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First off, I don't mean to be mean, or critisize any single person, I am not singling anyone out, nor myself.

That being said, The ammount of hostility going on is phenominal! Really.. What happened to the old days where we all got along? With the increase in size of CotH the lack of respect and the total disregard of common courtesy is really getting to me, I won't say I havn't done it once or twice, but when people are going around telling each other to shut up, and calling each other jackasses, It doesn't just make -you- look disrespectful and stupid, it makes -us- look stupid and we don't tend to take it very well, most people don't like being told to shut up, and fight fire with fire.

'Two wrongs don't make a right'
They really don't, if someone does something that bothers you, or really 'grinds your gears'. PM a GM! There is no need to begin fighting with people.
Fighting fire with fire never helps.

The whole 'debates' in Chat that don't get moved, or get moved just shouldn't happen. You guys aren't debating, you are argueing and it doesn't just ruin RP. It gets people to pick sides and get mad at each other. Not only do we have to deal with -your- senseless arguements, when we ask you to move ARGUEMENTS. You say your debating which it doesn't seem like it, you are really starting fights that aren't needed, take it to the forums or don't talk about it. Yes, debates are fine. But the way this is handled and the way it is turning is really getting to some people.


Well, With the new Player Map and such I think it's also good to address this touchy subject, I can't point fingers and I definatly won't accuse, but if this is happening, or you think it is happening, Take screenshots! Start logging your conversations. But first and foremost, whisper a GM! PM a GM! Anything, ask them politely to go invis or 'sneaky-sneaky' and watch the RP. Because you can never be too sure, I hope this doesn't happen and I'm sure it doesn't often, but it does happen. Just don't do it, it's not cool.

Humility: Rule 8

It is a simple thing, but it doesn't just apply to character's and IC relations. If a GM tells you to do something, or to fix something on your profile that is specific. It's like talking to a parent, Or someone of authority. Acually, here, they are authority. You -DONT- backtalk and begin to debate about it, just do it.. If you don't like how it was handled, Get screenshots, talk to other GM's, even Kretol. But don't even dare go about talking rudely to them, or even worse. Behind there backs.


Yes, there is more. But I am sure you get the point by now. Conquest of the Horde was never meant to be this big, it is a small safe-haven for RP'ers who can't afford Retail, don't like Retail, or have a more.. advanced sense of Roleplay. It wasn't just a safe-haven back then, it was a community.


But with the increase in players, it's hard to have a loving and happy-go-lucky community like we once did. But we can atleast try, just take suggestions from other players and GM's themselves. Don't start rumor-mongering. Don't start being rude and disrespectful. This is like your best friend's house, treat it with respect and the ut-most care. But have fun!

We were once a community, yes. But as said above it's hard. So this is what a community means in short: An online community is somewhere you can come and log-on, be happy and have fun with people you can call friends, online mates, or just general people who like the things you like.. But it's become the exact opposite, I am sure a few people sometimes regret logging on to see people deliberatly b***h to get their way. I know sometimes I just want to log off, I am sure some of you do to. This isn't meant to target anyone or single anyone out, this has been building up for a while and some people have had enough.

1) A -A group of people living in the same locality and under the same government.
B -The district or locality in which such a group lives.
2) A -A group of people having common interests: the scientific community; the international business community.
B - A group viewed as forming a distinct segment of society: the gay community; the community of color.
3) A -Similarity or identity: a community of interests.
B - Sharing, participation, and fellowship.
4) Society as a whole; the public.

We no longer fall under any of these.

With that, I'd like to say thanks for reading and sorry to anyone that may have been offended by this.

Take a step back,
What does this server mean to -you-?
From what I observe, this stems from, well, to put it bluntly, a blantant and rampant disregard for the idea that... IC =/= OOC.

First and foremost. A lot of you guys are nitpicking -everything- you come across in chat. Everything. EVERYTHING. It's -childish-. But, if people are asked to stop, and either take it to the forums, or someplace else, or to just drop it, that even becomes a debate. Debate almost always leads to hurt feelings. And in an environment where you cannot interpret emotion, people often personify others in a false light.

I myself find that the best way to go about things, is to now stay quiet. If I don't like something, I just leave chat. Which is quite frequent since there are many things I just simply don't agree with people on.

Now, we've made grand steps to try and make it so that "A GM's word isn't neccessarily final", because people dislike us saying no.

BUT HERE IS MY OPINION: Shut the hell up and eat your cheesecake! For the love of GOD.

((Directed to people in general, who feel like ARGUING WITH EVERYTHING. And I know people will with me on here. I don't care, heh. BUT CERTAINLY NOT TO KAELVAN. I feel this was something that someone was going to address in the future, in some way.))
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△Move along.△


Rensin Wrote:(( I feel this was something that someone was going to address in the future, in some way.))

I was actually typing something but Kaelvan got most of it for me.
Sorry Nari. :P

But I completely agree Sin, I was going to write a blurb about that too, but you summed it up nicely, and probably better then I was going to, I added a bit.
For the ones that feel hostility for any reason - whether it is another player, a GM; or even the way the server is run, there is nothing wrong with anyone voicing their opinions.

However, it is those people that see it fit to undermine, negate, and otherwise nullify the efforts and considerations of others that need to re-evaluate precisely why they are here, if their sole intent is to cause drama because they are mildly inconvenienced by the slightest of direction.

Speaking constructively is encouraged, but verbally emasculating each other out of short-sighted transgressions is not. Which is why, for the people that haven't done so already, do consider reading over this thread, "In light of recent events".
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