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I got a question concerning the server/character
Hello everyone. It's been a looong time since I've been here. 5th of July 2008. I came back yesterday as I got my WoW to work again, after lots of months without WoW or computer. The hardware died in about September.
I've been playing on this server before, sadly I do not remember my in game name, not login name. I posted a story for one of my characters and I can't find it on a search on "my posted posts"~ (something like that). I'd like to ask if it was possible to be able to get into the server without creating another character profile etcetra. I'm a good roleplayer and I know how to roleplay very much. My introduction thread, which I posted when I came to this server, is gone. You've may wiped alot of threads in the forums then.
The date I joined was: "Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:05 pm".
I do hope I can drop making a character profile to get in to the game again (I think I am able to log in, haven't tried yet. I'm at the school now, will come home in 30 minutes).

Please reply.
Your sirencly,

What can I do you for?
You should read over the introduction policies and stickies.
Already done that. Did it yesterday and when I first joined at 29th June. I am asking a question.
What can I do you for?
A lot has changed since you were here last. You'll have to start over with a new introduction. Your current rank is visitor, so it would seem as if your profile was not approved when you first posted it, regardless. I returned here after a several month long hiatus, and I started with a re-introduction as well.
Re-posted the introduction thread for about 5 hours ago. Waiting for the answer on it. I do hope I get accepted :)
What can I do you for?

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