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Hero Complex in the time of Invasions
This is an issue I'm glad to see has been brought up. It's also the reason I'm glad I've seen a lot of level 72 and Higher mobs in Azeroth, and that is something quite simple-people have let their characters become "crusaders", for lack of a better word.

Everyone likes to play the rebelious hero who takes orders from noone, and takes measures into their own hands because they were abandoned and had to rely on their own wit. In real life, in the modern military, that'd get you shot. Or even repremanded. In short, war is hell, and I've said it before. This is a game, for sure, but that doesn't mean it should lack realism and that everyone should be an anime-ish character with about as much substance as an empty soup can.

Part of the fun about a serious, almost appocolyptic roleplay is that it weeds out the mega-hero's. Those are always the people to die first. And to illustrate that point, Gandalf and El Ray both died. Sure, Gandaly pulled a J.C. and came back, but you gotta look at it this way.

Gandalf is Kretol, and Gandalf will never be one of us. Sorry guys.

In some games I've played destruction of major area's is a good thing. It makes things harder, it give people reason's to think. Rather than piddling around talking about who had who's baby's momma daddies grandchild, it gives you a chance to actually give your character a thick background. Something meaningful, and tasteful, rather than the bland "Rowr, I'm a hero with a backstory". It gives you and opportunity to make your Characters have a story now.

/end rant

*Slight edit on some things ;p*
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