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Heroism: Bounty Hunters
Right, so.

I'm going to begin some attempts at hosting single to five-man mini-events soon. This will be one of the minor components of the Heroism event line that I originally intended to run, but it was arguably the most 'complete' of the formulated ideas there.

Essentially I'll be running bounty hunter quests; both for lawful and chaotic characters in the way of seeking out criminals or taking hits out for assassination jobs for others. I can't be sure how often I'll run these due to my slightly erratic schedule, but I'll likely announce and call for those interested. These events will focus on hunting down and either killing or detaining a specific target, either via brute force or subterfuge. Some will be complex, others less so.

I'll hopefully be able to run some of these later today.
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I am excited. Nothing more can be said on my part.
Is there a place to sign up for this, or will you just be calling for people at random in-game?

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