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Hey, everyone. My name's Talara.
Before I start on the application, I'd just like to say thanks for being one of the only RP private servers out there, and I want to congratulate you on being ridiculously difficult to find. I'm kidding, of course.

1. First things first! Did you read the rules, policies, and FAQs?
Yes, I did.

2. How did you hear about us?
I googled "WoW private servers RP", and this was hidden among the search results.

3. How did you get into RP?
When I first started playing WoW, I was invited into a guild that ran a tavern, and I happened to see a group of people talking kind of funny; I asked what they were doing, and one of them politely told me that they were RPing and they asked if I would like to join them.

4. How did you get into Warcraft?
A friend of mine (who, for some reason, hates private servers) gave me his WoW disk, and one of those 10-day free trial cards, and a few hours later, after learning the controls and what-not, I was addicted...

5. What is your favorite race/class?
Draenei Hunter. It's my main on retail, and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING.

6. What is your favorite kind of character to play?
A Draenei because so many people don't play them simply because they look outlandish (unintended pun =D), but after installing Burning Crusade, I found that I liked playing through the Azuremyst and Bloodmyst starting areas.

7. What is your favorite kind of RP?
Tavern RP. You can't really find a better place to RP anywhere else in Azeroth because a tavern tends to attract a good bit of RPers from across the realm.

8. Do you have any hobbies (outside of Warcraft)/talents/stupid human tricks?
I like hanging out with friends when we aren't all playing Warcraft...

9. What country are you from? (Or, if you're uncomfortable with that question, what is your first language? We don't need to know exactly where you live, just what general time zone you're in and if you need some wiggle room on your spelling and grammar.)
I'm one of those Americans, but I don't really consider myself a jerk. I'll leave that judgement to the rest of you.

10. Remember question #1? Do you agree to abide by the rules and policies? Seeing as how this is one of the only RP servers that I found that accepts 3.0.3, I wouldn't want to have to look for anymore RP private servers: 1) because I broke a simple, easy-to-follow rule, and 2) There probably isn't a better private server than what I've seen here so far.

If you need anymore information than what I've tossed out here, I'd be glad to answer any other questions you might have for me, but other than that, I look forward to meeting with some of you ingame. Thanks for reading!
Are we that difficult to find? Seems we keep getting hordes of folks...

Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
Nice pun there Grakor. Not sure if it was intended.

*cough* Conquest of the Horde *cough* ... :mrgreen:

Anywho, congratulations, Talara.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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