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I'm back!
And because I don't know whether or not I should recreate an appropriate introduction, I would just like to say - well, I'm back. xD

Hi! My name is Yunnemaria. Most of you probably know me as Elurille and Sarina as well as Cerise back when I was around. And now that school is back, I might not be as around as I was before, but I will certainly try! The first step is, of course, trying to bake a cake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit...

Oh, whoops, sorry. I meant, downloading World of Warcraft. xD

Anyway, thank you all for re-reading my introduction and such and such. :D HELLO.
[Image: princesssig.jpg]

There is always a way.
So I herd ur in the Grey Company. Welp, we reformed it so just PM one of my toons (all of whom are listed under the user pic to the left) and I'll get you in.

You can read up on some of the changes we made here.

...we're wicked inactive, though.

Nice to have ya back! :mrgreen:

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