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How To Talk Like A Pirate
Aye, t'Pirate Language be a fine fine tongue!

[Image: jack_sparrow_03.jpg]

There be some general rules about speakin' like a Pirate. Firs' things first, ye take all words with "r" in 'em and stretch out the sound. So "word" becomes "worrrrrrrrd", "scurvy" becomes "scurrrrrrrrvy" and "murderer" becomes "murrrrrr-derrrrrrr-errrrrrr".

Don't be sayin' "you", say "ye" or "yer". Don't be sayin' "for", be sayin' "fer". Don't be sayin' "to", be sayin' "ter".

"G's" at t'end of verbs be the mortal enemies of Pirates! "Pirating" should be a-spoken as "piratin", "drinking" becomes "drinkin", "falling" be "fallin".

Use the word "be" a lot, 'tis a fine word.

Whenever you be a-wonderin' what ter say next, say "Arrrr!"
About my spelling, If you say anything about it im gonna hunt your nerdy english aniel retentive arrrssse down and beat the elcrapo right out of you!!!!
I came to this planet to chew bubblegum and kick ass! And I am all out of gum!

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