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Hi there!
Hey there everyone! Name's Austin but I go by a few nicknames. I usual respond to Stin or Demyx more than Austin.

1. First things first! Did you read the rules, policies, and FAQs?

I have read them and I have also bookmarked them so I can go back and refer to them as needed.

2. How did you hear about us?

Well I went on Google and typed in Roleplaying Private Servers and was looking through and found this one. I decided since I was wanting to roleplay I'd give anything a try.

3. How did you get into RP?

On my other server (don't remember the name and they shut it down) I was wondering around and read the Looking for Group channel (like usual) and saw a character named Aaron advertising for a roleplaying guild. I had always wanted to try it out so I gave him a whisper and asked for more info. Once I got in I decided I liked it and I even made a few guilds of my own.

4. How did you get into Warcraft?

My dad was put on a list of beta games and when Warcraft came out he got my mom and I hooked on it.

5. What is your favorite race/class?

I would say my favorite race would be a Night Elf or Blood Elf by far and my favorite class would have to be either a Druid or a Shaman. I can't decide since Lich King came out.

6. What is your favorite kind of character to play?

Hmmmm. This is a hard one. I don't know what my FAVORITE kind of character to play would be. There's so many so I guess I would say every kind.

7. What is your favorite kind of RP?

Ummm anything BUT exotic roleplay. I'm not a huge fan of it I won't do it. The only “romance” roleplay I would do is boyfriend/girlfriend walk around and marry type.

8. Do you have any hobbies?

I love to spend time with my family and friends and I love to shop. I also love to read fantasy books such as the Drow Series (With Drizzt, Cattie-Bri, Wulfgar, ect.), Harry Potter, Twilight and more. I have only incorporated books once during roleplay and that's because the guild master wanted everyone to do it.

9. What country are you from?

I am from the United States. Colorado if you'd like specifics.

10. Remember question #1? Do you agree to abide by the rules and policies?

Of course I agree to abide by the rules. I believe they are THE guidelines to having a good anything.
While I wished to hear a bit more clarity in your answers, I believe it is good that you have bookmarked the rules. An integral, cardinal rule that is paramount to all of the roleplaying experiences on this server. I hope that you find the ones here, to be amongst the best.

Approved. Welcome to CotH.
[corners=forumbg forumbg-table][table=tablebg table1][thead][tr=0][th=4]Character Information[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr=bg1][td=1,]Name[/td][td=1,]Affiliation[/td][td=1,]Status[/td][td=1,]Title[/td][/tr]
[tr=bg2][td=1,]Ivy Killinger[/td][td=1,]The Lodestone Company[/td][td=1,]Inebriated[/td][td=1,]Drunken Fightin' Wench[/td][/tr]
[tr=bg2][td=1,]Vyrsallia Scythefall[/td][td=1,][/td][td=1,]Alive[/td][td=1,]Guttersnipe and Ne'erdowell[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table][/corners]
[Image: badge.jpg]
I'm a Shaman? Really? Huh.

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