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How you can benefit from my spotty attendance.
So... for the next six weeks, you will not see as much of me as you may be used to.

Here's why.

I am taking (and hopefully passing) American Political Science and US History 1, two of the final ten classes I need to complete before transferring to a University of California. I am the first person in my family to even complete a full year of college, much less earn two Associates' degrees and be poised to move on to play with the big kids at the University.

Why am I mentioning this?

I know a LOT of our members are under or just at the age where high school is finally going to be over. I've been there. I didn't like high school at all (it wasn't traumatic, I just didn't care for it). And I know at least some of you are wondering why you would want to go to even more school after you just got done with all that required stuff. Here's why:

College is like high school turned on it's head. No, I'm not talking about the parties (avoid them, your GPA will thank you), I'm talking about the attitude. In high school, you are in your seat in class because you have to be. In college, you're in that seat because you, yourself, want to be there. And if you don't like how the class is run? If you don't think the professor is professional, or you don't like the hairstyle of the guy next to you? You drop the class and find another professor. You have a say. You pick your goal, and how fast you want to meet it, and what time of day you want to attend classes.

Also, your checkbook will thank you. I'm attending community college right now, which is an excellent place to get a head start, and isn't too expensive. Beyond that... when I mentioned to my employers that I was going to college, they wanted a look at my transcripts (all the classes I had taken). My boss talked to his boss, there was note-comparing... and I got a raise. Nothing epic, but I got a raise for taking classes that I enjoyed taking anyway. Having a degree in anything looks fantastic when you're applying for jobs, too, as does being able to say you're attending college with a goal of (insert what you want here). Why? Because it shows employers that you're motivated and have the ability to carry through with big things. They like that. A lot.

With the mention of degrees and transfers, let me tell you what I wish someone had told me:

When you go to the campus, there are counselors there. They are not quite like high school counselors. No... they're like that, only ten times better, they're 100% on your side, they actually understand what's going on, it's their entire job to help YOU, they're free... and just like college professors, if you get one that you don't like, you just make an appointment with a different one the next time around. (This may vary between school systems, but I haven't heard of it.)

The last counselor I visited was a really awesome guy, and pointed out something that I really wish I had known my freshman year. It boils down to: Yes, there are a lot of really freaking awesome classes out there, some of which have nothing to do with your major. If you take these classes, AUDIT them, so that you're not earning any credits. Sounds strange, but you CAN have too many, especially if you're meandering around shop class when you're a biological science major (Eheh). Basically, I was dangerously close to having enough credits to have a bachelor's degree, but with not enough classes in any one area to actually have it count for anything. So yes. Auditing is good. Talking to your counselor is good, too. Do it as often as they'll stand you. Ask them about other services the college offers, too. A lot of the time, especially in community colleges, they're free, too.

Shortened version: I've never heard anyone say "Damn, I really wish I hadn't gone to college/gotten this degree".
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I hope you do well in your classes and get back here fast. :D
Good luck, Q! It actually helps me think more about going to college hearing it from someone who isn't payed to tell me to go to college..but anyways, good luck!
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Sounds exactly like me. Way to go, Q.
I too am going to community college, to hopefully move to SSU in california fall of 09.
College is awesome, and indeed completely the opposite of high school.
And yeah, you don't like your teacher, you find a better one. I did this once, made a huge difference in how I did in the class.
Hope everything goes well! :D
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parties (avoid them on days you should be doing homework, your GPA will thank you)

College will get stressful. Things like hanging out and going to parties will help keep you from becoming some high-strung, grade obsessed, stress basket provided you go with people you trust and know and be street-smart about them. Also, everything in moderation comes into play. Got a test tomorrow? No party/bar for you. Parties aren't for everyone, and we all have different ways of relaxing; but, if you like them, college means you don't have to give them up completely. ;)

Also doing your projects/homework with a group is super helpful for socializing and getting your work done simultaneously. You may work better alone, though.

Quote:I've never heard anyone say "Damn, I really wish I hadn't gone to college/gotten this degree".

I have, at least the latter one. I have a friend with an engineering degree who wishes she'd gone into graphic design. I also know a bunch of animation majors and game designers who're doing the same thing.* Your best bet is to call the colleges, ask to speak to the department head (or get their email) of the major you want, tell them -exactly what you want to do in your future- and they'll be straightforward with you so you don't end up wasting a second on it.

*(In the animator's/game designer's case, the fields they chose were so competitive, they wish they'd explored to become more versatile. Also they technology changes so fast, most of what they'd learned was already outdated. In the engineer's case, she ended up being disappointed Junior year and decided to finish what she'd started.)
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Olea brings up some good points. Mainly I said to avoid partying because of how many freshmen I see staggering into class hungover, then later surprised at how dismally they did on the test. It's very true that people go to the other extreme, too. Making yourself sick with stress will kill your GPA, too.

And yes, technological degrees are by their nature really finicky. But as Olea said, those department heads are there for your benefit, too. ...Actually, there's really no end to people you can harass for information about whatever you're planning to do.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Heheh, funny thing about my transition from High School to college, is that I worked kinda backwards in the whole thing. I also hated High School, feeling as if it was a waste of my time, and I'm not entirely too proud to say I spent the majority of my time experimenting with various mind-altering substances. Mostly those of the psychedelic variation. Also chain-smoked cigarettes like a mofo, as an excuse to skip out on classes.

Ended up walking out of highschool with a 2.2GPA, along with 30+ absences per year and absolutely -no- extra-curriculars to my name, though I did take AP classes (and didn't do too bad in 'em.).

Quite frankly: High School sucks. That's what I thought. Hated every little aspect of it. Even so, Qaza's right when she says that entering into College is a completely different experience.

I'm in Community College, and because of the positive atomsphere, flexible schedules, and actual open-mindedness you'll find in the people / campus, I've been doing much better. Have myself a 3.7 GPA, am one of three editors of the college's literary magazine (along with being published in it), and have been involved with various groups at campus. Hopefully, by next year, I'll be eligible to transfer into one of those crazy ultra-liberal Colleges (I'm looking at Evergreen State, Washington State, or Reed College) where a psychedelic dirty Marxist writer will be able to fit in.

As for parties, eh. I'm not a fan of alcohol, or the "big party" scene. I mostly avoid 'em. My idea of a good time is just wandering out to a corn field, grabbing my bubbler to blaze some salvia (along with other things...) under a night sky to contemplate my existence.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."

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