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Hey there.
I genuinely doubt any of you really know me at all, I came here years ago. I wanted to dearly, sincerely play. However, I couldn't get into things. I couldn't find anyone to interact with. That was my fault, I should have pressed more to attempt to get involved with things.

However, I caught wind via Skype that there was the DMCA notice. I quit Warcraft roleplay for awhile. Bounced between all of the other servers out of curiosity before I found SWTOR three years ago and that has maintained my attention since then.

I wanted to come here to apologize, to anyone affected by this. I didn't have the opportunity to do much, but it's bittersweet nonetheless that something like this is happening. From everything I've read, this was a great community. It'll continue to live on I imagine, friends you make tend to stick with you.

I have a few from others that stuck with me.

If there is another place we go to play, I'd like to have the chance to do things with anyone in this community. Perhaps in the future, that might be able to be entertained.
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This makes me happy to hear from potential new players.
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