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I like to mess with people in public.
Tonight I just went to Helmart (Walmart) with family - because I'm back home visiting for the summer... My grandmother and cousin wanted to go out and look at appliances... So I tagged along because I was bored...

Anyways, I got to Walmart and broke off from them... I went to the Toy section and spelled out really creepy messages on all the Etchasketches. Despite the strange mental image of a 17 year old hunched over a pile of Etchasketches... I'm rather proud of my work.

Some of the messages that I recall are:

"The Cat meows at midnight."

"I am watching you"

"Don't leave the lid up"

"I like collecting toe nails"
Is the world in order not profit enough?

Turtles; a Gnomes best friend.
My good sir, You win
*Snickerkeklolburroflmao* Indeed.. you win big time. I can now just imagine little kids going up and reading them and running away crying.. gehehe.. High five!
"I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!"
"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winrar.
*facepalms repeatedly*

Voices in my head
Toryn Montague: Holy Warrior
Sidonie Montague: Street Rat
Naruth: Priestess, Scientist, and Holier than Thou
Vilyave Earthwhisper: Touched by the Elements

"You're like a living mood ring." -Irasis
You evil, evil monster!! You should...*whispers* teach me to be like that...
[Image: Zf6X.gif][Image: 3vBq.gif][Image: q3iX.gif][Image: 5rVk.gif]
Mah babehs. I'm watchin' you, government.
this thread is full of win and etchasketch

Tusken William Redfield- Lawman
Naruth Wrote:*facepalms repeatedly*


LOL yes, Toryn. This is where Ariusx has been hiding. MWAHAHAHA!!!
Is the world in order not profit enough?

Turtles; a Gnomes best friend.

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