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How to reintroduce an old character?
I have a Blood Elf I'd like to play but I haven't logged on in I don't know how many months. I know some wacky stuff has been going on in Silvermoon, being sealed up and whatnot. My question is, what's a good way to bring this character back into civilization. Presumably she's been in Silvermoon this whole time but since she's a bit of a junkie it's quite possible she doesn't have a very clear image of reality. Should I just RP her as coming off a really bad trip and not knowing exactly what's going on? I don't want to show up in a conversation going "Hurp da durp, I have no idea what's happened the past few months!" Or would it be better to play her as just recovering from a significant illness or something of the sort?

Any input here would be appreciated. :)

Also, I know the general storyline for Silvermoon but if there's a detailed timeline or sequence of events that I haven't found, could someone link it for me? Thanks a ton!
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Saying that she's been seriously ill would be an interesting option, could work out what kind of illness and how it has affected her etc. As for what's been going on in Silvermoon; I think it might be best to read up and get a general picture of what's been happening and then figure out how much of that that your character has picked up.
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