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How do we tell a day in WoW?
We brought this up in chat because none of us are really sure.

Does the World of Warcraft day equal our equivalent of a day?

We have brought up flying times, boating times, and what not, what would work..? How would everyones times link up to each other?

Any ideas/thoughts on the topic?

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When it comes to telling time, I've just based it off the local-ish time, and only on vague terms.
For example, you'll be hard-pressed to catch me stating an hour, but I do say things like "Good morning" or "Good evening".
As for boat trips and whatnot, I've never really had to mess around with a delay of several days. The one time I did take a boat trip ICly, I think it was treated as rather short for simplicity's sake.
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I need a life.
That is what I thought..But how should we play it off as..? Realistically boat trips take days...Flying a continent a day or two as well..I am just curious as if the server has a rule. >>
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*Clears throat* Hahem...

Recent advances in gnomish technologies have allowed for long journeys, such as those taken while aboard a boat and/or zeppelin to be almost instantaneous, via the same technologies used to teleport one from the lush and forest filled Booty Bay of sunny Stranglethorn Vale to the depths of the machine run Gnomeregan. Such portals strategically placed through the seas and air spaces of Azeroth have been inserted for your traveling pleasure. We hope you enjoy this fun filled zeppelin ride from the Undercity to Orgrimmar...

Well that went pretty well don't you think? I just hope there aren't any explosions this time. Oh Sh-, is this thing still on?! Turn the damn loudspeaker off, Jimmy!

PLEASE NOTE: You take part in these gnomish technology enhanced trips at your own risk. Gnome Inc. is not liable for any missing appendages and/or bodily organs upon re-entry of this astral plane. If you jump out of the boat and land in the Maelstrom, don't sue us. It's your own stupid fault. I mean, seriously, who does that? ... It's still on isn't it? ... God dammit... I'm so quitting this job tomorrow.
"Time is our greatest teacher. Unfortunately, it kills most of its' pupils." - Louis Hector Berlioz

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