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Hero Class: Death Knight
Right, so... Death Knights are a Hero Class. Right? Hero Class. Most characters in this game are supposed to be normal people not 'heroes'. So i was wondering, shouldn't Death Knights be feared by people? In RP I have seen them treated merely as other people. I look at it this way. Your character is a Footman or whatever, a regular WC3 unit, and a Death Knight is a hero unit, the Death Knight... In the HP system we generally go with 5 HP, but if a normal person has 5, shouldn't a Hero class (Death Knight) have 8 or maybe even 10 or so? Death Knights are not normal people, they are very powerful beings. They should be feared by a lot of normal people, if not most. Not only feared, but hard to beat.

However, this then makes them more special. Or maybe it just gives more reason to being a 'Special' character that you have to apply for. Something to keep this especially powerful being from being abused, and to keep them from being common.

I had also wondered if maybe this would be better if only those who have a Hero rank as CotH members should be allowed to play as them. Sure, I'd have to give up my own Death Knight, but DKs need to impact the game a bit more. I'd be willing to sacrifice my own Death Knight that I worked on and waited patiently for if something could come of it.

Ehhh, forgot: Discuss.
Hero class doesn't mean they're more powerful than normal classes, it's the term Blizzard gave classes that do not start the usual way (at level 1, in the normal traject.) They start in Acherus at level 55 in an epic starting, which is why they're a hero class.

They're not supposed to be more powerful at all.

That said, Death Knights should -not- be treated as normal people. Like warlocks and necromancers, they're generally considered the scum of the earth. People don't trust them, in fact, they plain despise them. It shows very well in the end of the Death Knight quest chain when they're sent to Orgrimmar or Stormwind to offer their assistance.

Npcs and guards call them names and throw rotten food at them.
They're called Hero Class because of their unit-type in Warcraft 3. They were a Hero unit, and more powerful than a normal unit.
Theik got it right, but unlike Necromancer's and Warlock's. Death Knight's have to be accepted into the major city of their faction basically, well, don't have to. But they are allowed in.
Nah, you're wrong there Gwenadrael. It has nothing to do with being a hero unit in Warcraft 3. A lot of hero units got chopped to pieces and introduced in normal classes. For example, the shadowhunter got chopped up and turned into a Shaman, which has both healing wave and hex. It has little to do with being more powerful, Blizzard has already pointed that out several times when people claimed being a hero class entitled Death Knights to being overpowered in gameplay.

The term is used because they get a 'heroic start'.
Blizzard does a LOT of things simply for gameplay. We're speaking ROLEplay.
In roleplay, they're no stronger either. In D20 they're also just as powerful, albeit a prestige class. There's really no "strongest class" in lore. But yes, a Death Knight -would- scare people more than a warrior. Just like they'd be more scared of a warlock than a mage, or a necromancer than a rogue.

People who handle undeath or demons, carry plagues and curses, are generally feared far more than "ordinary" fighters.
Ok I will speak up with an example that happened on my last weekend, I was playing the D20 with some friends.

The tank of the group is a level 12 human warrior
The enemy the group fought, boss and minions was, 2 level 4 ghouls and a level 12 (6 paladin and 6 DK) Deathknight.

The rest of the group attacked the ghouls and the warrior and the Deathknight fought. Let me tell you, the death knight in the D20 gets its strength from its rune weapon's enchantments. The Deathknight had around 127 HP and the warrior with all sorts of defensive buffs and skills, he had 148 hp.

The fight between them was extreamly close, the deathknight nearly won, but the warrior got in a crit that really made his victory assured.

So Deathknights are feared yes, but if fighting someone of the same well caliber, even if not a hero class(Prestige class) can be killed just as easily.
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Brutal, that really doesn't say much.. cause those roll's are pure luck. Death Knight's are feared, yes, but not to the extent of they walk down the street and everyone flee's in terror. They are allowed in cities now. You may also want to note. Warlock isn't just a normal class in WC. Nor is Paladin.
Death knights -should- be feared, in my opinion, but not due to their strengths. They should be feared because they represent the strength of the enemy, the Lich King, and how his grasp reaches way beyond that of a normal person.

Also, remember that a Deathknight's first level is 55. While, initially a Deathknight is stronger than most, a level 80 Warrior would have just as much the ability to be as strong and powerful as an 80 Deathknight. ICly, this means that a Warrior -can- beat the living hell out of a DK, they just wouldn't use the same means a DK would. HOWEVER, this warrior had a very basic start, while the DK was created to fight, and do the things they do.
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△Move along.△


Rensin, in this server, a lvl 1 can beat a lvl 80 :/ Lvls have little meaning in this as far as I can tell.
Gwenadrael Wrote:Rensin, in this server, a lvl 1 can beat a lvl 80 :/ Lvls have little meaning in this as far as I can tell.
Not necessarily but that's off topix.
The Levels act as symbols in this case. A Death Knight doesn't go through a baby stage, like other classes. A Death Knights baby stages are at the same level of a 'Trained' or 'Disciplined' class like a Hunter or Mage. Death Knights, right out of the box, are hardened killing machines. The Lich King wouldn't have it any other way.
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
Also keep in mind that the playable death knights are the "third generation", they are not as powerful as the death knight we saw in WCIII.

The differences are that while the WCIII death knight willingly gave up their soul to serve the Scourge they were stationed as generals and higher ups (Baron Rivendare, the four horsemen, Arthas) and are still kind of alive.

The newest generation of death knigths are former members of the Alliance and Horde who fought against the Scourge and then died, they were raised against their will to serve in the Scourge and were granted a runeblade to focus their new power.

This latest generation of death knights are more of elite shocktroops than generals (not to say that some of them coudln´t rise to lead) and that is why, -I- think, we see them as a large regiment, or legion (I think they´re called that when they attack Light´s Hope) instead of the few, scattered leader figures we used to see at the head of the Scourge armies.

This provides a bit of an explanation to my reasoning: http://www.lorecrafted.com/?p=205#more-205

I remember reading a more comprehensive explanation somewhere, I´ll see if I can find it as well.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Just a quick correction, the four horsemen were -not- willingly granted their Death Knight status.
Mograine was stabbed by his son in a betrayal and raised as a death knight, Sir Zeliek was a paladin who died and got raised, and even managed to keep some of his free will in terms of speech, but not in actual actions, Thane Korth'azz was one of Prince Uther's best paladins and got killed and raised by the scourge.

I think only Lady Blaumeux is an actual willing death knight.

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