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I'm afraid my place is not here
I wasn't entirely sure where to put this.

I'm not by any means trying to make a "f**k you, you all suck I'm never coming back ever" Kinda thread.

However I am in fact, leaving. It appears my inspiration for my character, was short lived. I in an odd twist am more interested in playing on a mid rate server (10x if anyone cares) than just a strict RP server and playing dress up.

Like all of ours I am sure, my inspiration waxes, and wanes. Sadly mine was a shallow pool that quickly evaporated. There were some things that contributed to this I am sure. I'll refrain from saying much that could be considered bashing on any of your rules, or otherwise entitlement problems of my own accord. Haha.

You all seems like a nurturing and fair community. Happy to help a noob out and show him/her around. Give him a taste of this warcraftian world.

However, for myself I guess I just don't find the warcraft lore, grasping. It didn't sink it's hooks in and I did not find myself up for hours searching through the lore for more. I'm a grinder, and a fighter at heart. A game like this, re-purposed( in a sense) for what you all do, is fine. You show some really cool talent with coding, and setting the game up. It's just not for me.

Thank you for having me, one day I could very well return with a vast ocean of inspiration, studded with eddies and crests. As for right now, it's a salt flat begging to be picked at till it festers. ;P

See you all again some other moon.

Thanks for coming around! I wish you the best wherever your ventures take you!
Our gates will always be open to the returning traveler. If you decide otherwise, you can always come back. Good luck in your ventures.
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]
Take care and good luck.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


If you are into PvP, I am Bingles on Eternal-WoW!

gnome guy

Might I ask, is the server 3.3.5? I might have to get my PvE fix there...

But tis a shame for a CoTHian to leave! Hope your future ventures see you well!
Yes it is 3.3.5, all I had to do is change the relmlist.

I don't wish to advertise, but here set realmlist logon.eternal-wow.com

There is a 2x pve

10x pve

instant 80

and they also run post-cata servers.
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  • Bingles
I am on the insta-80! :D

gnome guy


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