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HI. Im Chris. Ive been waiting for the past 6 hours i belive, for a gm to check my intro :D i know they may have IRL problems, or in-game probs. but is there anyway that i can get a PM of when to atleast Expect a reply on it?
There is no telling when you will get a reply. It can be a few minutes after posting or a whole week, it depends on when they get to it. You're not the only one trying to get onto the server. Also I'm pretty sure somewhere it says you're not allowed to ask/beg GM's to look at your intro or character-profile.
Timothy Willaims VI: I know what this is! You are all racist against bards! Its a conspiracy!
Rorbin: A bard isn't even a race!
Timothy Willaims VI: . . .racist.

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