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Hey everyone! (problems logging in) -FIXED-
Hey guys, so first off I wanted to say hello and say I'm very excited about this server and look forward to meeting everyone.

Secondly... I'm having troubles actually getting on the server :?

So I made an account, and I try logging in but it only shows me my wowscape private server selection, and I don't know how to change that. (It's the same loggin information between wowscape and here.)

Aside from that, I'm trying to learn lore, I've been trying since WoW came out, but there is just so darn much of it :P so is anyone going to kill me if I get some of it wrong occasionally? Obviously I'm going to change anything that doesn't follow wow lore, just wondering how you guys are on the matter.

So hello again, and can't wait to work with you guys!
Welcome to the server! :D

Everything you need to know about how to connect can be found here. Hopefully that answers your questions.
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Alrighty, I'll look there again. I followed the directions exactly, but... maybe I messed something up.
Okay, I'm really sorry, I hope I'm not being annoying but-

I think what happened was, the realmlist got changed when I downloaded the wowscape private servers, so I replaced it with the downloadable version you gave me provided by that link; But now there is problem number two-

It wont log me into the wowscape servers which is good, but it wont log me into the coth servers either. It says my information is invalid, which I don't understand because I know exactly what I entered for it on this site. I made the account last night, so I don't know that it would be a time issue.... hmmm...

edit- grammar
Try logging in now. The problem should be fixed. (It was an internal database issue)
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Yay, I'm in! Thanks a bunch.
Welcomez to da server, relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.
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