explore Azeroth first hand, instead of using a portal. He learned much from this journey up until the boat ride to Azuremyst Isle, where the rest of his whole family would be.

Once arrived at the docks, he ran through the gates and skidded a few feet when he stopped inside... only to bump into his uncle! Moments later he found himself surrounded by the rest with questions and stories of his survival and their own escape. They didn't stand long in a public area and withdrew to a more private area to celebrate the complete reunion of the family. A night filled with joy and festivities with, to much regret of himself... Herach made himself the centre of attention with his tales of his journey to the Exodar. In the weeks that followed, Herach was asked to train recruits again with a request of his own. Not to lead a platoon this time and remain instructor until otherwise required. For months this went very well, exceeding the expectations of the recruits and his peers with technique and skill being the boon of his success. Though, things were not staying peaceful as evil things stirred in the North.

Being switched to active duty to aid the Alliance in the continent of Northrend, Herach marched away to Stormwind first. Where he learned a great deal about Human culture and picked up some of their habits, like the appreciation of alcoholic beverages far and wide. Though, much of the night where he appreciated a bit too much was blurred by the headache in the next morning. After a quick visit to the quartermaster for a potion to take it away, he boarded the ship towards Northrend. Straight from the moment he set foot on the ground, he would always be at the front-lines of many battles across Northrend in the campaign to defeat the Lich King. Weeks passed of this continuous cycle of warfare until the Lich King was defeated and Herach was discharged from active duty. He quickly left the dreaded north to be back at his family who welcomed him back as a hero. Followed by another joyous celebration where Herach told in his stories in moderation, as there were some budding youngsters around that always attempted to pry horrific images from the tales. Which didn’t work out for them as every attempt was foiled by Herach’s cunning in putting them to chores.

Unable to have seen much sights of Azeroth, Herach set out to travel on his own for new tales to tell...
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You'll want to do some touch up work on the section headers in regards to capitalization. An interesting format, however.
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Do you mean the appearance etc?

Or the history chapter titles?
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Oh my god... you didn't...
Okay, I got it now Niko.

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Oh my god... you didn't...
Please remove the boldness and the scaling of the text! I'll do as I did with my Kag'rin profile, and arrange it in small headers (that's what you want, right?) when I wikify it! :)


Initial approval!
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Edited accordingly!

Would be greatly appreciated Rowgen when you do that at wikifying.
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Draenei/Tauren may not go over 1.1

Gnomes may not go under .9
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Changed it, wasn't aware of the limitation also applying to Draenei.

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Oh my god... you didn't...
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