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How Ghosty are Ghost Wolves
I have heard many things about Ghost Wolf form.

If one were to see one would it be more Ahhhh a wolf! Or Ahhhh a Ghost!

How well can they be seen?
How does one go back and forth between being a ghost and not a ghost?

It is late for me I should go to sleep, I will add more questions later.
I would think it's a visible manifestation of a spirit - unlikely to be confused for a wolf if seen in the light. I think those familiar with mysticism would be "Hmmm, spirit.. (here?!)" while everyone else would preety much be "Eeek, ghost!".

As for how easy to shift - I say it should be aat least as hard as it is for druids to become animals, if not harder. Even for the adept, it's not a "Poof - now I'm immaterial!" thing. I'd RP it as a form of astral projection if I had a shaman, requiring very extensive preparation before-hand.

My question's what happens when you poke your spear at one (that you perhaps find lounging around a Stormwind tavern)? Is it hurt? To what extent?

Edit: And congratz Duskwolf for exactly one year since joining. :)
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I think that they will be visible as a wolf, although they are translucent [Semi see-through]. They will have some matter as they are visible, so poking them will be felt by the shaman, although not to the extent of their fully physical form.

Thats my view on the Ghost Wolf form.
Random ramble, hopefully this answers all the questions. Granted, a lot of this is open to interpretation, but this is how I choose to see things based on how the spell is in-game.

First, I generally accept the in-game model as a accurate representation of what a ghost wolf would look like...AKA, a wolf that just happens to be semi-transparent. How someone would react to that is really up to you.

Now, how stealthy is a Ghost Wolf? Well, I suppose in some areas it might help you sneak around just by virtue of being smaller and semi-transparent, but in others it would just draw more attention to yourself. Not to mention, you've turned into the physical manifestation of a spirit, that's likely to light you up brighter than Vegas to the senses of any being nearby who's sensitive to spirits and events in the spirit world (such as other Shamans.)

Physical manifestation. Ghost wolves can still attack things and the form provides no real benefit defensively, so I see no compelling reason to believe they can't just as easily be stabbed as any other wolf. The question is then raised as to how unnerving it would be to actually pet one.

How? I figure the best way to interpret the spell would be to say that the wolf spirit grants the shaman the ability to take his shape and shed his old one. At that point it's just magic, it's not supposed to make complete sense.
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The way i've always seen it with Vakari is that you're not actually a spirit per say, but rather taking the husk of a fallen wolf, but only able to hold on to so much and as a result becoming far less tangible to the current world. You're still tangent and being crushed would have adverse effects to your health, and as such can't dissipate through walls or take a blade slash like a knife through air. As such, any damage done in this form to the attacker would be significantly less lethal.
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