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I don't really know what this is a goodbye or a hello again.
So guess who finally got on after three months? ME! As in the title... I don't even know why I'm here. It's probably because every time I get on the computer I feel guilty I'm not on COTH :P Why I don't know :/ The thing pushing me away is apperently keeping me here... RP. I'd like to say I don't know why I've been gone so long and ruined so many storylines but I do. I keep finding minor reasons why I shouldn't get on, like mage's are some how magicly stopped from donning armor (That for some reason is anoying but not really a big factor :P), or that I haven't been on and so need catching up :P
The real reason is probably simple... in RP I'm kinda a pushover. For some reason I got it in my head that I shouldn't be "aggresive" in my RP. Meaning every time I got on after the RP I don't feel like I had any fun at all except in events :P So I don't know what exactly this is but here it is... COTH you are still awesome it's really not you... it's me.
In darkness we are born, in shadows we are raised

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Welcome back, I am a nicer guy now :)

gnome guy

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Tell us more about what you enjoy in an RP; we can probably make it happen.

That being said, don't push yourself into participation; keep this creative endeavor as something you enjoy doing, not something you feel obligated to follow through with.
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I like RP but the reason probably is that I commonly am the world dominating person and I ralize that's not okay outta my D&D groups :/ Idk I think I'd just like my plans for once to go well and not make me in the background.
In darkness we are born, in shadows we are raised

RP as often as you feel you can enjoy it. No one is forcing you to RP if you're not having fun.

That said, if you are continuously struggling with RP, especially in this server, you can always ask for help.
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Welcome back, Ormica!
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Pretty much what Immy said. RP is supposed to be fun, not something you feel you have to do, like a second job or something.
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