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Hey all, I'm new to this server and I've gotten an account for the forum but I dunno how to get an account ingame.. (I never have, I'm just a noob.. :P )

Can I just get a brief instruction on how to get it or just give me a link please, this server looks like a good RP server which is why I'm eager to join..

So anywho enough of my babbling, just give me some feeback please that'd be great :)
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Hey there, welcome.

To create a game account simply click the *Game Account* button on the top right of the screen on this forum, just next to a *Wiki* link.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

There it is! Thanks Nostra :)

And thanks for the welcome too
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Reading the FAQs in the wiki will answer a whole bunch of your questions right away. I recommend checking it out.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

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~Kurt Vonnegut

One of the first few players I've rped with. He has room for improvement, sure, but I think it's important to say that he's been steadily improving since I met him.
Paint. (It's red now!)
Please move the vouch to his actual intro thread. ;)
I Am the Sea

Need an easy way to host/link files and images? Check this thread!

Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
Ooh, sneaky thread. I thought It was his intro too!
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XI Touch

HURRAY that's my second vouch! Thanks man ;)

This whole thing should be in my Introduction thread but what the heck. A vouch is a vouch.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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